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A Guide to Building a Perfect Fishing Charter Website

April 5th, 2023

A fishing charter business is a unique business that nobody talks about. Many startups attempt to try their luck in the ocean and start a fishing charter business but do not succeed immediately. Anglers make enough money out of it, but it often does not persist. And to become at the top of the food chain, you need a website that works as a shark to make an online presence. 

Here is the guide to building a perfect fishing charter website that eats out your competition and helps you to become at the top of the food chain. Before going deep into making a website, let's understand why this is the best time to make your website.

What makes the fishing charter business unique


Most of these fishing charter businesses start with a passion for catching fish with the help of a fishing rod and are now making money out of it. Business like this tends to be popular, close to where a more variety of fish species of fish are found. Having a boat suitable for fishing is one of the basic requirements for this job.

Anglers have been getting more saturated over the past few years, resulting in more growth in the fishing charter business. As per the report by Statista, the market size of the fishing boat charter reached 364.9 million U.S. dollars in 2022 United States. Experts expect to increase the market cap by 1.9 percent in 2023 and sway to 371.9 million U.S. dollars.

As per the data, we can expect that the fishing charter business still has a high chance of success in the long run, so it’s the best time to make your fishing charter website.

The Captain of Your Business You and Your Website


You and your website are the captains of your business. You need to ensure that your website is well-designed and informative. The most common error is the failure to provide sufficient information about your services. A high percentage of the websites are designed well but it is their lack of content and user interaction that leads to a low response rate from potential customers.

The rule of thumb is to add all essential information about your website on the navigation bar so customers can roll out every bit of information through your website. A typical navigation menu can look like this:

  • Home: The home page is the king of your website because it shows most of the fundamentals of your service. Making it too simple or too complex can affect the chances of conversion.

  • About us: The about us page is the core page that helps your readers to understand your services. High-quality pictures are a must for your “About us” page without skipping the detailed information about yourself.

  • Boats

  • Pricing

  • Contact us: The contact page should have your contact details. It could be your phone number and different types of social media. The most used social media would be easy to communicate with, for example, Instagram and Facebook.

  • Team details

  • Blog page

Several other details can be included, but the most important thing is to focus on the home page, About us, and Contact details.

Let's set sail to grow your business

Determined to take your business one step further? Contact us and get a free estimation for making a perfect fishing charter website for you.

Angler Up is a team of fishing charter


Angler up is an experienced team of fishing charters, licensed by the United States coast guard and trained in the local water. Angler Up has been doing it for a long time. They have now mastered fishing at Pensacola beach, Florida. Their business goal is to provide a fishing adventure to tourists and locals on Pensacola beach. 

Anglers Up is good at what they do. But lack of reach to the outer world was affecting their further growth. Like any other startup, Angler Up was stuck in a similar situation and faced lots of challenges while attempting to grow.

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Challenges Faced by Angler Up



Angler Up is a team of fishing charters known for providing fishing adventures. But as you level up, the competition also increases. In the case of Angler Up, they were working on Pensacola beach. As Pensacola beach is known for fishing, it started to get saturated with fishing charters resulting in tons of new competition.  

Lack of reach 

Pensacola is famous for fishing charters, so it's easy to outrun the market in the off-season. But things change during peak season when the beach gets crowded. It gets hard to beat the competition due to the lack of reach to the outer world, as most of the clients during the season are tourists. Lack of awareness of quality fishing charter exists at Pensacola for tourists, resulting in a disadvantage for Angler Up.

Timing Mismatch 

Every tourist has different demands to catch types of fish, and that's where problems occur. Because some fish can only be seen at a specific time and in certain places, timing is the key for fishing charters. So, it's necessary to pre-book the time so that anglers can pre-plan the fishing adventure for you. to get the best out of the vacation. 

Other factors 

During peak season, it's easy for tourists to get a bad experience by booking inexperienced fishing charters. Fishing is dangerous when you lack experience. You can get hurt if the captain has less experience in a fishing adventure. Hence, for better safety and to get the best out of your vacation, it's best to go fishing with an experienced team. Bad experiences created by inexperienced fishing charters impact the reputation of Pensacola beach.

Overcoming the challenges


At some level, Angler Up decided to take the next step toward success by going online and making their website. Angler Up has less knowledge about websites, so they contacted us (Acquaint Softtech) to help them. They needed a well-featured website to help them.

They needed a website that allows tourists to access their information easily. It should also allow the tourists to book the slot for fishing as per their needs. As tourists can pre-book the timing, a website needs a secure payment gateway for secure payment.

A well-designed and optimized website helped Angler Up to outrun the competition by a fair margin. The website provides detailed information about the service and offers pre-booking with an online payment option, helping Angler Up to grow at a much higher rate.

Teaming Up with Acquaint Helps You to Grow Your Fishing Charter Business


Like Anglers up, we are here to provide you with the best outcome with our work. Angler Up reached out to us to build a website. They needed a well-optimized website that attracts more customers.

Starting with the design, we created a website that used modern technology, such as WordPress, the biggest name in the website industry.  Our design team will help create a perfect-looking and future-proof website. With the help of Photoshop, our team created a layout for your website that builds trust. 

As per the budget and need, we give them the best solution by creating a website with the help of technologies such as WordPress, JavaScript, and Photoshop.

Get one step closer to becoming shark of your business

Consult our experts to make a website as per your requirements. Acquaint is here to help you with your business.


Do we need a website for the fishing charter business?

Absolutely if you are planning to build a business out of it.  Creating a website with professionals can benefit you in the long run and help you to attract more future customers.

Is It necessary to hire someone to build a fishing charter website for you?

Absolutely, if you are planning to grow your business, then having an online presence is a must. A well-built website can help you to outrun the competition and increase your chances of captivating more customers. So, building a website for your business is a must. 

How much does it cost to make a fishing charter website

The Cost of making a website depends on the requirements of the client. Unique businesses require new tech features to help you to lead your business to new heights. If you are confused with the cost of making a new website? Get a free consultation and estimate with our expert to level up your business.


Mukesh Ram

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