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Fleet Management Software Development Solutions

December 21st, 2022


The increasing demand for efficient transport and logistics solutions means businesses need to optimize their processes and offer more services. A wide range of businesses relies on the efficiency of transport solutions.

Technological advancements have made it possible to simplify several tasks and manage them better. One of the common problems of a business with a fleet of vehicles meant for transport includes a failure to gain the bigger picture by analyzing data from various aspects of its operations.

Hiring a firm to develop a custom mobile app for your business that includes several features like vehicle location, logging vital data, and data analysis can work wonders for your business. It does so by helping you make better business decisions and helping the business grow. This article provides more information on the development of vehicle tracking solutions.

What is a Fleet Management Software?

Businesses can now manage their fleet of vehicles using a less complicated process. Fleet management software is the ideal smart tracking system solution for such a business which allows one to keep track of every vehicle in real time. New technologies are introduced regularly and can help make life easy for this type of business.

Software like this uses technologies like GPS, AI/ML, etc. to allow one to manage their business more efficiently. Software like this has several applications. It allows one to manage their business and make informed decisions remotely. It also simplifies several other processes like delivery and fuel management and allows real-time vehicle tracking.

Common Challenges of Fleet Management

  • Fleet owners need to optimize their operations on a regular basis since there are several external factors that affect their margins. One such factor is the cost of fuel. This is a hard task to do without any system in place since it means gathering a lot of data and analyzing it.

  • The task of managing a fleet of vehicles, taking care of their maintenance, and making the decision to invest in new and better vehicles is not one someone can take without having all the details on hand. It would mean having to analyze a massive database. Gathering precision data and keeping records is also harder without a system in place.

  • Driver shortage can bring a business like this to a standstill without a proper system in place to help analyze requirements and predict the workload in advance.

  • Managing a large route involves using a large database with data from various places and analyzing it for various reasons. It is vital to maintain proper communication and send real-time updates to the drivers as well.

  • This business involves managing shipments, vehicles, and other resources. It generates a big load of administrative and repetitive tasks which tend to be time-consuming.

  • Some of the other challenges include health & safety issues, maintaining compliance, preventing information overload, and assessing expansion.

Here are a few interesting facts and statistics that show the challenges faced by firms in this industry:

  • 9 Million trucks are in operation in the USA being used for businesses other than farming and government purpose.

  • The trucking industry in the USA generates $791.7 Billion per year.

  • 4% of the total freight bill in the USA is from trucking.

  • 93 Billion tons of freight was transported by trucks in the USA in 2021 which amounts to 72.2% of the total domestic value.

  • The registered trucks in the USA traveled 302.14 billion miles in 2020.

  • The trucks being used for business purposes in the USA consumed 44.8 billion gallons of fuel in 2020.

  • The use of an efficient software system can drastically reduce fuel costs.

  • Businesses using GPS technology can increase their ROI.

  • More businesses are implementing fleet management software.

Benefits to Develop Fleet Management App

  • It is the ideal method to increase driver safety and lower fuel consumption and costs.

  • The maintenance tasks of your vehicle can be made more efficient with the help of the bigger picture.

  • The routing of the trucks can be managed in a better method, especially for long routes.

  • Makes it possible to implement new and current technologies like GPS tracking, Geo-fencing, and analysis of big data (fuel, routes, vehicles, etc.)

  • Makes it simpler to manage compliance and achieve targets on every job.

  • It is also a business intelligence tool that is invaluable when making important business decisions.

  • It allows the fleet managers to schedule tasks and dispatch shipments thus improving coordination.

  • This software automates several tasks thus reducing human error and making the process more efficient and fast.

  • An app like this is designed to monitor several aspects of a fleet management service. Hence it generates a lot of data pertaining to the vehicles, their location, fuel, driving style, and speed as well as details on the shipments. Since this is a very high volume of data it can also be exported in various formats and there is also the option of using cloud storage to make it instability available for analysis.

  • Monitoring every vehicle in the fleet becomes a breeze since this system provides real-time status updates on every aspect of the vehicle. They are instantly alerted in case it is behind schedule, has an accident, routes change, unauthorized use, etc. This allows them to dynamically adjust the route to keep their delivery on time.

  • The managers no longer need to deal with large maintenance bills due to them being unaware of the issues of their vehicles. They will receive real-time updates on vehicle condition and schedule its maintenance in a timely manner as well.

  • It is also the ideal method to learn about the driving habits of the truck driver and train them or provide necessary instructions.

  • The benefits of a software system like this outweigh the cost and effort that goes into developing it. Some of the other benefits include accurate data generation, better compliance, simplified invoicing, reduced cost of managing the fleet, and a big improvement in communication and quality of service.

  • It helps improve customer satisfaction, lower costs and improve productivity.

Hiring Acquaint Softtech professional developers is a good alternative to hiring freelancers. We have a dedicated team of developers who take full responsibility for your project and delivery a high-quality product in a timely manner. We are the experts when it comes to fleet management software development. Get in touch with us to develop a state-of-the-art solution.

Here are a few statistics that help understand the advantage of using such software:

  • The fleet management software market size was 18.2 Billion USD in2021 globally and is expected to rise to 67.38 Billion USD by 2029.

  • The global vehicle tracking system market is expected to rise to $109.95 billion by 2030.

  • Telematics software help reduce the cost of fuel by up to 55%.

Does this seem beneficial for your business?
Then do not hesitate to call us now!

  • It helps the business engage in preventive maintenance. It helps schedule the maintenance and provides regular updates as well. The fleet manager will also receive alerts about issues in the vehicle, part replacement, repair orders, and more.

  • It is also the ideal method to track the fleet, verify its availability, track fuel consumption, and monitor driver behavior.

  • Establishing the best route based on analysis of the data, tracking vehicle history, and monitoring the trip in real time. Improves the communication between the drivers and the management. Establish Geo-fencing and receive alerts if the vehicle leaves or exits the Geo-fence.

  • Automate several tasks like assigning vehicles, monitoring, dynamic route selection, accident reporting, real-time status alerts, etc.

  • It simplifies the delivery process by automating several dispatching operations, assigning delivery agents, as well as monitoring the delivery process in real time. The management receives alerts of the real-time location and relevant alerts using Geo-fencing technology.

  • Fuel management optimization is also a popular application since the software can monitor fuel consumption, monitor it in real-time, record data, and optimize it as per requirements.

  • Some of the other popular applications include budgeting, expense management, and compliance monitoring.

How it Works?

There are many modules in fleet management software since it offers a wide range of features. Software like this will have several uses like management, drivers, vehicle maintenance people, and overall management. Each user can only access a specific module except the management who can access the entire system.

The software allows the user to take advantage of the massive database for analysis to schedule the optimal route and perform other route management activities. It also allows one to manage all aspects of the tip and configure the necessary alerts. The management and administrative users have access to the tracking feature of this software. They can monitor every aspect of each task in real-time.

The manager can view the vehicle history and receive alerts about the vehicle. They will also perform other management tasks like sharing the location, etc. The managers have access to several other features. They can configure the Geo-fence to receive appropriate alerts and configure the dashboard.

The managers have the ability to conduct special analyses and generate various reports to help make better business decisions, optimize processes, keep costs low and improve efficiency.

Top 15 Features of Smart Fleet Management Solution

  1. GPS Tracking: Track the fleet using GPS technology in real-time and monitor several other factors like traffic, weather, route, etc. to perform analysis and make better decisions.

  2. Geo-fencing: Users can configure the boundaries that the truck is expected to maintain while making the delivery and be alerted if it deviates from the path or branches the Geo-fence sent in advance.

  3. Engine & fuel optimization: Fuel costs tend to be enormous; this tool allows one to monitor vehicle operations in real-time, gather data, perform analysis, and optimize engine and fuel consumption.

  4. Fleet maintenance management: Maintenance of the vehicles in the fleet is simplified with the help of a monitoring system that provides detailed reports as and when requested.

  5. Fleet safety & security: The data generated using this app and by monitoring several parameters is stored in a safe and secure manner to prevent its firm from being exposed by a cyber-hack.

  6. Telematics: Vehicles with such a system allow the management to track several factors associated with the delivery and store data for the same either locally or on a cloud. The type of data stored includes driving behavior, braking hard or soft, speed, fuel consumption, the intensity of the braking, route, state of the ignition, etc.

  7. Dashboard: A system like this will have many types of users and each user can configure their dashboard to their liking with data from various places and real-time updates like fleet information, vehicle tracking details, fuel consumption, route efficiency, etc.

  8. Real-time location & location history: Vehicles can be found in real-time with exact location details. They can also be tracked and the data generated can be analyzed to optimize the process. Users can gain access to the location history as well to perform various analyses and make better decisions based on it.

  9. Driver behavior monitoring: Drivers do not always follow all the instructions given to them and tend to deviate from their duties. Minor changes to the plan, bad driving, speeding, etc. can make the trip more expensive. This feature allows one to monitor all aspects of the driver and communicate with them in real-time.

  10. Schedule trips: The entire trip can be planned and scheduled based on the availability of the fleet, and package size. The system automates various tasks like finding the optimal drivers, choosing the best route, and sending the necessary notifications.

  11. Generate reports: Various factors of the fleet operation are tracked and monitored using different systems. This generates a lot of data which is analyzed and used to generate appropriate reports.

  12. Schedule route: The system generates the optimal route based on various features like destination, traffic, weather, and more. This route is also analyzed and optimized in real-time based on the type of issues that might arise.

  13. Smart notifications: The system can be configured to send notifications as per your liking. This can be configured for a different types of users. The alerts include reaching the destination, speeding, braking sharply, Geo-fence, route updates for drivers, etc.

  14. Remote asset management: Fleet management software store data in cloud storage and have several other features that make it possible to manage the entire system remotely.

  15. Compliance monitoring: The entire fleet is monitored in real-time using parameters like fuel, speed, driving behavior, route, etc. These parameters are also recorded. These parameters are used to ensure the compliance of the fleet with the rules and regulations of the organization, department of transport, and others

Do you wish to develop an app with a similar list of features?

Get in touch with us! We have the resources to build a custom app.

Tips To Develop A Fleet Management Software


Digital transformation has had an impact on various industries. More businesses hire mobile app development firms like Acquaint Softtech to build fleet management software. This is all the more reason every business needs one to optimize their operations and remain competitive by offering good customer service.

Acquaint Softtech is a GPS fleet tracking software development company has highly skilled developers and experience to assist your business in developing a top-notch application. Listed here are a few tips on how to develop fleet management software:

  • Keep the business objectives in mind and a clear picture of the working of your business. This is vital when dealing with professionals who also need to be made aware of any special requirement you might have.

  • For a business with many types of vehicles, the system needs to also be smart enough to assign the right vehicle based on the requirements.

  • A system like this has several modules and users making effective communication vital to ensure the entire process goes through without a hitch and everyone receives timely updates.

  • One of the main modules of this type of application is the one that monitors various parameters for optimal performance. This includes monitoring the driver's performance, fuel consumption, route, traffic, etc. Data from this is used for the purpose of analysis.

  • Develop a system that has sufficient room for improvement. It is good practice to measure the efficiency of the app and optimize it as per your requirements.

  • Use advanced technologies like IoT which allows one to operate the system remotely while also monitoring away from the premises.

  • Perform some research on the type of features you might need to optimize your fleet business; like GPS tracking, Geo-fence, Fleet maintenance, etc.

  • Outsource the task of developing this application to the professionals like Acquaint Softtech, since they are better equipped to handle such a task.

  • The two popular platforms for this type of solution include a website and a mobile app (iOS & Android). Some of the technologies fit for developing this type of application include Laravel, iOS, Android, Flutter, React Native, IoT, AR/VR, AI/ML, etc.

  • The cost to build fleet management software varies depending on the type of features being added. However, it is not a good idea to select a development firm based only on the cost of development.


A fleet management software solution is one that has several modules and each generates a high amount of data. This data is analyzed and reports are generated to optimize the entire working of the system.

Some of the main features of a mobile app like this include monitoring driving behavior, timely delivery, vehicle efficiency, route, vehicle diagnostics, and much more. It is highly beneficial when it comes to tracking the fleet, automating various tasks, increasing efficiency, and reducing time & effort as well as cost. It helps optimize resources and make your business more efficient.


How is fleet management software useful to my business?

Software like this will give you the complete picture of your business operations and allow you to make more informed decisions. It will also help reduce costs and improve productivity with features like real-time location, smart alerts, vehicle location history, Geo-fence, route optimization, etc.

What is the cost to develop fleet management software?

The cost to develop such an application depends on various factors. This includes the type of application, features, and special requirements of the business. It also depends on the type of services you provide like fleet management, fleet service provider, type of vehicles in the fleet, and size of business.

What is fleet tracing?

Advancement in technology has made it possible to track vehicles making their delivery. This can be implemented for an entire fleet that uses GPS technology to track the exact location with several other factors of the vehicle. The main benefit being it can help optimize your business operations.

How to develop fleet management software?

The ideal way to develop good fleet management software is to first research and find all details about this type of software. Establish your requirements based on your business goals; it is important you understand the logic for the features you include. It would be a good idea to list all the processes in detail especially the special requirements. This is vital to ensure you have a clear picture of what you require before you approach the professionals with your requirements who have the expertise to transform your ideas into reality.

What is a good example of using fleet management software?

A business like this is likely to have a large fleet of vehicles and it is almost impossible to keep track of the movements of every one of them manually. Fleet management software can help solve this issue. Thus, in the case where the vehicle's route deviates from the predefined route or it moves out of the Geo-fence, the fleet manager is notified and able to take appropriate action.


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