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An Insight Into Developing An SOS App

December 5th, 2022


The aim of an SOS mobile application is the increase the safety and security of all people, especially when they are by themselves, to make them feel more confident. An SOS app or emergency app is often associated with something that women might use. However, this is not the case; an SOS app is useful for women, men, and also elders. It is also good for children who can carry a mobile device.

There are several devices available, like GPS trackers, that allow one to track another person. There are more benefits to SOS App Development; it is possible to integrate many more features, as explained in this article.

What is an SOS App?


Many people fail to realize what to do and how to react in an emergency. Since almost everyone uses a mobile device, one of the best ways to notify others or call for help is with the help of a smartphone. Developing a custom application that allows users to call for help with a click of a button on their mobile phones can help save the day. This can be any kind of emergency, like a health issue, panicking when stuck in a lift, fire, road accident, natural calamity, or any other emergency. In fact, it is the ideal SOS Emergency Solution.

The SOS mobile app is designed to alert a preset list of people in case of an emergency, like friends, family, and the emergency service. It is possible to include several innovative features in this App, like Geo-fencing, activity logs, real-time tracking, etc.

Who Is It For?

This type of mobile application is ideal for various types of emergency situations. The sky is the limit when it comes to the type of features one can include hence making it suitable for many types of people and several applications and many types of people.


Here are several statistics that help understand which type of people require such an app:

  • Over 460,000 people are victims (of age 12 & older) of rape & sexual assault every year in the USA.

  • One of every six women in America is a victim of some type of sexual assault.

  • There are over 4.8 million cases of domestic assaults every year in the USA, and only 20% of women seek medical treatment for their injuries.

  • The report of assaults against men over 60 increased by 75.4% in the time between 2002 to 2016.

  • There were 1.38 million fires in 2020, while in 2021, there were 1.35 million.

  • In 2022 there were 81 firefighter fatalities and 1829 home fatalities.

Women tend to feel insecure, especially when traveling at night in several cities around the world. Public places are becoming more secure; however, there are still a few places and cities where there are cases of attacks on women in some or three others. With an app like this, women can be more confident about traveling by themselves, especially late at night. Here is a list of the type of people a custom app like this is for:

  • Women travel alone, especially at night.

  • Elderly people live alone.

  • People who have an illness might require emergency assistance.

  • Those not confident about traveling alone.

  • Children who carry a mobile device.

  • People ride alone in a cab, especially in unfamiliar places.

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How Does an Emergency Personal Safety App Work?

There are several emergency services that are always ready to respond to people in need. Some of the most popular ones are fire, medical,  and natural disasters. However, there are many types of emergencies one can be involved in, as already described in brief in this article. A smartphone application can be custom developed to make the world a safer place for these people.


The ideal platform for such software is a mobile device since a high percentage of people use one. Thus, an SOS emergency app should ideally be an iPhone and Android application. There are many SOS emergency apps like a tracker, child monitors, health status monitors, women assault alert apps, fire & security series SOS, etc. All of these apps share a common goal which is to increase the level of safety and security as well as to boost the confidence of the people.

The way an app alerts emergency service works is as follows:

  • The user presses the button when in danger or in need of help.

  • Depending on the type of App and its features, the respective emergency response center is notified.

  • The App will send an alert to the emergency center and several other details about the person.

  • The information sent when one clicks the SOS button includes the nature of the emergency, current location, and other vital information about the person, including the name, sex, and more.

  • The App will usually be designed to notify the emergency response center that is the closest to where they are located.

  • The response center will verify that they have received a notification, accept the request for assistance and assign the appropriate personnel to handle it.

  • An app like this will also simultaneously notify other people like friends and family; however, it is necessary for the user to have set this prior to using the App.

Benefits of Developing a SOS Emergency Alert App

An SOS app is an app that notifies the emergency responding service of an urgent help request. An app like this can be custom developed to suit your requirements. There are many benefits of creating an app like this:

  • This is the ideal method of sending an instant SOS message to the appropriate authorities and friends or family, irrespective of where you are or what the emergency is.

  • It uses some of the built-in features of a mobile device to share the GPS location, send other vital details of the person requesting assistance, and much more.

  • Both the person using the App and the officer can share real-time updates on the situation.

  • It helps boost the confidence of the person to venture outside, especially at night.

  • Offers peace of mind to close family and friends.

  • Make it simpler for the emergency service to locate the individual and be prepared accordingly.

  • An app like this eliminates the need for any other type of device since it utilizes the features of the smartphone itself.

  • Track the moments of the person using the App and always be aware of their location.

  • Activate the Geo-Fence feature to be altered if the person is traveling outside the zone they are allowed to visit.

  • Receive alerts on the activities of the user, like entry and exit into pre-defined locations.

  • It is a silent alarm and an effective way to ensure safety and security.

Common Applications of An SOS App


There are several applications of an app like this. It can be used for a wide range of actions, as listed here:

  • General security: The user can request assistance in the case of an intruder in the house or office. It is also helpful if some attack either outdoors or indoors.

  • Medical emergency: A patient suffering from an illness can use a custom app like this that connects them to the medical response team. A hospital will receive an alert of the medical emergency of one of their patients and take the appropriate action depending on the type of medical care that is necessary. An app like this can have other types of features like voice, location, active monitoring, video calling, etc., to offer assistance in many different methods.

  • Disaster management: A disaster management center can utilize this App for either emergency personnel, people working on a high-risk site, or occupants of a building. Thus, in case of a natural disaster of any kind that can endanger the people in a specific location, an alert can be an issue for details on how to escape danger. The users can use the App to send an SOS message which allows the management center to map the location of all the people that need rescuing.

  • Monitor: An app that allows one to keep track of the user's activity, like their movements, alerts of leaving a pre-configured zone, etc.

Technologies Used To Develop SOS App

This can either be a website or a mobile application. Some of the popular technologies used in an app like this include Laravel, Swift (iOS), Java (Android), and many more. At Acquaint Softtech we have a dedicated team of developers with experience in several technologies like Laravel, iOS, Android, Flutter, React Native, ReactJS, AI, ML, VR, and many more. You can trust us with your requirements; we have a highly qualified team to perform the research work and deliver a top-notch solution.

Top 10 Features of An SOS App

  1. Instant SOS: Users can raise an alert at a click of a button, which will instantly alert the appropriate

  2. Emergency details: The App sends details of the nature of the emergency, along with the current location and other details about the person.

  3. Real-time updates: The App offers real-time updates on the status of a person in distress and notifies them of the whereabouts of the rescuers.

  4. Video & call recording: The App will allow the users to take short video clips and make audio recordings. Once the recordings are made, they will be instantly sent to the emergency center.

  5. Location tracking: The emergency responding service can track the movements of the app user in real time.

  6. Geo-fence: Establish a specific zone for the movement of the users and get notified if they leave that specific zone or area.

  7. Additional alerts: Allows users to be preset whom to alert in case of an emergency, like friends and family members.

  8. Transmit vital information: In the case where the users request emergency assistance with the SOS app, it will also send other detail about the person like name, medical condition, sex, and more.

  9. Log activity: I can allow the response center to log information on the user.

  10. SOS timer: Schedule an SOS alert using a timer and cancel the time if the SOS is not necessary.

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What is SOS App Development Cost?

There are many factors to consider when developing an SOS app, and these decisions directly affect the cost as well as listed here:

  • Size of the application

  • Features to be included

  • Platform chose to develop the application. One can keep costs low by opting for a cross-platform application for iOS & Android.

  • Development methodology was chosen by the professionals.

  • Time and effort spent on the testing.

  • Type of technologies & advanced technologies used.

check out tips on Web Application Development Cost and make the right choice.

What People Look For in An SOS Mobile Application?


An app like this is meant for people and to keep them safe. Hence it is a good idea to design it by keeping them in mind and include the features that might be useful for them. Listed here are some of the features the users expect to see:

  • Video & call recordings and, which are instantly sent.

  • Quick notification to the service center.

  • Well integrated with wearable devices for the purpose of sending an SOS alert.

  • Ensures it utilizes the GPS feature of the phone to also send the current location of the person.

  • An easy-to-use interface, one that is intuitive and easy to navigate.

  • The app also allows notification of an emergency to preset friends and family. It should ideally also send a message on a popular social media network to alert the people in the vicinity.

Tips To Develop an SOS Mobile App

This is App that users depend on in their life. It can be an intruder attack, fire, or a natural calamity of some kind. Hence it is vital to choose the right software development company for this purpose. It is vital to do some research on the requirement and have a clear picture of what you wish to develop.

Acquaint Softtech has well-trained developers to help with the development of this type of application. All our previous clients also have only good things to say about us. The developers here have extensive knowledge and experience to ensure you receive a flawless application.

Does the development of an SOS mobile app interest you?

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An SOS app is designed with the primary purpose of the users finding it easy to alert an emergency response center of their need for urgent assistance. This is an that women can use when they find themselves in need of assistance. It can also help boost their confidence in traveling by themselves.

It is also useful to other types of users like the elderly, children, and even men who require help. This can be due to a physical attack, natural calamity, fire, etc. Hire Acquaint Softtech to develop a customized application to suit your requirements. We have the expertise to develop a stunning solution that includes several features like GPS location, video & audio notifications, and much more.


What is the SOS app used for?

The SOS mobile app is ideal for people in trouble with no one around to help them. It is useful for lone workers, travelers, and also those living alone. They can use it to instantly notify the appropriate officials of their need for assistance along with other details like location.

Which is the best platform for an SOS mobile app?

Since there is a high number of users using a mobile device these days it is best to develop App for this platform. It is vital one develop an app for both popular platforms like iOS and Android. One way to keep costs down is to hire Acquaint Softtech to build a cross-platform SOS app.

Does the SOS app work without the Internet?

The SOS app will not function without the Internet.

How to setup the SOS app?

The app allows users to configure the close relatives or friends to which you want to want to send the emergency message besides the respective authorities as per the emergency.

How does an SOS app work?

This is a straight forward app that allows one to setup and prepare for various emergencies. Users can click the button or any other interface previously configured to instantly send a message to the respective authorities as well as friends or relatives.


Mukesh Ram

Founder and CEO, Acquaint Softtech

I love to make a difference. Thus, I started Acquaint Softtech with the vision of making developers easily accessible and affordable to all. Me and my beloved team have been fulfilling this vision for over 15 years now and will continue to get even bigger and better.

Table of Content
  • Introduction

  • What is an SOS App?

  • Who Is It For?

  • How Does an Emergency Personal Safety App Work?

  • Benefits of Developing a SOS Emergency Alert App

  • Common Applications of An SOS App

  • Technologies Used To Develop SOS App

  • Top 10 Features of An SOS App

  • What is SOS App Development Cost?

  • What People Look For in An SOS Mobile Application?

  • Tips To Develop an SOS Mobile App

  • Conclusion

  • FAQ

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