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How to Develop Visitor Management Software?

December 30th, 2022


In a world where everything else is going digital and there is a greater reliance on electronic devices, it makes sense to upgrade the method used to track & log visitors. A system like this can be used to track visitors, regular staff, etc. Every business is likely to have some system in place but that might not be as efficient and secure as a custom software solution. The alternatives like sign-in sheets, registry books, etc. are hard to keep track of and organize. It is also very hard, inefficient, and time-consuming to analyze the data recorded in this method.

With more offices adopting a flexible timing policy they can expect employees to work at any time of day depending on the shift time. There are many reasons why one must implement a system like this for their business. This article provides more information on the important aspects of developing a visitor management system for your business.

What Is A Visitor Management System?


A visitor management system is essentially a software solution that helps keep track of guests visiting a building, an office, or a specific company. There are many different types of visitor management systems (VMS) hence the purpose of developing one might vary. However, all share a common feature which is an increase in the level of security. It is a system that is fast, has a low learning curve, and is the ideal way to maintain a detailed log of all the visitors using advanced data storage systems.

A system like this has several applications in Government offices, Hospitals, Offices, Hotels, education institutes, etc. It can be customized depending on the type of application and industry. A VMS system implemented in an office will have a sign-in/sign-out feature while that in a hospital might only log the details about the visitors. There are many ways in which this system can be implemented.

Applications of Visitor Management Software

There are several technologies that can be implemented to develop a system like this. There are also several advanced technologies like cloud storage and other mobile solutions that can be used to offer consumers more features. The way a system like this works depends on the type of system being implemented. It can be a software system installed on a computer, camera operated system, a visitor badge printed at the entrance, a panel for the signature, a card scanner, a barcode scanner, and many more.


Some of the popular applications of this type of software are listed below:

  • The hospital system logs the details of the visitor and issues badges to them.

  • Corporate office smart login system or security and keeping a log of the entry & exit times.

  • Schools or Colleges software to maintain an attendance record of the students.

  • Hotels can implement smart logging system to keep track of the guests.

  • Government offices can use a system to keep a log of the employees and prevent unauthorized access depending on the level of security required.

  • Special events can also implement a VMS system of some kind for greater security and to have a more organized log of visitors.

Does this seem like something your business requires?

Common Signs That Your Existing System Needs An Upgrade


Several signs suggest you need a new visitor management system as listed here:

  • Those maintaining manually signed logos for the visitors often find inconsistencies in the visitor data. This tends to occur when there is no one to monitor the inflow of visitors or if someone has stepped away from the entrance. Analyzing this type of data will not yield effective results; it defeats the main purpose of maintaining the log.

  • For someone with the need to maintain log of the visitors to their site using the old system doing it manually means having someone to be present to provide access and make the logs. This can become an issue if one needs to step out frequently. Replacing it with a smart application can help one operate it remotely.

  • Large offices having employees queuing up simply to log their entries and enter the building can reduce productivity; besides it is not a good experience having to do so.

  • An office with an insecure and unmanned system has an issue with unauthorized visitors.

  • The workplace like a hospital, small business, or hotel has generated a lot of data like many books and registers, and is having a hard time storing them.

Acquaint Softtech is the best mobile app development company to hire to upgrade your visitor system. We have talented developers & designers creating innovative applications here. We do so for a wide range of industries and can do the same for your business as well. We assure high-quality software along with flexibility and support.

Importance of Developing a Visitor Management System

  • It is vital for large offices or buildings to get a clear picture of the number of people in the building in case of an emergency. A smart system makes it simpler to account for the people in the building as well as pinpoint their exact location.

  • For offices that tend to have many contractual or temporary employees, managing access to the building and maintaining security in restricted areas can become a nightmare. But this is not the case for those who have a smart visitor system in place. A system like this makes simplifies providing limited-time access to such employees and no access to restricted areas.

  • A school that feels there is a need to increase the level of security, monitor people visiting the premise, and prevent access to unauthorized users might find it hard to function with an old manual A smart system would be a boon for them.

Main Features

  • Planned visitors: Configure the system with planned visitors as per their schedule and provide them access as necessary. Log their movements at all times to get information on where their location.

  • Ad-Hoc visitors: A company is bound to have many visitors. The system dynamically logs visitor movement without one having to spend a great deal of time on it and also maintains security at the same time.

  • QR Code Scanning: Office can maintain a QR code for the visitors to scan when they visit the office. This can be used to log the entry time, check-in, or load a form for the purpose of gathering visitor data.

  • Visitor Badge: Not all offices require a regular access system for recording entry and exit times. Badge printing is the ideal solution that generates visitor's badges dynamically using photos and other details.

  • Login/Login out Regular staff and visitors can log in to the system using an easy-to-use smart VMS. It also makes sure they log out on the way back making it ideal for good security and maintaining the data of all people.

  • Attendance record: Maintain employee attendance on a daily basis with a smart login/logout system and store the data for processing later.

  • Remote or local storage: Store data generate from the visitor system either locally or remotely on a cloud.

  • Custom login process: Create a custom login process to suit the requirements of your firm.

  • Report generation: Analyze the data to generate reports as per requirements.

  • Notifications: Personalized and custom messages can be sent to the visitors and staff.

Was this convincing enough?

If your feel your business needs a good VMS, get in touch with us.

Benefits of Visitor Management Software Development

A wide range of industries can benefit from developing a visitor management software solution. There are several variants of this type of software and it can also be customized to suit the specific needs of the business. Listed here are some of the benefits of installing such a system at your workplace:

  • A state-of-the-art system that uses either a Bioscan device or prints badges at the entrance to ensure all visitors have an ID is bound to create a good impression on all visitors.

  • A digital check-in system allows all per-registered users to log their entry and enter the building without causing any delay or requiring any intervention. This type of system also allows visitors to register themselves using an interactive form. They too can enter the building with the least bother or scrutiny after recording their presence using this digital system.

  • A digital system like this can be designed to pre-approve all special visitors. It offers a higher level of security since all people entering the building or office are those who are per-screened or approved by the security team or management.

  • It is ideal to ensure the people using it daily and visitors have a good experience. This is especially important when an office has several visitors; since the last thing a client or investor would expect is having to spend time registering themselves at the entrance using an outdated manual system.

  • It is easier to manage visitor data with this type of system. It can either be a local system or a cloud-based system that stores the data. With the data in a pre-defined digital format, one can perform a high-level analysis on it and generate custom reports as well.

  • If data is stored in the cloud, a system like this can also be remotely operated, optimized, and managed.

  • It is the ideal solution for an organization with offices at several locations; since it allows them to have a centralized administrative unit that remotely monitors all the visitor data and optimizes it as necessary.

Tips To Develop a Visitor Management Software

It is best to leave the development of the VMS to the experts. There are several technologies that can be used to develop a system like this. It can be a hardware unit along with supporting software for your computer and it can also be implemented using a website or mobile app. Technologies like NodeJS, Laravel, ReactJS, React Native, Flutter, and Swift are used for website front-end and back-end as well as mobile app development. Here are several tips to design the perfect VMS system for your business:

  • Research your requirements and how your existing system is inadequate. It is a good idea to check what type of features a system like this has to offer and also list features that you wish to include it.

  • A custom built visitor software that incorporates the best features commonly found and other special features that you need is the ideal solution.

  • It is important to understand the flow diagram of such a system and compare it with the daily requirements of your business including the special scenarios.

  • Irrespective of the type of solution you opt for like QR Code scan, scanner, Badge printer, etc. develop a good interface to ensure it creates a good impression.

  • Some of the key features to include in software like this include digital sign-in/out, custom registering process, cloud storage, analysis and report generation, notification, badge printing, etc.

  • It is a good practice to design such a system by putting the needs of the users first.

  • A system like this can includes several features like a visitor badge printer, card scanning, software for the computer, electronic signature panel, barcode scanner, etc.

Hiring top talent from Acquaint Softtech to develop such a system can ease all your worries about the lack of a good VMS. There is a flexible method of hiring developers here and also at a flexible price structure. Hire a dedicated team of experts to develop a custom system that matches your requirements.

What Is the Future?


Digitization and digital transformation are creating an impact in all industries. This also includes our visitor management system. There is a distinct shift towards using a smart software solution that offers several other features. The COVID-19 pandemic only highlighted the need for a smart system especially after the offices restarted working from offices. The future of this type of system seems quite bring.

More people are now aware of the benefits of implementing such a system. It offers more than just a smart interface and helps to create a good impression. It has the practical purpose of streamlining the generation of reports as well. The management can also remotely analyze the data and make important decisions daily or periodically.

Hence, there looks no turning back from such smart Visitor Management Systems  (VMS). More businesses are investing in some type of VMS and it is to improve security, efficiency, and productivity.


The traditional visitor logging system was one that only required paper and a pen. Every visitor was to enter their details along with the time and name of arrival before entering the building. It often also meant dealing with long queues to register and a lack of security. Implementing a digital Visitor management system is an opportunity to take advantage of the latest and best technologies.

It is a good way to increase the level of security and also simpler to manage the system. Report generation and analysis can now occur at a click of a button. A system like this can be customized as per the specific needs of the businesses. It is more efficient, and productive and offers more security than any of the other alternatives. Hiring mobile app developers from a professional firm like Acquaint Softtech to develop such an application can do wonders for your business.


What Is A Visitor Management System?

This is a software solution that may implement several external devices to track the people entering an office or building of any kind. This can be a simple scanner, badge printer, or some other type of device.

Why does your business need a visitor management system?

There are several scenarios in which a visitor management system can be a lifesaver. It can be used to keep a digital log of the daily entry/exit of the employees at any time of business. It can also replace visitors having to manually sign in to a register book and wait to be approved. Instead, a visitor can register using the digital system which in turn notifies the manger who can then decide to approve the visitor for entry. It is also useful for visitor badge printing at the entrance. It can help transform your business for the better.

What type of technologies is developing in a VMS?

Technologies like Laravel, Swift, Flutter, React Native, AR/VR, AI/ML, etc., are used in developing a VMS.

How to build a Visitor management system?

It is best to get in touch with the professionals like Acquaint Softtech for assistance in developing a VMS. The key to building a good VMS is to conduct good research into the requirements of your business including the special requirements. It will work in your favor if you have a clear picture before approaching the professionals.

What is the cost to build visitor management software?

A Visitor management system is suitable for offices, societies, schools, government offices, etc. The type of system implemented depends on the type of location and requirements. There are several factors that dictate the cost to develop a custom visitor system, this includes the basic requirements, technologies used, visitor management platform selected, and type of business.


Mukesh Ram

Founder and CEO, Acquaint Softtech

I love to make a difference. Thus, I started Acquaint Softtech with the vision of making developers easily accessible and affordable to all. Me and my beloved team have been fulfilling this vision for over 15 years now and will continue to get even bigger and better.

Table of Content
  • Introduction

  • What Is A Visitor Management System?

  • Applications of Visitor Management Software

  • Common Signs That Your Existing System Needs An Upgrade

  • Importance of Developing a Visitor Management System

  • Main Features

  • Benefits of Visitor Management Software Development

  • Tips To Develop a Visitor Management Software

  • What Is the Future?

  • Conclusion

  • FAQ

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