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Laravel Application Trends 2018 And Why It Is Still The Best?

April 6th, 2018

In the competitive world of web development, several PHP frameworks are available. Among them, one that is winning hearts due to its easy and quick usability is Laravel! Did you know this open-source web framework, Laravel, is today the hot favorite PHP framework for most developers? Why? Because it always impresses with its functionalities, that ultimately makes the heads of all developers turn towards it.

Although Laravel has proved its worth since its inception, this year, it has more to offer. Laravel 5.6.12 is here with added support for signed routes and URLs, along with quite a few other new additions. We hope this update will bring in good development speed, fast extension ability, and quick intuition. In addition to this, the features that make Laravel the best framework are eloquent ORM, class autoloading, efficient reverse routing, expressive migration system, and restful resourceful controller. Let’s look at Laravel Trends 2018 and what this new version of Laravel has in store for us.

Here’s the complete release note from the Laravel 5.6 changelog:

(Source: Github Laravel )

Why is it still the best?


Everything is easier and simple

Implementing authentication techniques is very simple in Laravel. You can get almost everything configured. It also allows you to organize authorization logic and control access to resources.

A kickoff start for start-ups

A Startup can benefit a lot from Laravel. The language is apt for startups to rise quickly. You can get an effective and workable website quickly designed on this framework and shine in the market.

Internet of Things – Covered

Life without the internet is unimaginable now. PHP7 is the most relevant for all IoT infrastructure solutions. It is the basic structure of asynchronous programming.

MVC Support

Its MVC architecture, like Symfony, ensures clarity between logic and presentation. This gives us another reason to love it. MVC helps in improving the performance, allows better documentation, and has multiple built-in functionalities.

Object-Oriented Libraries

You can hardly find such Object-Oriented libraries in any other PHP frameworks as in Laravel. Even its bunch of pre-installed libraries are easy to implement and come with many advanced features that anyone would love to have.

Java vs PHP

Though Java is considered the most secure programming language, PHP is ruling the web application market.


Security is the most crucial factor in any web development. Laravel has taken care of it very well. Its method of using salted and hashed passwords never saves passwords as the plain text in the database. It uses a Bcrypt hashing algorithm for generating an encrypted password along with prepared SQL statements. This makes injection attacks unimaginable and thus secures Laravel.


A developer requires learning more and more to deliver more. Laravel offers free and paid- tutorials called Laracasts to keep you updated.

It is getting better

Laravel is continuously improving and innovating for websites and web apps. This programming language will see a lot of developments with quicker code execution and usage of memory optimization this year. Compared to past upgrades, it is better.

PHP Development Outsourcing

Around 2019, the Global Outsourcing market will be inclined. The majority of PHP development will be outsourced and looking at the current progress of PHP7. It is going to be a hit by the end of 2018.


The popularity of the Laravel framework is increasing and will continue to do so in the future. So, if you want to develop something from scratch or include its functionalities, hire a Laravel developer. Regardless of the needs, you can contact us via +1 773 377 6499 or drop your requirements at

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