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An unforgettable memory with a cast of Var Padharavo Saavdhan

June 21st, 2023
Var Padharavo Saavdhan at Acquaint Softtech.

The day to remember when Boring Monday turned out to be a fun day when Starcast of “var padharavo saavdhanvisited our office. An awesome day to remember. 

The hype started generating when meeting the Gujarati Kalakar got real with just a single message. It was a long weekend in our office, and tling tling phone rang out loud. The moment got real when we read that someone special was coming to our office. 

Monday to Funday 

As we already know, somebody special is visiting on Monday. The boring Monday turned out to be a fun day for our team Acquaint. Our team decorated and completed all the requirements to fill the missing void with excitement to welcome them to our office.  

Lights are all set, cameras are ready to take tons of pictures in action, and the mood is all set with music in the background. Of course, we bought a beautiful bokeh to welcome our brilliant star cast. And with all decoration done now, it was the time for the moment.  

The moment we are waiting for  


Clocks ticking, and everyone is just waiting, looking at the front doors with desperate eyes from desks. The music is in the background with a projector on. And finally, the beautiful Kinjal Rajpriya and the handsome Gujarati actor Tushar Sadhu come in from the main door with waving hands and beautiful smiles. 

The Welcoming and meet greet 

The moment we saw them, everyone shouted out loud with excitement. Everyone is soo loud for the moment. Even speakers failed to compete with our excited, Acquaint team. Their energy and enthusiasm were infectious, and it was clear that they were excited to connect with their fans too, and that’s how the meet and greet started with QndAs and a sneak peek into a movie. 

During the meet and greet, our team had the chance to connect with the cast of "Var Padharavo Saavdhan personally." We engaged in conversations and asked questions. Meanwhile, our Gujarati cast, Kinjal Rajpriya and Tushar Sadhu enjoyed every bit of moment with us. Later on, we took great pictures with us and made our day. 

The cast brought their infectious sense of humour and cheerful personalities, creating an atmosphere of laughter and joy. Their down-to-earth nature made the entire experience even more enjoyable. 

Final words 

All is left to say goodbye to Kinjal and Tushar. It was a great moment to remember. The visit by the vibrant cast of "Var Padharavo Saavdhan" was an unforgettable day filled with passion, dedication and a dash of stardust. Their humble nature and captivating energy left an indelible mark on us.  

We eagerly count the days until the film's release, anticipating nothing short of blockbuster success! 


Shivang P.

Full Stack Developer

I am Web Designer at Acquaint Softtech and have 6 years of experience. My proficiency in CSS & JavaScript allows me to design highly creative & innovative website designs. Besides this, I also have good knowledge and skills in various other technologies like WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Oracle, and more.

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