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Is Laravel Fit For Your Web Development Project?

November 9th, 2022


Laravel has been around for little over ten years and is already the hot favorite amongst PHP developers. Laravel is popular for many reasons, one of the main reasons being ease of coding. PHP language has been very popular since the late 90s for website development, and there have been several frameworks over the years. However, Laravel has jumped in popularity in recent years.

A framework should not be judged based on the choice of a development team but rather on its features and other factors. Laravel happens to be a feature-rich framework that simplifies website development and also helps develop secure websites. This article provides more information on Laravel development to allow you to make an informed decision on whether to choose it for your next project. 

Types of Websites


The use of electronic devices is on the rise, making it essential every business have a website that makes them stand out. Some of the common websites that a business might need to develop:

  • eCommerce 

  • Business

  • Blog

  • Portfolio

  • Event

  • Membership

  • Informative

  • CRM

  • Entertainment

  • Educational

  • Small business

  • Brochure

  • Portal

Laravel is an open-source framework that allows one to create a highly complex website for a wide range of applications. It can be used to create many websites like eCommerce, real estate, small & large business websites, portals, CRM and much more. Hire a Laravel developer for your websites as  many businesses have:

  • Deltanet: This is a travel website to allow tourists to find the ultimate destination and book their travel.

  • Neighborhood Lender: This is a feature-rich website with smart tools offering loans and other financial services for many types of property transactions.

  • Alison: This is an educational website offering a wide range of courses.

  • Invoice Ninja: This is an invoicing tool that offers its services to businesses and freelancers for invoice payments and keeping track of expenses.

  • Super Bright LEDs: An eCommerce website to buy many types of LED lights.

  • Warner Brothers: Entertainment website.


There are several programming languages for web development; however, PHP happens to be the only one that has been specially created for the web. Since its release in 1994, several open-source software and frameworks have been released, which help reduce the complexity of creating a website and also help developers secure websites in less time. A PHP framework is essentially a platform to build a website that consists of common libraries and routines to avoid developers having to code every website from scratch.

There are many benefits of using a framework. It supports rapid application development, ensures better performance, requires less coding, has several common libraries, is easy to maintain, is secure and means you are using a proven & well-tested base to develop your website. Some of the popular PHP frameworks are:

  • Laravel

  • Symfony

  • CodeIgniter

  • Laminas (Zend Framework)

  • Yi

  • CakePHP

  • Phalcon

  • FuelPHP

10 Reasons Why Laravel Stands Out


Every framework has its pros and cons, but a great deal of effort has gone into making Laravel feature rich. It includes many common libraries and is highly secure. Listed here are ten reasons why Laravel is a good choice:

1. Open Source

It is an open-source framework that is also a free download. Hence anyone can build a website or tool using Laravel and customize it to their liking. 

2. Secure

With the increase in dependence on the Internet and websites for various purposes like shopping, research, information, education, etc., it is vital one pays close attention to the security of a website. The fact that there is also a rise in cyberattacks makes it crucial for one to develop websites with high security. Laravel has several modules in place to ensure your data is secure. It has an in-built authentication module to ensure businesses and consumers can login in a secure manner. It has several other security measures in place to fend off cyberattacks, including preventing SQL injections & unauthorized access. Besides this, there are regular security updates to ensure your website remains secure. 

3. High Performance

These are usually high performance websites which is beneficial when consumers are browsing your website, and it responds quickly as they expect. It is also beneficial when visitors search on search engines since they, too, prefer fast websites. Laravel makes it simpler to create robust websites, besides which it can be used to develop a wide range of applications. Laravel does not sacrifice quality for high performance. They are also highly stable websites that can handle high loads and huge demand, making them ideal if you expect high-traffic conditions.

4. Template Engine

We tend to spend a great deal of effort on the design of a website which eventually is integrated into the platform of our choice. With Laravel, one can use a template engine (Blade) for this purpose. It helps simplify the processing of the code and place dynamic code to ensure you get a stunning website design. It ensures the design is well integrated into the core website code.

5. Integrated project environment

Laravel has a built-in development environment to simplify the process of coding. This provides better resources and links to help accomplish the task with fewer lines of code. 

6. Extensive libraries

There are many different types of websites; however, each website tends to use similar features and code. Laravel has an extensive library that helps avoid rewriting common code. Besides this, Laravel also has a high community following, ensuring one can get plenty of support if necessary. 

7. Unit Testing

Testing is an essential phase of any development process. However, Laravel helps simplify this process by providing a special unit to test the project. It has integrated the testing procedures within the code, allowing developers and testers to execute tests with ease. This is especially useful when you test your code repeatedly. 

8. Artisan

Laravel further simplifies the development process by offering a special tool, 'Artisan,' to allow developers to perform repetitive tasks at a click of a button. This is a command-line tool that allows one to execute commands to manage the database with ease. It also allows one to create custom commands for repetitive programming tasks. 

9. MVP Architecture

It implements MVC architecture (Model-View-Controller) to ensure the code is more structured, especially when developing complex applications. It also contributes to ensuring the website you develop is high performing, flexible and highly scalable. 

10. Rapid Application Development

Extensive libraries, ease of coding, artisan, and other features Laravel has to offer, allows one to deploy a website quicker. It essentially reduces the time to launch your website and also makes upgrades. This provides businesses with a competitive advantage and gives them an upper edge.


Read the entire article to know how Laravel is suitable for your business, or get in touch with us now!

Facts & Statistics - You Need To Know

  • Laravel is the most popular framework as of January 2022 with 67902 stars; Django comes second with 61614 stars, Codeigniter has 18290, while .Net Core has 16302. 

  • There are over 761321 live Laravel websites

  • Laravel is most popular in the United States; then comes Brazil, Russia and China.

  • The top 7 industries using Laravel are Web Development, Digital Marketing, Software Development, SEO, Web Design, PHP, and eCommerce.

  • Laravel is highly secure, makes coding easier and supports OOPS. 

  • Market share of Laravel in 2022 is 8%, while that of CodeIgniter is 5%, Django is 3%, Yii is 2%, and Microsoft ASP.NET is 47%.

  • It is the ideal framework for startups.

  • Laravel has a good future since it has tremendous potential since it is easy to implement advanced technologies.

  • It supports rapid application development, thus reducing development time and cost. 

  • Laravel has a special API and drivers to simplify mail service integration.

What does Laravel Have To Offer?

Laravel has an extensive set of features that makes it the ideal framework for many industries. In fact, it is the ideal choice for industries like real estate, eCommerce, and several others. Listed here are some of the main features:

  1. Custom Template Engine: Laravel has a Blade template engine that helps speed up the development process. It helps increase flexibility and allows for more complex designs.

  2. Automate processes with Artisan: Automating repetitive processes can help save more time than you can imagine. Laravel has a built-in command-line tool, 'Artisan,' that allows one to create their own commands. This can be useful in automating several databases and programming tasks.

  3. Easy database migration: Database migration is not an easy task, and it can be very time-consuming, depending on the size of the database. This is a process that involves several tasks like verification, synchronization, etc. However, it is not so with Laravel, which has simplified this process to a great extent.

  4. High-level security: The websites being developed tend to store highly sensitive information making it vital for them to be highly secure. Opting to develop your website using Laravel helps solve half the problems. Laravel offers high-level security with highly tested and proven modules for authentication and authorization. It also eliminated the possibility of SQL injections with string protection against unauthorized users and other security threats.

  5. Website traffic management: One of the main issues businesses tend to face is an increase in the popularity of their website resulting in more website traffic. All websites are not designed to handle high traffic and often crash. However, this is not the case when your website is developed using Laravel. This is because it has an integrated message queue system that is specially developed to handle high website traffic. 

  6. Multiple Language: One of the main benefits of a website is that it helps break boundaries since it is accessible to users both nationally and internationally. However, this also means having to customize your website to suit the local population. Allowing users to browse your website in their local language will help improve your customer base drastically. Laravel makes the process of adding multiple languages to your website simple, allowing you to boost your sales and grow beyond your boundaries.

  7. Effective Queue Service: The complexity of website application differs and can vary from small to very large. The bigger the application, the greater the need for communication between the various sections. Laravel handles this easily with a well-designed message queue system. It also has a straightforward and expressive syntax making it simple to code and develop applications fast. It also has a highly optimized method of handling URL routing, thus further simplifying the effort and reducing development time.

  8. Homestead: Homestead is a development environment that eliminates the need to install PHP or have a web server. In fact, it eliminates the need to install any type of software on your local machine. It helps eliminate the need to focus on the web server and concentrate on the code itself.

  9. Eloquent ORM: Laravel has highly efficient OOL and ORM libraries. Eloquent ORM (Object Relation Mapping) is how Laravel implements PHP active record patterns. This helps simplify how an application interacts with the database. Almost every application makes use of a database, and Laravel helps optimize the process of retrieving and updating the database with Eloquent ORM.

  10. Error handling: Professional error handling is key to customer satisfaction. Forms or advanced features that fail without any notification of any kind often tend to frustrate the users leading to a reduction in the customer base. However, with Laravel, you need not worry about this since it has a highly efficient error-handling system that is easy to configure. It also has its own testing tool, 'Laravel Dusk,' that makes unit testing a breeze to ensure bug-free websites. 

Hire Laravel developers at Acquaint Softtech, we can help you save more on development costs. These are highly talented individuals with plenty of resources at hand to deliver stunning applications in a timely manner. Listed here are some of the applications we have developed:


Hire our dedicated Laravel developers using one of the flexible models to develop your eCommerce, real estate, or MVP project.

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Laravel vs. Core PHP

  • Laravel has several pre-packed tools to simplify the website development process, which includes user authentication, testing, and API. It also has an extensive library that the users can rely on. 

  • One can create PHP scripts for various applications and reuse them in different applications. 

  • Laravel has a special templating engine by the name Blade that allows one to integrate the design template with your website with ease. It simplifies the customization process as well. 

  • Artisan helps automate several repetitive programming and database processes in Laravel, thus speeding up the coding processes.

  • PHP language has a low learning curve and is easy to learn, especially since its syntax is consistent with C, C++ and Java.

  • PHP is a language that is specially developed for the Internet and it is possible to develop high performing websites.

  • Laravel has a special section for testing the project and is specially designed to simplify automated testing. 

  • PHP supports OOPS concepts; however, unlike the Laravel framework, it does not restrict the use of bad coding structure, messy coding or code that is hard to maintain. There is a lack of uniformity. 

  • Laravel simplifies the use of other technologies and widgets with JS & CSS. Its extensive libraries help one build state-of-the-art websites quickly and securely.

How Can Acquaint Softtech Help?

At Acquaint Softtech, our skilled team follows a proven process to create feature-rich Laravel websites at an affordable cost. We can help you with your Laravel project in many ways, as listed here:

  • Customized Laravel development to create unique websites irrespective of the industry.

  • Develop an eCommerce website after extensive research to boost your Internet traffic.

  • Support and maintenance for your Laravel website.

  • An enterprise solution for your business to help you increase productivity.

  • Migration of your from one Laravel platform to another.

  • Development of custom extensions for Laravel for a unique and feature-rich website.

  • Custom CRM development with all the features required to carry out business processes.

  • Third-party integration to help boost the features of your website.

  • Hire PHP web development company, Acquaint Softtech for Laravel Restful API development to develop bigger and better solutions.

  •  Aimeos

  •  InvoiceNinja

  •  Statamic

  •  Flarum

  •  Akauating

  •  PYRO


Developing a custom Laravel solution can do wonders for your business and increase profitability.

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Advantages of Using Laravel

Very Secure:

  • Laravel has an integrated authentication system that has the ability to prevent attacks from hackers. 

  • CSRF (cross-site request forgery) prevents other websites from making fake requests that can lead to a potential security breach. Cross-site scripting (XSS) is something that only the more experienced developers are aware of and is very dangerous if your website is not protected against it. It allows one to execute tasks and modify the database; however, with Laravel, you do not need to worry about this. 

  • It also has built-in protection against SQL injection. 

  • Since Laravel has its own set of commands to manipulate the design template and add functionality there are fewer chances of there being loopholes for hackers to take advantage of. Besides this, Laravel also implements an HTML purifier that helps fill up the missing elements to boost the security of the website.

Project environment & Applications:

Laravel makes it possible to take advantage of various pre-existing environments and applications as listed here:

  • Cashier is an interface to Stripe's subscription billing service that simplifies the navigation and usage of features. It has several other features like coupons, invoice PDFs, etc.

  • Laravel Echo is specially designed to make subscribing to channels, and listening to event broadcasts simpler.

  • Laravel Envoyer helps reduce and eliminate application downtime by ensuring you can run your deployments seamlessly.

  • Laravel Forge eases the process of deploying servers while launching a website; it is a special server management and application deployment service. 

  • Laravel Vapor allows one to manage the entire application infrastructure. 

  • Laravel Horizon offers an elegant dashboard and code-driven configuration to allow one to monitor key metrics like task failures, throughput, etc.

  • Nova is an administrative panel specially designed for Laravel and can be customized as per your requirements.

  • Laravel Telescope offers a powerful insight into the incoming requests of an application. It is also a useful tool for logging entries, database-related queries, scheduled tasks, and more.

Ease of testing:

Laravel provides a dedicated testing module to allow developers to perform unit testing. This is a good way to speed up the testing process (automated testing) and ensure the website is free from bugs or errors. It is ideal for regression testing and thus useful, especially if there are frequent changes to the code.

Compatible with other languages & frameworks:

Laravel works well with other languages and frameworks as well. VueJS can be used to create a stunning front for a Laravel project, as can AngularJS. ReactJS, which is an open-source JavaScript library, is also well suited to build a user interface for a Laravel project with its several UI components. Svelte is one of the best client-side JavaScript frameworks that allow one to develop ultra-fast web applications with the least possible complexity. The combination of Inertia.JS and Laravel is ideal for creating single-page apps. Livewire is a dynamic framework that allows you to develop a dynamic interface for your project.

High community following:

Laravel has been developed with the help of PHP language, which happens to have a market share of 77.5% for server-side programming of websites. Laravel is very popular, with more than 46,231 active users, 18105 threads, and 69.6k Github stars. There are over 5.5 million developers using Laravel for the purpose of website development.

Fit for MVP:

An MVP (minimum viable product) fits somewhere between a prototype and a product. It contains just enough features to allow users to grasp the gist of what the product is all about. It is the ideal application to test a new concept or idea and get feedback from the customers. Laravel is the ideal framework for developing an MVP which is highly recommended, especially if it is a big application, a new & unique concept or one is working on a tight budget. With Laravel, one can reuse code, easily scale applications and take advantage of the MVC architecture to develop an MVP in a very short span of time.

Implementing advanced technologies:

There are new technologies released every year. Some of the technologies currently gaining in popularity include IoT, AI, etc. Laravel is the perfect choice when it comes to developing a website for tracking, automation and more using IoT technology. All visitors expect good customer service that is instantly available irrespective of the time. AI Chatbots are the ideal solution. Laravel makes AI integration a breeze, including an AI Chatbot. Some of the other popular technologies that Laravel is well suited to implement are Blockchain and Cloud Computing.

What is the Future of Laravel?

Laravel is one of the most popular frameworks and the ideal one if considering the future requirements of your business. It has all the characteristics that one might expect in a framework to create stunning applications now as well as in the future. It is one of the most secure platforms, one that supports the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture. One of the major factors that makes it future-ready is that it does not require long programming sessions to create a complex module or website. Laravel fits well with other technologies and frameworks like React.JS, Angular.JS, IoT, AI, Cloud, etc. 

Hire Laravel Developer From Acquaint Softech

Acquaint Softtech has the perfect team of developers to create stunning solutions using Laravel. We have expertise in several technologies which work to our advantage when creating any website. Our team of skilled Laravel developer in India create customized Laravel solutions irrespective of the type of industry. 

They have had expensive experiences developing a wide range of applications for various industries, especially eCommerce and real estate. Get in touch with us for custom Laravel development; we have a good team of developers, designers and testers to deliver top-notch applications.


Laravel has a lot to offer in terms of features, support and compatibility with other technologies. It also has very large community support. Acquaint Softtech, too, has a big team of Laravel developers producing top-notch solutions. Laravel makes it possible for us to deliver affordable, feature-rich and efficient solutions in a quick time. You can be confident to outsource your Laravel development to us.

Laravel supports OOPs concepts and has a template engine that allows the creation of visually appealing websites too. It is the ideal framework for those who are looking for one that is future-ready, allows implementations of advanced technologies and is easy to maintain.


What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that is ideal for developing feature-rich websites for both small and large businesses. It is well suited for a wide range of industries, including eCommerce, real estate, education, travel and many more.

What can the Laravel Framework be used for?

It can be used to develop custom websites using PHP for many industries. It is ideal when you require to develop high-security solutions, ones that are scalable. It is also a good option for developing MVPs, custom eCommerce solutions as well real estate websites.

Laravel vs. ASP.NET for eCommerce Website

Laravel is a robust framework that allows development of a website fast and is fit for small to medium projects. It uses PHP, which is an interpreted language that provides users with a high level of security. The coding and design revolve around the user interface. Some of the other factors in favor of Laravel include that the development costs are low and it can use multiple resources.

ASP.Net can be used to develop medium to large projects and uses several programming languages which are compiled. It has a higher security level than Laravel and allows it to offer more features. On the other hand, ASP.NET projects tend to cost higher, and it has limited support.

Which technologies can be used with Laravel?

Laravel is designed to allow it to be used with most of the current and trending technologies. It is also future-ready with the ability to integrate additional features and scale the app. Some popular technologies often used along with Laravel include IoT, AI, Cloud computing, and Blockchain.

How to choose a Laravel development company?

With so many IT firms offering Laravel development services, it is not easy to select one. The ideal method to do so is to first take a closer look at their experience and skills. It is necessary to take the cost of development into consideration; however, avoid selecting one solely based on this. The outstanding team of developers is one that has strong knowledge of Laravel and several other relevant technologies, offers a certain degree of flexibility, follows a proven development process and possesses strong communications skills. 

Is Laravel suitable for mobile app development?

Laravel is a robust framework used to develop websites. However, it can also be used to create mobile apps by using Symfony components. It is the ideal base for developing Android and iOS applications, where the focus is more on features and user expectations.

What is the cost of developing a Laravel website?

The cost of a Laravel project depends a great deal on the size of the application and the technologies used. At Acquaint Softtech, we offer flexible pricing models with the option to hire a dedicated Laravel developer, either part-time or full-time. We also offer fixed-priced Laravel projects.

How long does Laravel website development take?

The development of a Laravel project can take up to 6 months. However, the exact time frame depends a great deal on the size of the application, its complexity and the technologies being used.

What are the benefits of using Laravel?

Laravel allows one to develop a complex application faster, besides which it has a high level of security with built-in modules for authentication and authorization. It follows the MVC architecture and is ideal for automated and unit testing.

What are the pros and cons of using Laravel for MVP?

Laravel is a well-defined framework ideal for simple coding and scalable apps. It is possible to create highly secure apps and ensure easy data migration. The development time is also low, and it requires minimal coding. Laravel is a massive framework; hence it is advisable to use it for your MVP if you wish to develop a large product in the future by scaling the product.


Mukesh Ram

Founder and CEO, Acquaint Softtech

I love to make a difference. Thus, I started Acquaint Softtech with the vision of making developers easily accessible and affordable to all. Me and my beloved team have been fulfilling this vision for over 15 years now and will continue to get even bigger and better.

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  • 10 Reasons Why Laravel Stands Out

  • Facts & Statistics - You Need To Know

  • What does Laravel Have To Offer?

  • Laravel vs. Core PHP

  • How Can Acquaint Softtech Help?

  • Advantages of Using Laravel

  • What is the Future of Laravel?

  • Hire Laravel Developer From Acquaint Softech

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