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What is the Laravel Certification program?


What is the Laravel Certification program?.

Laravel is a popular open-source PHP framework used for web application development. It provides a robust set of tools and features for building modern, maintainable, and scalable web applications. Some of its key features include an expressive syntax, built-in authentication and authorization. Other features include database migration and seeding, routing, middleware support, and a powerful ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) called Eloquent for interacting with databases.

Laravel certification is for both professionals and companies However, this is no longer an official program of Laravel itself. Laravel has shut down the program link as well ( Although Laravel itself doesn't offer a certification program, some third-party organizations and platforms may provide certifications or courses on Laravel development.

In this article, we will explore the Laravel Certification Program in detail, discussing its objectives, benefits, content, examination process, and overall significance in the professional development of a developer.

Why Laravel?

Before diving into the specifics of the certification program, it's essential to understand what Laravel is and why it's significant in the realm of laravel web development. Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that is known for its elegant syntax, robust features, and vibrant ecosystem. It simplifies various tasks in web development, such as routing, authentication, caching, and sessions, and is built with the intent of making the development process more enjoyable for the developer without sacrificing application functionality.

What is the Laravel Certification Program?

The licensed Laravel certification platform was introduced at Laracon EU in 2017. The best method to prepare for this certification test is to read the official Laravel documentation. Several short courses are available from various eLearning providers as well.

The Laravel Certification Program is a good way for any professional developer to showcase their knowledge and skills of the Laravel framework. Laravel's official website provides extensive documentation, tutorials, and resources for developers to learn and master the framework. But, this is no longer an official Laravel program.

These certifications may vary in content, rigor, and recognition within the industry. Online learning platforms, such as Udemy, Coursera, or LinkedIn Learning, offer courses on Laravel development that may provide certificates upon completion, but Laravel does not officially endorse these certificates.

This certification program is designed to validate the skills and knowledge of developers in using Laravel effectively to create robust and efficient web applications. 

Objectives of the Laravel Certification Program

The Laravel Certification Program aims to establish a standardized measure of Laravel proficiency and expertise. It helps developers demonstrate their skills in the framework, distinguishing them in a competitive job market. For employers, it provides a reliable benchmark to evaluate the technical skills of potential hires or current employees. 

The main aim of this certification program:

  • Learn to install & build applications using Laravel

  • Use Laravel, routes, controllers, views, templating engine Blade, connect and use Databases.

  • How to create migrations and what they are

  • Laravel ORM and Raw SQL queries. 

  • Laravel Tinker - Command line program to play around with Laravel without persisting data

  • Third-party libraries to add to Laravel

  • Uploading files, Middleware and security, sessions, sending emails, and GitHub or version control

  • Deploy Laravel on shared hosting accounts.

Benefits of Becoming Laravel Certified

Benefits of Becoming Laravel Certified.
  • Professional Recognition: Obtaining a Laravel certification lends professional credibility to a developer. It signals to employers and peers that the individual has attained a high level of proficiency in Laravel.

  • Career Advancement: Certified Laravel developers often have better job prospects and opportunities for career advancement. The certification can make a developer more attractive to potential employers and can lead to higher salary prospects.

  • Community Involvement: Being certified may also lead to increased involvement in the Laravel community, offering opportunities to connect with other developers, contribute to open-source projects, or even speak at conferences.

  • Personal Satisfaction: Achieving certification can provide personal satisfaction and confidence, affirming a developer's commitment to professional growth and their passion for Laravel.

Content and Structure of the Certification Program


The Laravel Certification Program covers a broad range of topics essential to Laravel development. These typically include:

  • Routing and Middleware: Understanding the flow of a request through the Laravel application and how to control it using routes and Middleware.

  • Controllers: Mastery in defining and organizing business logic within controller classes.

  • Views and Blade Templating: Proficiency in creating dynamic views and leveraging Blade, Laravel's powerful templating engine.

  • Eloquent ORM: In-depth knowledge of Laravel's Eloquent ORM for interacting with databases elegantly.

  • Authentication and Authorization: Skills in implementing and customizing Laravel's built-in authentication and authorization systems.

  • Testing: Familiarity with writing tests using PHPUnit and Laravel testing features to ensure application reliability and stability.

  • Package Development: Understanding of how to develop and integrate Laravel packages, enhancing the framework's functionality.

Examination Process

The Laravel Certification exam is typically conducted online and is designed to test the candidate's practical knowledge and understanding of Laravel. The exam format can include multiple-choice questions, code analysis, and scenario-based problem-solving.

To prepare for the exam, candidates should have hands-on experience with Laravel. They should study the official documentation, engage with the community, and undertake specific training courses or practice exams.


The Laravel Certification Program is a valuable asset for developers looking to validate their skills in one of the most popular PHP frameworks today. By becoming Laravel certified, developers can enjoy various benefits, including enhanced professional credibility, better job opportunities, and a sense of personal achievement.

While the certification itself is an important milestone, the journey to becoming certified also encourages a deeper understanding of Laravel, promoting best practices and a commitment to continual learning in the ever-evolving landscape of web development.