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How Do You Find Online Resources For Learning Laravel?


Resources For Learning Laravel.

Learning Laravel, a popular PHP framework for web development, requires a strategic approach to finding the best online resources. This comprehensive guide will navigate you through the essentials of Laravel, pinpointing effective strategies and resources for beginners and advanced learners alike. 

With Laravel’s elegant syntax, it has become a go-to for developers seeking to build complex applications with ease. This is a robust framework with high potential and several applications. Laravel is highly secure and ideal for small & big websites, as well as backends for mobile apps. 

This article helps you find learning materials with a list of the top online resources.

What is the Laravel Framework

Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web application framework designed to make web development more accessible and efficient. It follows the model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern. It provides a rich set of features that facilitate rapid application development. PHP is a programming language that is specially made for the Internet, thus allowing for a high level of customization.

Online Resources To Learn Laravel

Online Resources To Learn Laravel.

The Internet is a good resource for information on various topics. It also happens to be a good source for finding a good course for self-assisted learning. The first step is to establish your learning goals and set the main objectives for learning. 

You may be new to Laravel and want to learn the basics. It can also be that you wish to enhance specific Laravel development skills. There are also resources to learn how to use Laravel with third-party APIs.

Besides establishing the type of Laravel course that is right for you, there is also the option of format. Some of the popular choices include an interactive course, forum, video, document, and podcast. 

Always check the credibility of the resource prior to selecting it. Here are some of the top resources: 

Laravel Official Documentation: 

The official Laravel documentation is an excellent starting point. It is comprehensive, well-organized, and covers all aspects of the framework. It's regularly updated and includes guides for beginners through advanced topics.


Laracasts provides high-quality, screen-cast-style tutorials on Laravel and modern PHP development. With a mix of free and premium content, Laracasts is renowned for its clear explanations and practical examples.

GitHub and Packagist:

Exploring Laravel projects on GitHub and Laravel packages on Packagist can provide practical examples and additional tools. This is a good source for real-world examples and community packages. They offer insights into best practices and innovative uses of Laravel.


This platform offers comprehensive courses on Laravel for all skill levels, taught by industry professionals. It offers a structured learning path, peer interaction, and certificates of completion. This is ideal for both learning and professional development.

  • Some of the popular courses at Udemy include:

  • Master Laravel for Beginners & Intermediates 2024

  • Laravel 10 - Build Multi Vendor Ecommerce Websites (2023)

  • PHP with Laravel for beginners - Become a Master in Laravel

  • Let's learn Laravel: A Guided Path for Beginners


This is also a good platform for courses on Laravel. It is ideal for learners at various stages of learning. Coursera is a platform that offers professional courses on a wide range of topics and fields. It is a good place if you obtain a professional certificate as well. Some of the popular courses at Udemy include: 

  • Mastering Laravel Framework and PHP

  • Secure coding in Laravel

  • Laravel Configure, Validate, Authenticate and Authorize.


YouTube offers various channels dedicated to Laravel. They are a rich source of information for everything to do with Laravel. It is also a good place to learn Laravel with videos. Laravel Business is one such YouTube channel with updated information and a good selection of videos for learners. 


LinkedIn is a valuable source for learning Laravel. It is ideal for various stages of learning Laravel. LinkedIn learning is beneficial for all types of learners. This platform offers certificates that help you stand out from other applicants well. Some of the popular courses on Laravel include:

  • Advanced Laravel

  • Build Your Laravel Skills

  • Laravel: Building a CRM with Filament for Laravel

  • Building Laravel and Vue.JS 2 Web Apps


Eduonix offers a wide range of free and paid courses. The courses here are suitable for both beginners and experts. Some of the popular courses available here include:

  • Projects in Laravel: Learn Laravel Building 10 Projects

  • Create Website Shutterstock Laravel App Theme

  • Create Your Laravel Hotel App with Translations 4 Languages. 

Stack Overflow:

A question-and-answer site for programmers, Stack Overflow, has a vast number of Laravel-related questions and answers. It's a great place to find solutions to specific problems and understand the challenges other developers face.


eBooks are excellent learning resources for Laravel and have several benefits. It is a valuable option for individuals looking to acquire knowledge and skills in Laravel development. It is ideal for self-study and self-paced learning. Some of the popular eBooks are:

  • Laravel for Modern Web Development - Barnes & Noble

  • Mastering Laravel - Barnes & Noble

  • Learning Laravel's Eloquent - Packt


Laravel-focused podcasts, such as "Laravel Podcast" and "The Laracasts Snippet," discuss various aspects of Laravel development. They provide insights into the Laravel community, development tips, and discussions on trends directly from Laravel experts.


Using articles as a learning resource for Laravel can offer several benefits, providing a concise and focused approach to acquiring knowledge in a specific area. Articles are ideal for quick reference, updates, practical examples, problem-solving, diverse perspectives, and topic-specific learning. 

Benefits of Learning Laravel

Benefits of Learning Laravel.

Learning Laravel, a popular PHP web application framework, comes with various benefits for developers and organizations. 

  • Modern PHP Development

  • Developer-Friendly Syntax

  • MVC Architecture

  • Built-In Features and Tools

  • Eloquent ORM

  • Rapid Application Development (RAD)

  • Blade Templating Engine

  • Community Support

  • Documentation and Learning Resources

  • Security Features

  • Middleware and Authentication

  • Testing Support

  • Composer Integration

  • Task Scheduling and Queues

  • Versatility for Different Project Types

  • Career Opportunities

Laravel is a versatile PHP web application framework that is widely used for various types of applications like: 

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)

  • eCommerce Platforms

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)

  • Social Media Applications

  • Job Portals

  • Real-Time Applications

  • API Development

  • Booking and Reservation Systems

  • Project Management Tools

  • Healthcare Applications

  • Financial Applications


Laravel continues to be a robust framework for PHP developers, offering an elegant syntax and a wide range of features for building web applications. The abundance of high-quality learning resources available online makes it accessible for beginners and provides avenues for continuous learning for more experienced developers.

Set clear learning goals and select your learning formats prior to choosing the best online learning solution. Engage with the Laravel community for greater insight into the wealth of information available and harness the full potential of Laravel for your projects.