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Angular vs. Express

March 13th, 2023

Quick Summary

Both Angular and Express are one of the most popular web app development frameworks. So, choosing one of them can be a difficult decision looking at their features and benefits. Both have their pros and cons when it comes to developing an expert solution for your business. Hiring the experts at Acquaint can help you make the right decision. 


There are several technologies that can be used to develop cutting-edge websites. Some of the popular technologies are Angular and Express. It is quite likely that you are unsure of which are the best technologies for your business. It makes sense to hire an Express development company to develop a robust backend solution. However, there are many options available to you and it also depends on the type of application you wish to develop.

If you are considering hiring a developer to build an expert solution for your business, it might be a good idea to gain more information about Angular and Express by reading this article first.

What is Angular?

Angular is a JavaScript framework that helps businesses build scalable web applications. It is a standalone front-end framework with in-built tools and libraries that don't hamper the size or application speed. It is useful for multiple platforms and has a dynamic UI binding at a plain object or property level. It supports an MVC structure as well as has two-way data binding.


Several large companies around the world lay their trust in Angular like Microsoft, Google, and It can be used to develop a wide range of solutions like:

  • Video streaming applications

  • eCommerce applications

  • Real-time data application

  • User-generated content portals

  • Content-based websites

  • Progressive web applications

  • Native mobile applications

  • Single-page web applications

  • Gaming applications

  • Cloud-based applications

Acquaint Softtech is an Angular development company with expertise in developing stunning frontend solutions for you. The AngularJS developers here are highly trained and skilled to build custom solutions for your business.


What is Express?

Express.JS is a Node JS framework that is useful for developing the backend of web applications and also building innovative APIs. Node.JS is a versatile option for creating the backend for your application. However, attempting to do so is time-consuming unless you use a ready-made framework like Express. Developing the backend code using NodeJS for your API or website involved creating the basic structure and also having to worry about the business logic. However, by opting for Express one can focus on the business logic.


Express is useful to develop a wide range of applications and is implemented by many businesses across the world. Some of the popular applications of Express include:

  • Single-page apps

  • Reusable apps

  • Middleware Applications

  • RESTful APIs

  • Serve and access static files using a browser

  • Enterprise web applications

  • eCommerce web applications

  • Difference Between Angular & Express

Some famous companies that have laid their trust in Express to develop  better solutions include:

  • Twitter

  • Uber

  • Accuweather

  • IMDB

You do not need to look any further for Express development services either. At Acquaint, we have all the necessary resources not to mention highly skilled Express developers to make this possible.

Build your feature-rich solution today and gain a competitive advantage! Contact the expert developers at Acquaint.

Difference Between Angular & Express

  • AngularJS is a client-side framework while ExpressJS is a server-side framework.

  • It takes less time to develop an application using Express which can develop a full-fledged application. It is well-designed to handle I/O requests.

  • Angular makes use of TypeScript which is a superset of JavaScript and is supported by Google. It is highly customizable and can very well be integrated with other technologies to create stunning apps. 

  • Express is an open-source backend framework built for Node.JS. Node.JS is essentially a cross-platform run-time environment for applications written using JavaScript. On the other hand, Angular is an open-source JavaScript framework. 

  • Angular is ideal to develop real-time applications like instant messengers and chat applications; on the other hand, ExpressJS is good for creating faster and more scalable applications. 

  • ExpressJS is one of the many Node.JS frameworks, the others being Sail.JS and Partial.JS. It is necessary to install Node.JS on your system as well. Angular itself is an open-source framework with reusable code and several built-in routines that one can use to build bigger and better applications. 

  • Angular has a high market share in the USA with over 110,051 websites. 

  • Angular has 62.8lK stars on GitHub and 362.8K followers on Twitter. 

  • Express is listed as the 4th most popular backend framework of 2022 as per recent statistics.

The Verdict

There are many technologies that one can use to develop a website. In fact, there is a long list of frontend and backend technologies for you to choose from. Angular happens to be a comprehensive solution that allows you to scale your applications with ease. It also is good for developing high-performing applications and has plenty of in-built functionality. Integrating third-party solutions for fast, efficient, and reliable solutions is simple with the pre-built plugins that Angular has making it a good solution for frontend solutions

On the other hand, Express is the ideal solution for backend solutions with its templates, packages, and plugins. This is the perfect option to build real-time applications and that too scalable ones. The fact that it uses JavaScript for backend development means it opens the door to the possibility of creating the entire solution with JavaScript thus creating a robust, high-performing, and cutting-edge solution. 

Get in touch with the expert consultants at Acquaint for Express and Angular development services. We can help your business gain an edge over your competitors.

Here is some additional information on the benefits of using Angular and Express for your project.

Benefits of Angular

  • Angular is a JavaScript framework that utilizes TypeScript thus enhancing the feature set. 

  • It is a high-performing framework that is supported by Google and is useful for a wide range of applications.

  • Angular makes it simpler to develop stunning software solutions through its simple integration with other tools and software. 

  • It has two-way data binding that allows one to create highly customized solutions and has the ability to optimize server communication with the purpose of eliminating the extra load on the CPU.

  • Testing is an integral part of Angular thus allowing developers to deliver high-quality solutions faster & more efficiently.

  • It is ideal for creating a highly appealing and easy-to-use interface for your complex applications. 

  • This is also the ideal tool for creating single-page applications for a wide range of industries. 

  • It separates the business logic from the frontend user interface very efficiently.

Benefits of Express:

  • It is ideal to build a real-time application that leverages the non-blocking Express servers to scale up your app and handle multiple user requests on the app. 

  • The development time is lower and the websites tend to be high-performing websites since it allows one to use JavaScript for both the frontend and backend. 

  • It has an in-built middleware that is specially designed to handle errors and prevent your website from crashing.

  • It is highly optimized to handle a high number of I/O requests as well.

  • It is the ideal solution for many different types of solutions like image sharing, web domain & hosting portals, education portals, and many more. 

  • Express.JS is supported by the Google V8 engine allowing one to develop high-performing apps without any lag or error. 

  • It is also less expensive to maintain and has good community support.


Is Angular a frontend language?

Angular is an open-source JavaScript framework that can be used to develop robust frontend solutions.

How is Express JS different from NodeJS?

NodeJS is a package that helps create a JavaScript run-time environment to allow one to develop robust backend solutions. On the other hand, Express JS is a JavaScript framework that allows one to develop NodeJS applications. 

Is Express for frontend development?

ExpressJs is a popular JavaScript framework that is meant for backend software development for Node. JS. 


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