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iPhone Hacks: Top 10 Tips And Tricks That You Should Know

May 1st, 2019

iPhone hacks and tips are something that almost every iPhone lover should know. Apple keeps exploring next-gen technology with its products. Every iPhone comes with a futuristic design, attractive features, and top-quality materials. iPhone users always keep searching the tips and tricks that can make their smartphones more dynamic. There are multiple third-party apps available that are easily compatible with the iPhone, which enhances its usability. Every iPhone users and iPhone application development company always have an eye on the latest news of Apple and the upcoming model of the iPhone. Some features are unique, and a few are just common in all smartphones. In this post, we will reveal the top 10 iPhone hacks that you should know.

Apple Set To Launch it’s First 5G iPhone In 2020!

It’s not an official statement of Apple. But some top analysts are expecting it after the settlement between Apple and Qualcomm. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple fixed the settlement with Qualcomm over licensing and chip patents. So have to use chipsets from Qualcomm. The part will be used in the upcoming iPhone developed by Qualcomm and Samsung. By using Qualcomm chipsets, it’s clear that Apple is all set for its 5G iPhone in 2020. There is also a possibility of an antenna and thicker PCB to enlarge the battery size.

Top 10 Secret Tips And Tricks For iPhone That You Don’t Know

1. Magnifying Feature

Turn your smartphone camera into a magnifying glass with just one tap. Simply use the iPhone camera as a magnifying glass. Open the camera setting and click on the Magnifying effect. Your camera will automatically pretend or work like a magnifying glass. Many iPhone users complain about the slow speed of the phone while using this feature. Do tell us if you also face the same issue.

Step– Setting–General–Accessibility–Magnifier–Triple Click on the home button

2. Quick & Easy Search

Search for any things on your iPhone with a simple gesture. For a quick search, swipe down the home screen to find the search panel. But there is another way of searching like a pro. Open Settings and swipe down for a quick search. It shows the entire lengthy content for any application you want to know.

Step– Home Screen–Swipe Down or Open Settings–Swipe Down.


3. Auto DND While Driving

This handy feature automatically turns your iPhone mode into “Do Not Disturb” while driving. You can also set a DND while sleeping. iPhone automatically silent all the calls, notifications, messages and reduce the brightness. It helps you to insist on going to bed on time.

Step– Setting App–Do not Disturb or Activate through Control Center.

4. Educate Siri

What a creation by Apple! Siri is one of the most innovative personal assistants based on AI chatbots. Siri can organize daily stuff and make a to-do list. You can educate or tell Siri to pronounce your nickname correctly. If Siri mispronounces contact names or search items, then correct Siri for better results.

Step– Hold Side Button–Activate Siri–For NickName, Speak “ Call Me XYZ From Now On” or For Correction, Speak “That’s Not How You Say XYZ.”

5. Different Tune For Different Individuals

With an iPhone, users can set a different tune for different individuals. So you don’t need to check your phone every time a call rings. It works as an alert tone to remind you about the caller without opening the phone. Set separate ringtone and text tone. So when they call or text, you don’t need to check your phone.

Step– Contacts App–Click on the apt person–Click Edit–Click Ringtone or Text Tone.

6. Search Photos With Ease

Searching the old photos in the phone gallery is always an irritating task. With iPhone, you can search images by Name, place, or month simply by filtering them. For example: - you want to search for a photo of yours with cool sunglasses that was captured in Thailand. Just search “Thailand, Sunglass” instead of searching each image manually.

Step– Open Photos– Search Anythings like Thailand, Sunglass–Result


7. Find AirPods In A Cool Way

If you forget things often and misplace almost every item, then your AirPods will soon become orphans one day. Here is a secret trick for you. Siri is the most interesting feature in the iPhone segment. If your AirPods are misplaced, then you can find them without any hassle. Just ask Siri to find misplaced Air pods, and Siri will start loud music in Air pods. Cool, isn’t it?

Step– Activate Siri–Speak “Find My AirPods.”

8. Measure App

There are some interesting features of the Measure app. You can easily Measure any object with iPhone (iOS 12). It doesn’t always show accurate results, but it measures anything approximately. So next time when you want to measure an object, simply open the Measure app and tap on the start and endpoint, adjusting the measurement by fingertips.

9. Prevent App

It’s very irritating to get feedback requests constantly from apps for ratings and reviews. If you want to avoid all of them, then the iPhone has something special for you. Prevent all apps notifications from constantly asking for app reviews and ratings in just a minute. Actually, the iPhone has a default setting for allowing every app source to request reviews and ratings.

Step–Open iTunes and App Store–In-App Ratings and Reviews–Toggle off.

10. Low Power Mode

Battery power is always a concern for iPhone users as well as Apple too. There are many apps available for power saving, but they are just worthless. iPhone offers to set your phone on the Low Power Mode. It helps prevent auto-downloading, the auto start of an app in the background, and deactivates Siri. This feature will silently improve your phone’s battery life and allow you to enjoy long-lasting outwards while roaming.

Step– Open Control Center–Click the Battery Icon–on/off Low Power Mode.

JailBreaking Hacks - Is It Secure?

JailBreaking is still a doubtful case among iPhone users because it is not permitted by Apple. To dive into depth, let’s talk about what jailbreaking is. Apple doesn’t allow those third-party applications that are not listed in the Apple app store. This is a good feature for security purposes. But as we know, many popular Google play store apps are still placed on the App store. So many iPhone users don’t like this restriction. Therefore they strive to install an unauthorized application with a hack called JailBreak. Apple is very strict about its data safety, so JailBreaking is still not secure. As a responsible iPhone application development company, Acquaint Softtech believes in a neat and clean downloading of an app with a trusted source. Otherwise, your personal data will be unsafe. It’s better to wait than never. Wait for your favorite apps until it’s not officially available on the Apple app store.

In A Nutshell

There are many tricks and tips available for iPhone lovers. But we assembled the best features that can make your daily routine easier. Some of the latest features are Animoji, Quickly send current location Via text keyboard, iOS 13 updating feature, Switch the keyboards with several themes, and many more. Siri is on a roll since it was introduced on Apple devices. If users are stuck anywhere then, Siri (AI-based virtual assistant) will always be at their fingertips to resolve any issue. Being a leading iPhone application development company, we love to explore new technology and tricks for iOS and iPhone. Hope this article helps you use iPhone tips and tricks so that you can take advantage of them. If you are looking to develop a masterpiece iOS application for your business, then Acquaint Softtech is the right company to work with. Feel free to discuss your dream idea with our experts at or give us a call at +1 773 377 6499. If you find something amusing in the post, then keep SHARING this piece of content with your colleagues.


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