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Exciting Features of Latest React Native 0.60 Version

September 11th, 2019

Internet is embracing React Native latest version 0.60. It is fast, improved, and updated from the last 0.59 version. The best thing about the latest React Native version is that it is created from the user's perspective. The recent version will transform React Native app development services for sure.

Facebook’s framework for cross-platform app development has a pro-active community at GitHub. Facebook developers have taken a broad aspect of feedback about the likes and dislikes of React Native. The changes in the latest version 0.60 rely on the user’s demand. Therefore, all the app developers are loving the all-new React Native latest version 0.60.

"The biggest mistake we made as a company was betting too much on HTML as opposed to native.”

– Mark Zuckerberg

Many newbie app developers are lost in the thought about the exciting features in the latest version and how it transforms the React native app development services. This thought encourages us to give a detailed insight into this topic. This post will address the exciting features of the latest version of React Native and how it will transform React Native app development services.

Being a leading React Native app development company, we are well acquainted with the latest technology. And this time, we are very excited to use the latest features. With the striving effort of contributors for several months, Facebook finally launched the recent version 0.60, and with a boom.

Before diving into the depth, we have to discuss the basics first. React Native is an open-source cross-platform app development framework developed by Facebook. Its tagline is “Code Once & Uses It Everywhere”. With React Native, developers can reuse the same code for creating an application on another platform. Now one can reuse the same code to develop a mobile application for iOS, Android, or even Windows.

Exciting Features In React Native latest Version 0.60

Every updated version comes with some exciting features that make it superior to the last one. The same goes for 0.60. React Native completely improved with its latest version. It has so many updated features compared to version 0.59. React native is getting simpler with every update. The Cocoa Pods are the most exciting features, but there is a lot more to discuss. Here are some of the latest features that make this version most promising for users.

“Latest React Native version 0.60 comes with new Hello World home UI, Cocoa Pods for iOS, compatible with AndroidX by Jetifier, auto-linking for different platforms, accessibility improvement, removal of geolocation, and improved form of Hot Reload as Fast Refresh. In short, it will be the most popular version till yet.”

– Alpesh Nakrani, React Native Expert at Acquaint Softtech

React Native is widely used for reducing the development cost and time because of its code reusability. It can cut approx 50% of the overall development cost. That’s why most of the business applications are developed under React Native. Hot reload, faster code placement, and the easy-to-use UI are the advantages of using this framework. Many developers were facing issues regarding quick response, Cocoa Pods, and a few more. But the new version solves each problem.

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CocoaPods For iOS Projects

The most requested feature by React Native community was compatibility with CocoaPods, and React Native 0.60 brings the same. App-level dependency manager is improved with CocoaPods that offers compatibility with the iOS with Swift CocoaPods and Objective-C. Working with the Xcode project is also improved and gets easier by internal packages.

The update in Xcode capability transforms to use for developers because one can directly troubleshoot any issues regarding iOS app development with safety patches of React Native 0.60. Meanwhile, developers need to open and access the Xcworkspace file for implementing the iOS platform source code. This update in Cocoa Pods makes React Native the first choice for cross-platform app development in open source.

Auto-linking For Android and iOS

In the previous version, the developers have to select particular libraries for a native or sole platform (Android or iOS). But the React Native 0.60 offers an auto-linking feature for linking any platform by using specific code. The auto-linking features will surely improve the React Native app development services because it takes lesser time and responds faster in development time.

The improvement in the CLI front makes the more robust form of auto-linking such as maximum linking. Linking has also improved that needs to be accessed by the backend team to make amendments in every pre-existing dependency. There is also some improvement needed for backend support. But this feature also affects the React Native app development services.

Improvement In Accessibility

The quality base improvement for React-based libraries and APIs have been done in the form of accessibility updations. Reducing motion and accessibility flags of iOS helps the operating system. Also, a new update offers web assistance for API that allows developers to merge platform-specific APIs. In short, the iOS app development turns easier with the latest React Native version 0.60.

The most exciting feature that is going to boost the clean coding and quick response for React Native app developers is the keyboard navigation. The improved version will allow developers to take fast action on click call back and clickable prop. Meanwhile, it is very similar to the “Undo” and “Redo” tasks for reducing coding error by simple keyboard navigation.

React Native 0.60 allows developers to add call-backs for user-specific functions to maximize accessibility. There are several other important changes in React Native latest version that elevates its authority.

AndroidX + React Native 0.60

One of the most demanding features for creating Android apps through React Native is easy migration for Android libraries. The all-new version 0.60 allows developers to migrate the Android Extension Library (AndroidX). This improvement will work as fuel for those who strive to build cross-platform apps for Android. This feature enhances the support of the Jetifier tool.

A completely new tool Jetifier comes with a quick fix that is designed especially for AndroidX transition. The Jetifier will transform the adding node modules and accessibilities for AndroidX. Also, this tool can help in launching a new AndroidX version and enhancing library maintainers. All in all, the migrating Android and iOS platforms are making it easy for us.

Engaging Home Screen UI

There are also design changes in React Native 0.60. The new UI - Hello World - looks promising and engaging for users and is dedicated to mobile devices users. The welcome note and all required instructions are making the UI easier to use for developers.

The latest version shows all the useful features on the home screen which makes React Native more promising. It includes the debug menu, adding, editing App.js, documentation linkage, and how to use the guide at the home screen. Therefore, navigation gets easy. A fresh new start screen looks alluring because it is simple in design. Any newbie app developer can easily get to know about the features. So authority-wise, it gonna be promoted.

Much Needed Removal

Every update version is meant to be adding extra features for improvement. Adding many features will surely give unbeatable performance for React Native. But there is also some removal in the lean core. The Geolocation of React Native repository is removed that helps apps to follow app store guidelines (the win-win situation for developers). WebView and NetInfo were placed into a sole repository.

The most requested removal of Haste is also path-breaking for users. The haste module system importing modules via global id was considered a limitation of React Native. Haste removal will give wings to developers for using any type of access in browsers and many third-party tools.

The language features supporter polyfills, and legacy components were also removed in the latest version. The absence of polyfills in the recent version of JavaScriptCore (JSC) forces React Native to remove it from its core structure. With many changes and updations, there are still some features that need to be upgraded. Debugging and Metro symlinks are those features that are not updated in this version. Developers have to wait for the next version.

How React Native App Development Services USA Will Transform

It’s quite easy to understand that every updated version brings major improvements that affect the process too. The React Native 0.60 will also willing to change the React Native app development services for sure. There are several cross-platform frameworks i.e. Flutter, React Native, Xamarin and so on. With a vast history of stable versions, React Native turns one of the most popular open-source frameworks for creating cross-platform apps.

React Native can reduce the development time and cut the overall development cost, this advantage encourages many stakeholders to leverage from the React Native app development. As every coin has another side similar goes with React Native. It also had some limitations, therefore, by referring to developers feedback new version launched.

Here are some of the changes that will transform React Native app development services.

  • React Native caters CocoaPods and AndroidX compatibility that means easy to reuse code for Android and iOS platforms.

  • Accessibility improvement (click call back & clickable prop) for iOS helps secure and faster development for creating iOS apps using cross-platform.

  • Removal of Geolocation and other lean core (WebView & NetInfo) repositories changes will support easy approval in the App Store.

  • Auto-linking offers alluring experience while switching in Android and iOS. React native app development process just improved by auto linking capabilities.

  • “Hello World” home screen and easy UI has a lot more to cites. It will really helpful for newbie app developers.

In concise, React Native app development will witness a huge revolution with it’s latest version. At Acquaint Softtech, our React Native app developers are curious as well as stubborn to makes something beyond the expectation by using these exciting features. Being a reputed name in React Native app development services USA provider, we are always ready to adopt the latest technology.

To those developers who are excited and ready to upgrade in the latest version, there is a cool tool called Upgrade Helper for a seamless and easier upgrade to 0.60. It gives a detailed comparison between the older and new versions for brownfield apps or complex customization.

In A Nutshell

While wrapping up the article, one thing is very much clear that the latest version 0.60 is the best of React Native version yet. Also, thanks to all contributors and valuable feedback by community members which makes a robust framework for cross-platform development. We discussed the latest features and how will be the future of React Native app development services.

Without any doubt, the removal of Geolocation, Auto-linking, CocoaPods access, and other features makes React Native 0.60 the best version. The striving efforts of contributors turn out in a remarkable output and lucrative manner. Meanwhile, It’s time to adopt the change and make the best out of React Native 0.60.

If you wanna marching with the React Native latest version and need a renowned app development partner then we are the right source. Acquaint Softtech is a leading React Native app development company USA having a vast portfolio in the same technology. Our React Native app development services are the most prized assets because of the best development team and expertise in cross-platform app development technology.

If you are looking to create a productive application with React Native then feel free to discuss your dream idea with our experts. Drop the requirement at or call at +1 773 377 6499. We have ample experience of decoding complex idea into a masterpiece. Also, if you found anything amusing in this piece of content then do SHARE with your besties.


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