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How can IT Outsourcing impact the Skill Gaps positively?

January 29th, 2024
How can IT Outsourcing impact the Skill Gaps positively?.

Is finding a skilled professional becoming a difficult task for you? Then, you are not alone. According to Gartner, 64% of managers think their team needs to possess all the right skills to perform the task effectively. But do not worry; we have also found the right solutions to help you mitigate the problems. However, IT Outsourcing can help organizations meet this skill gap.

Before understanding how IT outsourcing is beneficial, let's first understand what a skill gap is.

What are skills gaps?

A skill gap is a difference in the actual skill set of an employee with the skills required at the workplace. Misalignment between an employee's skill set and job description can decrease productivity. However, using various methods, organizations can effectively reduce this skill gap.

As we move further in the blog, let's first understand different ways in which you can analyze these skill gaps.

There are five steps that can help you analyze the skill gap in detail.

  1. Define all the skills needed for a specific job: Before diving into training your teams, figuring out what skills need a boost is essential. If you're looking at individual levels, check if each person's skills match their job description. For team/company focus, see if the team has the needed skills for an upcoming project. The team can pitch in to uncover individual skills gaps, helping you create a plan to bridge these gaps in your company.

  2. Check the trends to identify future skills: Looking at the future tech trends and skills in high demand. By understanding future trends, organizations can identify missing skills in their teams.

  3. Review your employees' current skills: Figuring out the skills you aim for helps you see how far you are from them. Once you've rated your skills, the next move is to spot the gaps. You can use Skills assessments, interview the employees, and analyze the KPIs to check individual skill levels.

  4. Use the data to fill the skill gap: Now that you have all the necessary data to meet the skill gap, start finding the professionals that suit your particular skill set.

  5. Run skill gap analysis on current skills: Implementing the improvisation on the skill gaps found from the data will help improve the skill gaps in the best possible way.

Why are skills gaps present within tech teams?

  1. The rapid increase in technological advancements: As technology advancements happen frequently, it becomes difficult for developers to stay updated with new methods.

  2. Unmatched expectations: The hiring organizations often have vast and unrealistic expectations from the new employees, but the hired team members would often have expertise in some specific areas rather than in multiple regions.

  3. Limited education: The IT curriculum still needs to be developed, and the IT-focused candidates are getting the same old knowledge.

  4. Limited on-the-job training: Software developers need timely training and development as and when new technology or trends occur, which is only affordable by some organizations.

How to reduce this skill gap?

Using the IT Outsourcing technique, any organization can reduce the skill gaps in the development team. 

Companies can hire remote developers through IT Staff Augmentation or leverage IT outsourcing the organization to bridge the skill gaps present in the skillset of an in-house team.

After understanding how IT staff augmentation helps in minimizing the skill gaps let’s understand what are the advantages of leveraging IT outsourcing.

But what are the advantages of hiring an IT Outsourcing software development company?

Want to leverage the benefits of IT Staff Augmentation?

We at Acquaint Softtech can help you hire skilled remote developers to integrate skill gaps in your existing team.

Benefits of hiring an IT outsourcing company

Benefits of hiring an IT outsourcing company.
  1. Cost-saving: As the IT outsourced team comprises experts with specialized IT skills, it becomes straightforward for the management team to focus on other operations. The outsourcing software development team will implement all the necessary development processes, from coding to after-sales services.

  2. High productivity: As the IT outsourced professionals possess all the skills required to develop customized software, productivity is maintained, and the organization will deliver the project on time.

  3. Industry knowledge and innovation: IT outsourcing can bring a fresh perspective and innovative solutions tailored to your company's tech needs.

  4. High-quality equipment: The IT professionals hired are highly skilled and use the most developed technology and tools, increasing their productivity.

  5. Management of risk: If you partner with a full-service IT outsourcing software development company, they'll likely discuss potential service issues with you and offer disaster recovery and data security support. It's a good idea to include these in your agreement when you sign it.

Top 5 Countries for IT Outsourcing

IT Staff augmentation/ IT Outsourcing company is the modern method to meet IT skill shortage. But what are the five countries to consider when hiring IT outsourced services?

Top 5 Countries for IT Outsourcing.

Let's uncover all of them.

Outsourcing Country

Time Zone

Number of IT specialists

Avg salary for Software Developers

Popular programming language


GMT +2



JavaScript, Java, C#, Python, C++, TypeScript, React, others


GMT +5



Java, C++, Python, PHP


GMT +8



Python, Java, JavaScript


GMT +1



JavaScript, Java, C++, SQL, PHP


GMT +8



Java, JavaScript, C#, PHP

Based on the above chart, India seems to be the best country to hire IT staff augmentation services, so taking India as an example, let’s identify the top IT Staff augmentation companies in India.

But, before we head into that section of the blog, read about the points to consider before hiring an IT outsourced Software Development Company.

Points to Consider for IT Staff Augmentation

When choosing a software outsourcing development company, no one-size-fits-all exists. One company charges more than another, and others must be more proficient. Choosing the best fit requires deeply considering the various factors mentioned below.

Points to Consider for IT Staff Augmentation.

Let's understand and find out some crucial considerations to note while choosing the best fit.

  1. Be clear about what you are looking for: The search for an IT outsourcing partner will be more precise if you know the prerequisites beforehand. Businesses can use a marketplace website like Clutch to gather all the relevant information necessary for decision-making.

  2. Time zone differences: The difference between the time zones of two countries is a necessary consideration. The lesser the difference, the smoother the communication will become. Keep time zones in mind before selecting the best fit for your requirements.

  3. Cultural differences shouldn't be neglected: Consider cultural differences when choosing IT outsourcing abroad. These may include varied communication styles, strong accents, cultural traditions affecting schedules like siestas, unique holidays, and different business management approaches.

  4. Look out for English proficiency: Good communication is vital for outsourcing success. Consistent and effective team communication is the key, and service providers in outsourcing countries must have good English proficiency.

  5. Compatible business values: Business values are the basic principles guiding how different work groups interact for success. When aiming for successful collaboration, it's often overlooked, but it's crucial to check if the outsourcing team's values match the goals of your business project before bringing them on board.

Read our IT Staff Augmentation Guide to get more in-depth knowledge about IT Staff Augmentation.


This article gave you a clearer view of global IT structures and insights into the top outsourcing countries in 2024. Thanks to today's global connections, companies can now access skilled experts from anywhere worldwide for their teams.

Acquaint Softtech is a Customized Software development company that helps organizations with IT Staff Augmentation Services and custom software development. We hold ten plus years of industry experience; our agile team is responsive and dedicated to helping our clients achieve their vision by assisting them in achieving successful project deliverables.


How does an IT Staff Augmentation proposal look?

The following information is present in an IT Staff augmentation proposal which is as under:

  • Terms and conditions of the contract

  • List and information of all the IT professionals as well as the project deliverables

  • The charges

  • Responsibilities and job description

  • The work statement

Is it allowed to interview the staff for IT Staff Augmentation?

Certainly, ensuring transparency in operations is essential. Therefore, IT staff augmentation firms permit interviews with candidates to assess their skills and expertise

How do Remote teams manage to work in multiple time zones?
  • When making the contract, IT staffing companies can outline service availability in each time zone for clients.

  • They can set up a team or schedule staff to cover various time zones.

  • Regularly review and adjust the schedule to make sure clients get services when they prefer in their time zones.

Can I assign the developer a test assignment to assess their technical skills?

Yes, you definitely can. Any developer is assigned some tasks based on the client's specifications, the assignments are prepared in collaboration by both a team from the client side as well as from the vendor’s side. The complete review process of the tasks takes 3-4 days to get completed.

How do you gather information required for IT Staff Augmentation?
  • What software are you working on?

  • How many professionals are already on boarded?

  • How many professionals do you need to scale up?

  • Would you require a project manager for the project?

  • What are some specific skills or knowledge you are looking to outsource.


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