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Instant Messaging App Development

January 31st, 2023


Instant messaging apps are gaining in popularity and social media networks have played a big role in this. The concept of this type of app has been around for a very long time and is believed to originate in the USA in the 70s. Some of the popular messaging apps of the 90s were ICQ, AIM, and Yahoo Messenger.

Websites were more popular prior to the introduction of smartphones hence instant messaging was done using a PC or laptop and on browsers. However, with exponential growth in the sales of mobile devices, almost everyone now owns one, and messaging happens to be one of the most popular apps. Here are a few statistics to support this claim:

There are already many apps offering such a service, however, businesses can still benefit from it by adding a unique touch and offering more. This article provides more information on instant messaging app development.

What is an Instant Messaging App?


An Instant Messenger App allows one to stay in touch with their connections via chat, audio message, or video call. Some of the popular instant messenger apps are WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, WeChat, Telegram, and Snapchat. There is a subtle difference between each app like WhatsApp, Skype, and Snapchat and they also tend to attract different types of users. 

Sending an email to get the message across caught on like rapid fire. Now everyone uses IMs to send messages when they need a fast response. and now this too is becoming more popular. Here are a few statistics that suggest the same:

  • As of January 2022, WhatsApp has 2000 million users, WeChat has 1263 million and Telegram has 550 million.

  • Facebook and WhatsApp collectively have over 2.5 Billion users. 

  • 437 WhatsApp app downloads in 2021 while 359 million downloads of Telegram app, 323 million downloads of Snapchat, and 238 million downloads of Facebook messenger. 

  • 41 million messages are sent every minute.

  • Messaging apps have 20% more users as compared to Social Media Networks.

What Type of People Use This App?


Instant messengers have several applications. They are useful to send direct messages, group messages, and share files as well as to send organizational-wide messages. There are many types of users, both individuals chatting with friends, other connections and even making new friends. It is also used by a wide range of businesses for various purposes.

Businesses can use it for customer service, internal communication, sales, as well as customer feedback. It is a lifesaver in large organizations and invaluable to communicate with departments. The fact that one can send documents, images, and large files work to their advantage. A high percentage of employees find this the faster way to communicate, one that is more intuitive and makes file sharing simpler.

Benefits of Developing Messaging App in 2023

  • It is ideal too for instant data exchange.

  • Unlike other forms of communication messaging is instant.

  • An instant message is viewed faster as compared to an email.

  • It does not require high-level skills to operate an instant messenger app.

  • It is less disruptive than an email hence helping boost productivity.

  • People can communicate effectively n matter where they are located.

  • It is the ideal tool for the young generation who gain a connection with more people and learn their unique perspective or approach to life.

  • It is an effective tool for non-verbal communication.

  • It has a wide range of applications for students, people working in the office, and other people.

  • It is an efficient method of sharing corporate news, alerts, and other information with the employees.

  • The demand for effective communication systems within companies is on the rise as is the requirement for more security.

  • There are also several advancements in technologies making it possible to build better apps and provide more features.

  • There is a high potential for developing more innovative & creative apps with more features. For eg. WhatsApp and Telegram are quite similar however, Telegram does offer several unique features as a result of which it too is now a very popular messaging app. 

  • There are many ways to monetize your instant messaging app like in-chat advertising, in-app purchasing, in-app purchase, paid download, subscription, freemium where one pays only for the premium services, official accounts for the purpose of branding, etc.


Do you think instant messaging apps are necessary for your business?

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How Instant Messaging App Works

The typical functionality of an instant messenger mobile app allows one to access their contract list and message anyone using the same application or invite them to use the program. It allows one to make new connections and send messages to and fro. Users can also create a group of their own to chat with the relevant people regarding a specific topic. Users can also send images, videos, and audio files to their connections. It is ideal for offices for file sharing. Some of the advanced features include being able to also talk and video chat besides simple text chat.

Main Features of Instant Messaging App

The features of a live chat and instant messaging app are bound to be quite intuitive since this is one of the most common apps which a high percentage of users make use of daily. However, an app like this can have several advanced features as well. The core and advanced features of an app like this include:

  • Secure user registration and authentication.

  • To and fro messaging between contacts.

  • Import contacts and connect or invite them to use the app.

  • Users can send and receive images, videos, documents, and other types of files. 

  • Smart notifications when receiving a message, message status, as well as count of messages.

  • Share real-time location with other users. 

  • Cloud storage of user data as well as backup.

  • End-to-end encryption.

  • Multiple languages.

  • Use avatars, emojis, GIFs and customize them

  • Audio and video calls

  • Send documents and large files over the chat message.

How to Build an Instant Messaging app

It is a good idea to do your research and check the feasibility of your business idea prior to investing in the development process. Although this is not the most complicated app to build it still requires the expertise of a professional developer to do so. Hence, it is vital you spend time searching for the best mobile app development firm to develop a messaging app. Here are a few tips on how to achieve this:

  • Research the market well before you step into the world of instant messaging. This includes establishing the demand for the type of app you wish to build and identifying your competitors.  

  • There are already many messaging apps out there with an extensive user base, hence it is vital to add several elements to your messaging service to help it stand out. 

  • Establish your goals and create your feature list accordingly.

  • There are many types of messaging apps, one that targets the common users and another that is specially meant for business users. Define the scope of your app and add features that will be beneficial for your business.

  • Consider developing an MVP with minimal features to be able to launch your app faster. 

  • Develop a motorization strategy that suits the type of app you plan to develop.

  • Select appropriate technologies based on the feature you plan to include.

  • Hire a mobile chat app development company to develop a stunning app. Acquaint Softtech is one such firm that specializes in website and mobile app development.

Acquaint Softtech has a team of dedicated mobile developers and all the necessary resources to develop state-of-the-art apps. We ensure you gain the upper edge over your competitors.

Do you wish to develop a messaging app?

Cost To Build Messaging App

The development cost of a mobile app is always estimated based on the level of complexity. Developing a messaging app is no different. Some of the other factors that affect the cost are the list of features, the technologies you pick, and the inclusion of advanced features. The development company you pick also dictates the cost as does the location of the firm. Get in touch with the experts at Acquaint Softtech with details on the type of applications you wish to build; we will reply promptly.

Explore how much does it cost to develop a web app in our insights

Technology Stack and Development Team

The technologies that best fit your app largely depend on the type of app you wish to build. Here is the tech stack:

  • Mobile App: React Native, Flutter

  • Backend development: Laravel, NodeJS, Python, CodeIgniter, Django,

  • Database: Firebase, MySQL, DynamoDB, MongoDB, Redis, Couch DB, PostgreSQL

  • Other: AWS, Google Cloud, Jenkins.

It typically requires the following development team to create a good messaging app:

  • Project Manager

  • Backend developers

  • Mobile App Developer

  • QA Team Testers

  • UI/UX Designers

Acquaint Softtect has a dedicated team of mobile developers to create stunning apps for both popular platforms iOS and Android. We also have an efficient QA team to ensure the app is free from bugs and errors.

Common Challenges


There is more to building such an app than meets the eye, listed here are some of the common challenges to developing such an app:

  • An instant messaging app is likely to have sensitive information about the users and also in the form of messages, photos and videos. 

  • It is vital to encrypt the messages by incorporating end-to-end encryption which can be quite a challenge.

  • The app needs to compensate in cases where many users are working simultaneously. 

  • Consider the tech stack and pick the best technologies for your app.

How Acquaint Softtech Can Help?

The future looks bright for messaging apps especially since there seems to be no stopping the sales of smartphones and the messaging app is one of the most popular apps. Acquaint Softtech has the expertise to help with the development of your messaging app however, it is crucial you first define the type of users your app is meant for. 

It is also necessary to establish the feature set and consider adding some unique features. We can grow your business by developing feature-rich mobile apps using advanced technologies. Get in touch with us to convert your concept and ideas into reality. We have a well-established methodology for mobile app development which is also a fully tried and tested method.

Besides, we also have a dedicated team to offer support and maintenance for your mobile apps. The development team has extensive experience across several industries and we also have a flexible hiring model. Contact us to know more, we also have extensive experience helping startups with their requirements.


Businesses tend to take every step to ensure a good ROI. Developing an effective & feature-rich communication platform for the employees to communicate efficiently is vital to increase the productivity of your business.

There are already many different types of messaging apps hence it is to be successful one needs to introduce several unique features. Our mobile app developers are well experienced to develop a state-of-the-art app for your business.


How to develop an instant messaging app?

The secret to developing an instant messaging app is extensive research & brainstorming to start with along with checking what the competitors have to offer. The next step would be to define your monetization strategy and consider developing an MVP. Define the set of features for your app based on the type of messaging app you wish to build and get in touch with a messaging app development company like Acquaint Softtech.

How long does it take to develop a messaging app?

The time taken to develop such an app depends largely on the complexity of the features selected. It also depends on the level of customization for design as well as functionality. It will typically take 6 months to 1 year to develop, however in the case of advanced features it can take longer.


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