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Why Is Google Going To Shutting Down Google Plus?

March 7th, 2019

Do you read the blog of Google Daily? Hmm! Then you should know about Google+ news. Its customer version is officially going to shut down on 2 April 2019. Internet is filled with this news. But only a few are aware of the reason behind this. Google seldom shut down any product. But with a huge security lapse, their efforts were not enough to save Google Plus.

RIP Google Plus: Reason Behind It Shutting Down

Google+ has an estimated 395 million active monthly users with two billion registered users worldwide (Approx. 74% male & 26% female). This data is just to show you the popularity of Google+. With this extensive profitable data, Google will shut down Google Plus for the consumer on 2 April 2019. Every internet user is surprised by this brave step, but it will increase trust in the users.

Actually, Google+, Facebook, and many more social media platforms are facing issues regarding user data safety. And they are unable to find a solution for this. Facebook and Google+ collect the user’s data by API and use it for their marketing or ad campaigns. Somehow it looks okay in the first place. But on the contrary, it is reported as cybercrime in many countries.

Table of Content

  • What is user data safety?

  • How do social media platforms sell your personal info?

  • How to secure your personal information?

  • What Will Happen To My Google Plus Data?

  • Google plus is not the only one.

  • Should this step affect Google?

  • In a Nutshell.


What Is User Data Safety?

Social media collects your data and uses it to provide you a better experience. Your data is gathered through your activities like - Like, Comment, Share, video you watched, etc. It’s all done by API. By capturing your history and activities by API, third-party apps may collect your interests and use them for marketing purposes.

How Social Media Platforms Sell Your Personal Info?

Let assume you want to buy a pair of shoes, and you are searching for shoes on the Internet. There is a high possibility that an advertisement shown on social media is likely to be shoes related. Sometimes we have seen advertising related to our current location or interest. So with the use of API, social media collects all your data and uses it to give you a better result. They may use this data for marketing purposes and sell it to a third party.

How To Secure Your Personal Info?

It is very tricky to secure your personal data, but you can do it by yourself. Whenever an app or web portal wants your permission for personal information, check it properly and allow only necessary info. It is the only way to protect your personal data. Google also looks very serious about its customer data security. So we can hope the scenario will be better in the future for data security.

How To Delete Google Plus Account?

If Google+ shuts down, what will happen with all your posts, likes, shared content, etc.? According to the official statement of Google, Users get access to their account to download data and store personal content so the user can save it on other platforms. Otherwise, it will be automatically erased. Your Google+ backup data (Photos, Videos) on Google photos is still secure and will not be deleted. You have to delete all your confidential information on Google Plus.

Google Plus Is Not The Only One…

Google is looking very serious about securing user data. Therefore, shutting down Google Plus is an initiative towards that. Google announced that Android and Gmail also enhance their security feature by not allowing call and contact information to third-party apps. For example, A messaging app could show you your recent contact to drive a better user experience. But it looks irrelevant, and Google will change its Android permission feature to restrict this data loss in upcoming months.

Should This Step Affect The Google…

A big yes. It will affect Google but in a positive manner. It is a bold move by Google to shut down Google Plus. This type of step builds trust in the user’s mind. It looks very promising and trustworthy step. With the sunset of Google Plus, many of us wanted to know if is Google going to relaunch it or develop a brand new social app. It is not clear what is the future holds. But they just want to make a proper balance between User experience and Data security.

In A Nutshell…

It’s hard to shut down any venture, product, or service because many developers and technical teams strived to build a product like Google+. So yes, it is upsetting from Google’s side, but it is necessary to build trust. It should be kept a priority for every company to secure customer data. It took almost 10 months for the sunset of the Customer’s Google+ to arrive, but it created instant trust in the user’s mind. This step made Google a more trustworthy brand on the Internet. If you found something informative in this post, keep SHARING this piece of content with your colleagues.


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