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All You Need To Know About Smart Estate Management Systems

November 29th, 2022


Technology is making our life easier in several ways. It is being implemented in various industries, including the real estate industry. This is the form of the online property listing, auctions, smart homes, and even smart communities and cities. More people now use electronic devices like mobile devices, laptops, tablets, and PCs for a wide range of items. We use it to shop online, research various topics and even book our holiday using apps or websites that allow us to check the hotel features, amenities, what is close by, and other added benefits of the hotel.

The same technology can solve the common problems in gated communities, society, and buildings. Common issues in a gated estate include security, internal communication, raising an issue, conducting polls, making announcements, etc. Technologies like AI/ML, IoT, and AR/VR can be implemented in a mobile application to solve all these problems. This article goes on to provide more details about smart estate system development.

What Is A Smart Estate Management System?

A smart estate management system is essentially a system that brings digital transformation to societies and buildings to allow the residents to manage them better. This is a good way to optimize all the systems to manage commercial or residential properties. For example, an estate like this will usually be secured with a perimeter and have a couple of gates where residents and visitors can access the property.

Implementing a smart system can help automate several tasks and solve security problems by ensuring that only authorized people enter the premises and get to your doorstep. This can be done with the help of a mobile application where each resident has the smart estate app development installed for entry. The same app can also be used to manage visitor entry.

A smart estate system like this has several applications. It can be used by the property owners and tenants to request a service, make a complaint and follow up, as well as for the administration to send notifications to all the residents. It can also include a payment gateway for the residents to pay various types of bills pertaining to the estate.

How Is This Different From a Smart Home System?

A smart estate system is often confused with a smart home system or home automation. Some of the main features of a smart home system include temperature & humidity control, remote light control, and managing natural light with automated blinds. It can also be used for access control and for setting a scenario for the entire house, which automatically adjusts all house lighting, temperature, music, atmosphere, etc., as per the settings.

However, a smart estate system is different. It is more about managing several common tasks of the entire society or building. It is a good way to streamline access control, communication, tracking & monitoring, and several other systems a gated community would generally have.


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Tips To Develop a Smart Estate System

The main aim of developing a software solution for a society or building is to help solve some of the common challenges the residents face and increase the level of comfort and security. Such as system should ideally be very efficient, convenient to use, and give the real estate builders a competitive advantage. Here are a few tips for developing a smart estate system:

  • Develop a mobile app that offers services like access & vehicle management, CCTV, security, payment, and more.

  • A mobile app like this should ideally have multiple users like residents and management, with the management having access to an admin panel with overall control.

  • The admin panel will have several modules like that for gathering data, analyzing data, and optimizing the system. Similarly, it can also have multiple users like operators, supervisors, and managers.

  • Smart technology in homes and estates is already a big market; however, if you are unsure or do not wish to invest a large sum in starting with, you can start small at first. Such a system can then be expanded he need be.

  • The ideal solution for those interested in starting small is an MVP Development (minimal viable product). This is a low-scale version of an app with minimal features. It is also faster to develop, costs a great lesser and is ideal for getting valuable feedback to gauge how successful a fully-fledged app might be.

  • It is vital you research the estate in great detail, learn more about all the appliances and devices and be aware of its limitations.

  • Do not forget to consider future changes and requirements when building such a system since doing so can help save a lot of time and money.

  • Some must-haves of an app like this include visitor, delivery & domestic help management.

  • The cost to develop such an app will vary depending on the type of solution you wish to develop and its scale. It can also vary on the number of features you wish to include in the project.

  • It is a good practice to assess the existing systems in place and analyze how the new smart system can be integrated with it to save costs and create a large system with many features and more control. It is the ideal method to save money by using existing infrastructure.

How much will your web app development cost?

Developing your web application can turn out to be costly. So determine here beforehand how much will it cost and how you can save on your development cost.

Top Features of A Smart Solution For Gated Communities

The advancements in technology have made it possible to automate several tasks and allow the members of a society or building to sleep easily. The last thing one needs is to have to worry about security, problems dealing with other members, etc. A system like this helps make life easier for all members. Some of the main features of a smart estate system include the following:

  • Informative Dashboard: A informative dashboard for residents for a quick view of the notifications regarding visitor access, communications, meetings, polls, etc. Customize dashboards for both the residents and management. The dashboard can also include an alert system for the residents to notify a breach in security.

  • Access control system: A society or building will have many types of users besides the residents themselves, like general visitors, management staff, delivery people, domestic help, maintenance specialists, and many more. Residents can maintain a list of per-approved visitors to streamline their entry. The system also allows them to add special visitors to grant them access.

  • Child security: A well-integrated child security feature that allows parents to monitor their children in the building or society. The system can synchonize with the guards at the main gate and only allow them to exit if the parent has given appropriate permission. It can also be used to keep tabs on the children while they are on the premises using CCTV.

  • Parking: Members can register their vehicles on the system to ensure that only authorized vehicles enter the premises. The vehicles of other people, like guests and service people, can be authorized by users using the app as well. The security system axiomatically logs the vehicles entering society using an automated system to keep tabs on the activity.

  • Tickets for Complaint: Managing a large society, building, or residential community is bound to generate many issues that need solving. This app helps simplify this process by allowing users to raise a ticket for any type of complaint and also track the progress of the request.

  • Calendar of events: The residents of the society can view the events coming up or that for the entire year on a dedicated event calendar.

  • Community polls & announcements: Create polls and make announcements sign the system. This is a good way to ensure every member is notified and they are also actively participating in the polls.

  • Schedule meetings: Set up meetings with the management, another resident, or the entire community.

  • Report generation: Generate the report of your choice, like financial, vehicle logs, visitor logs, etc.

  • Payment system: The society or building management can collect any fees or payments for general services or any charge for services using an online payment gateway integrated within the app.

  • Communication: Streamline internal communication using the feature provided in the app.

  • Utility management: The smart estate system allows residents to manage utilities like electricity, gas, etc.

  • Schedule maintenance: All homes require maintenance regularly; residents can request the help of a plumber, electrical, handy person for repair jobs, etc., using the app itself.

  • Video surveillance: CCTV security is a common sight; however, it is possible to integrate it with this app the convince the members.

  • Smart sensor data collection and analysis: Retrieve valuable data from all the smart sensors and security cameras on the premises to store it in a large database. This data is analyzed using a pre-set algorithm to generate many types of reports to optimize the performance of the system and improve the service to the residents. The data generated also helps the management perform preventive maintenance to keep the infrastructure intact.

  • Smart security: Security is essential for any such community. This app allows for integration security in every aspect of society's activities.

  • Manage other facilities: The system is designed to allow the residents better access to them which largely depends on the size of the gated community and the facilities or amenities,

Benefits of Developing a Smart Solution

This is the digital era where we already implement several smart systems like that for security, CCTV, alarms, home automation, etc. A smart estate system helps complete the digital transformation in the real estate industry by offering an online website or mobile app that can help manage all the tasks of the entire gated community or society.


This type of app helps address the key issue, which is dealing with annoying disruptions. There are many benefits of developing a smart estate system solution:

  • This is the ideal method of beefing up security. The existing security system can be integrated with the app to allow residents to monitor the CCTV cameras as well as ensure only authorized users enter.

  • Good help is just a click away with such an app, thanks to the ability to integrate a special support or help-desk system to solve all queries or issues.

  • It helps eliminate the wait time by offering real-time access to the entire system of the community.

  • It is a system that is available around the clock and ensures ease of communication.

  • Members of the society will have all the information they require about their residential community on the tips of their figures using an app like this.

  • An app like this is easy to develop and set up; besides this, it does not require a high investment and is also easy to use with a low learning curve.

  • An intelligent system like this can be developed for both a residential and commercial community.

  • It helps reduce costs and improve productivity.

  • It plays a key role in increasing the level of comfort of the members, saving energy, and improving customer service.

  • A smart building solution is the future and can help increase the value of a real estate project.

  • It is ideal for large real estate builders, and management companies since a single solution in the form of a website or mobile app can be used by them to manage multiple commercial and residential projects.

  • Builders can gain vital information regarding consumer behavior and preferences to help them optimize and improve their service for their current and future projects.

  • It is also a source of additional revenue for a real estate

  • Residents can experience a new and unique lifestyle with heightened comfort and security.


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Important Statistics and Facts

  • 4 million households in the US will actively use smart home devices in 2022, which is a 6.7% increase from 2021.

  • Households using smart-home devices in 2018 were as low as 29.5% and are expected to climb to 64.1% in 2025. (US Smart Homes Statistics)

  • 41 Billion USD was the smart home market size worldwide in 2021.

  • Global revenue from smart city projects in 2021 was 129.02 Billion USD.

  • Global smart building automation in 2021 was 223 Billion USD.

Technologies Used To Develop Such a System

Technologies continue to evolve and become more relevant to helping build bigger, better, and more complex solutions for real estate industry, gated communities and societies. Some of the popular technologies used for a smart estate project include IoT (Internet Of Things), AI, Blockchain, Photovoltaics, Smart Grids, and AR/VR.


There are several platforms available to build such a system; however, it makes sense to develop it as a mobile app due to the high usage of mobile devices. Smart estate web development is also effective to some extent. IoT is one of the smart technologies especially for building a mobile phone application either for the iOS or Android platform.

Laravel is a popular PHP framework that is well suited to develop a website and is also a good tool for those interested in a mobile app. The developers at Acquaint Softtech are highly skilled and have relevant experience in Laravel development, iOS, and Android to assist with the development of an online solution for your building or society.

There is a distinct trend of using cloud technologies and implementing smart buildings in 2022. Some of the reasons why this is so are because it is practical, safe, economical, and allows for better access management.


A smart estate system helps provide a full picture of the estate and all its operations and helps analyze it too. Both the residents as well as the management or real state owners gain a full overview of the place, which is beneficial to each in many ways. Having a system like this in place helps save a great deal of time and effort and is also more economical.

There is a drastic change in consumer behavior with a distinct shift towards using electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, PCs, and laptops for various activities like shipping and controlling home environments using IoT, etc. Besides this, more businesses are beginning to realize the benefits of developing a customized smart estate management system for the communities they build.

Get in touch with the experts at Acquaint Softtech with your project details. The cost of developing such a solution can vary depending on the size of the project, features to be included, type of third-party integration chosen, technology stack, and platform.


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What is the first step towards creating a smart estate solution for a society or building?

The first step is to analyze the requirements of your estate and how well-suited it is to design an app for it. It is also a good practice to provide all details to the professionals to get a good estimate of the project.

What is a Smart Estate Solution for a society or building?

A smart estate management solution is the usage of technology to manage society better. This type of solution also makes life simpler for the residents.

What are the benefits of a smart building tool?

A smart system like this helps provide the bigger picture to both the residents and the management. It helps solve some of the common issues most gated communicates, and societies face, like unauthorized visitors, security, and children leaving premises without permission from parents. It also benefits the residents by providing them with several other features like CCTV, requests for help, communicating with other members, and raising compliance.

What is the learning curve of a smart system for communities or societies?

This can be developed either as a website or a mobile application. A mobile application is more suited for this kind of application since almost everyone carries one. A well-designed mobile app for a smart estate management system will usually have an intuitive design and navigation with easy-to-learn features.

How much does it cost to develop a smart estate system for society or a building?

The cost to develop such an application will vary and depend on several factors. Some main factors include the platform, technologies used, third-party integration, and features. Contact Acquaint Softtech with your requirements; we will analyze your needs and provide a detailed estimate of the cost involved.


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  • Tips To Develop a Smart Estate System

  • Top Features of A Smart Solution For Gated Communities

  • Benefits of Developing a Smart Solution

  • Important Statistics and Facts

  • Technologies Used To Develop Such a System

  • Conclusion

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