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New Look. New Wave. New Beginning

January 26th, 2018

New Look. New Wave. New Beginning

January 26th, 2018

Do you have the same hairstyle since childhood? Do you wear the same clothes every day? Same food? Nope, right? What about mobile, how many times have you changed yours? The point is that change is inevitable. It is a part of our life.

We quickly get bored with the same mundane things and look for something new in everything. Well, we took the above quote quite seriously, and so here we are with our brand new look! We know you might be bored seeing all our greens and whites, so to kill the boredom, we, Acquaint Softtech, are now peppy orange with a pinch of red!

With months of approvals and disapprovals, the clash of ideas, and never-ending discussions, we are super excited to announce that our new and refreshed website is live! The idea of revamping our website was indeed a mammoth task because to redesign, rewrite, recode, redevelop and relaunch a website is not a cakewalk. But, when our leaders announced that due to our expansion, we needed a makeover, the entire team experienced an adrenaline rush. That collective thrill of each member resulted in Acquaint Softtech.

And the big news…..

We will not be on silent mode anymore. We will constantly publish blogs, articles, news, company announcements, videos, and much more. Yes, we have decided to keep in touch with you always. So, be ready!

“Change is hard at first, messy in the middles and gorgeous at the end”
– Robin Sharma

Yes, it was a bumpy road, which we flattened with our effort and are now smoothly running on it, discovering new adventures. We hope you find our new look much more impressive and irresistible to visit again and again. Check out now, and no need to worry as our ultimate goal is to be better today than yesterday.


Orange is the color of joy and creativity. And at Acquaint, both sprouts in every corner, so we painted our logo with this fun, dynamic color. On the other hand, red symbolizes our passion and confidence in what we do. It also represents our rich treasure of technologies we are skilled at. Take a closer look at our logo. It forms “A” of our Acquaint Softtech. So, that’s the story of our logo.

Our interactive new website is an excellent navigator. It will take you to all our pages quickly. The eye-catchy and funny animations and the quirky content will break the taboo of dull company websites. Our current and prospective clients will find handy information about us on the homepage of our website. Most of all, we wanted to give a pretty clear picture of who we are and what we do as a company. So take the tour now!

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