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Software Development Outsourcing #1: Pros and Cons

March 29th, 2024
Software Outsourcing part 1 pros and cons.


Digitalization has been a key driver in businesses for the last few decades. Companies are focusing on developing applications to simplify operations & improve customer experiences. Yet, it won’t be possible for every company to keep an in-house software development team to meet their software needs. That’s when software development outsourcing comes into the picture.

Companies are outsourcing software development for two main reasons - To control costs & second is to gain speed. They can keep the software development cost within the budget to build effective solutions in a very short period.

Besides this, outsourcing software development has more advantages such as improved efficiency, mitigated risk, and enhanced security. We’ll cover all the benefits in detail in the forthcoming sections of the article.

So, are you ready to take advantage of this opportunity?  Yes, definitely. But, before that, you would have a lot of questions in your mind circling software development outsourcing.

Knowing all the details about outsourcing would make it easier to take the decision. Let’s dive deeper into understanding how software outsourcing will be useful for your business growth.

Now, let’s first understand What is Software Development outsourcing.

What is Software Development Outsourcing

When an organization outsources its software development project to a third-party service provider it is called software development outsourcing. In this type of service, the service can range from developing software for your company to managing business operations or developing & maintaining software for your customers. 

Though businesses around can do it in-house, but would require some skilled developers & other resources & thus it would increase the cost. Whereas, leveraging outsourcing services would help you build software solutions for startups & established organizations as they don’t have an extended software development team. 

Now, let’s understand the History of Outsourcing practices

Evolution of Outsourcing practices

Evolution of Outsourcing practices.

The evolution of IT outsourcing has seen a significant impact over the past few decades. In the beginning, IT outsourcing was primarily seen as a cost-cutting measure, allowing organizations to reduce expenses associated with maintaining non-core business operations.

During the 1980s & 1990s, companies were primarily outsourcing functions to leverage the cost advantages that were offered by vendors often situated in countries with lower labor costs.

However, with the evolution of the IT landscape, the nature of outsourcing has also evolved. The birth of the Internet & cloud computing back in the 2000s has transformed IT outsourcing services from being a cost-saving tactic to being a strategic tool.

Moreover, the organizations began to seek not only financial efficiency but also gain access to global talent, innovative technologies & best practices. This shift allowed them to shift their focus towards performing core competencies by outsourcing complex IT functions.

Today IT outsourcing practices are characterized by flexibility, scalability & and strategic alignment. Various organizations are adopting multi-sourcing strategies by engaging with multiple vendors to drive competition & innovation.

Further, the rise of digital transformation has led companies to outsource not just for cost management but to gain strategic advantage. To achieve this the organizations should access emerging technologies like AI, Blockchain, etc.

Now, let’s understand the advantages & drawbacks of Software Development Outsourcing.

Software Development Outsourcing: Advantages & Drawbacks

Software Development Outsourcing: Advantages & Drawbacks.

Advantages of Software Development Outsourcing

There are namely five advantages a company gets by using Software Development outsourcing. Let’s understand all of them in detail.

1. Cost Efficiency:

This is one of the primary benefits of using software development outsourcing services. By outsourcing software development companies can minimize the expenses associated with hiring full-time developers.

This includes salaries, benefits, training, etc. By using software outsourcing companies can tap into the global talent pool that comprises professionals with lower labor costs.

2. Access to Expertise:

By outsourcing organizations can enable access to a vast & diverse pool of skilled professionals from all over the globe. This is highly beneficial for specialized technological areas where local expertise might be scarce or expensive. 

Outsourcing partners often possess a broad range of specialists to ensure that the right skills are applied to the software development project.

3. Focusing on Core business:

By leveraging software development outsourcing, an organization can concentrate on its core business activities. 

This can be achieved by simply delegating the development task to the outsourced software company. Moreover, this will allow the company to allocate its internal team the tasks that require core expertise & not technical know-how.

4. Scalability & Flexibility:

By outsourcing organizations can easily scale their team size up or down based on the project requirement. This adaptability will be crucial in managing workloads & can help the company in achieving efficient project completion.

5. Risk Mitigation:

While outsourcing, companies would share certain risks with their external development partners. 

A reputable outsourcing firm would have specific expertise in project management & quality assurance, thus it will help to reduce the risks associated with software development.

Drawbacks of Software Development Outsourcing

Despite the benefits it offers, software development outsourcing has a few drawbacks which cannot be ignored. Let’s understand all of them in detail:

1. Communication Barriers:

While using software development outsourcing there are instances when you would get introduced to communication challenges related to language.

Not only this, but they would also face time zone challenges & cultural differences, which would at last result in communication barriers.

2. Quality Concerns:

Even though outsourcing firms aim to deliver high-quality products, variations in the standards & processes can sometimes lead to inconsistent quality. There might be a risk of receiving a subpar deliverable if the outsourcing partner lacks adequate quality assurance practices.

3. Loss of Control:

When outsourcing software development, companies may experience reduced control over the project's execution and management. Relying on external teams can lead to concerns about adherence to project timelines, specifications, and the overall direction of the development process.

Wrapping Up!

Wrapping Up!.

Software Development Outsourcing has become the talk of the town for organizations that are looking to hire remote developers. In this article, we learned about what is Software development outsourcing, the evolution of software development outsourcing, advantages & drawbacks of software outsourcing.

In the forthcoming parts of the series, we’ll cover more information circling software development outsourcing. See you in the next chapter.


Mukesh Ram

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