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What Holds In The Future For Laravel In 2022 And Beyond?

May 31st, 2022

With Laravel growing in stature across the world, a question might be popping into your mind - what lies in the future for Laravel? Relax.

Whether you are a developer trying to learn this amazing framework or a business owner wanting to develop a website with Laravel, we will show you that this PHP framework holds a bright future.

Why Laravel is perfect for web development?

Laravel is here for over a decade. And it is going to stay not only because it is good but also because it is adapting to the changing needs of the web world. So let’s look at some of its traits that make it an ideal choice for web development: -

1. It provides a strong security

One of Laravel’s strongest points is the security it provides. No one can overlook security concerns in this era because of the growing number of cyberattacks. But don’t worry as Laravel has got you covered. It offers you protection from many ways hackers attack your web property with its built-in security features.

2. It has a growing and engaging community

Laravel boasts a great community that is growing day by day. Due to this, no problem related to Laravel web development can remain unsolved. And in all probability, the problems you may face are not unique. That is why you can easily find your solution in the Laravel community.

3. It is easy to learn

Not every powerful technology is hard to learn, and Laravel is one of the best examples of those. Laravel is extremely easy to learn with the tutorials it provides around the most common problems faced in it. Otherwise, why it would have such a large community?

4. It is regularly updated

The first version of anything is usually not its best. And with time, everything needs to be updated to adapt to the new world. Thus, the Laravel makes sure that it stays relevant all the time by releasing its regular updates. Its latest version, Laravel 9, use released in Feb 2022.

5. Well-designed applications

As Laravel is growing, so do the expectations from it by the community. But Laravel rarely disappoints as it is continuously increasing its armory with the pre-built applications. They significantly reduce the effort required for Laravel development and thus, also save your time and money.

What does the future hold for Laravel?

This is an obvious question that may arise in the minds of those who want to invest their resources in Laravel. After all, why should you bother about any technology that may be doomed soon in this fast-changing world?

But the good news for you is that Laravel isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it is going to grow even more! Laravel has passed the test of time with flying colors as it has been one of the fastest-growing frameworks since its inception in 2011.

Heck, it is an underestimation of Laravel when we call it a framework anymore. It has become a whole ecosystem. Such has been its growth.

This means that Laravel has become a one-stop solution for website development. Whether you want a website for your local business or want to start your online store that sells worldwide, it has all the tools and features needed for it.

And this can be backed up by the data that over 1.5 million websites have already been built with Laravel. Thus, we can safely say that the future of Laravel development is bright.


You can safely move ahead with Laravel to build a website for your business. It already has all the things you will need to build a world-class website. However, we can do the hard work for you to give you an edge over others.

We are a Laravel development company that has already handled projects from a variety of domains and regions. So do contact us with your needs to help you further.


Mukesh Ram

Founder and CEO, Acquaint Softtech

I love to make a difference. Thus, I started Acquaint Softtech with the vision of making developers easily accessible and affordable to all. Me and my beloved team have been fulfilling this vision for over 15 years now and will continue to get even bigger and better.

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