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What is Laravel Dusk?

Laravel Dusk is a testing tool and framework specifically designed for testing web applications built using the Laravel PHP framework. It provides a convenient and expressive way to write end-to-end tests for your web applications, simulating user interactions like clicking buttons, filling out forms, and navigating between pages. 

It is meant to make testing your web application's frontend functionalities more straightforward and efficient. You can also use it to test APIs, scrape websites, and more. It is easier to build and test your web application, which can be done by simply writing some lines of code in the dusk folder within your project directory. Hire Laravel developers who have expertise in Laravel Dusk.

What is Laravel Dusk?

What is Laravel Dusk?.

Laravel Dusk is a browser automation testing library for Laravel. It provides a wonderful API that will help you to interact with your application like a human. It makes it easy to write tests that interact with your application's user interface, thus making sure that the code under test actually works as expected in real life conditions.

It is a testing library built using a combination of Javascript, jQuery and PHP. It uses PHP for the backend and Javascript for the frontend and jQuery to manipulate DOM elements on a website. It makes it possible to test them in isolation from other parts of your application's logic.

Laravel Dusk makes it easy to build and test your web application by providing an interface that allows you to interact with your application like a human would do. You can also use it to test APIs, scrape websites or even automate tasks like sending emails using Mailgun API.  This all is done from within one single application!

Features of Laravel Dusk

Features of Laravel Dusk.
  • Browser Automation: Dusk uses the Chrome browser for testing, allowing you to interact with your application as a real user would. It simulates browser actions like visiting pages, clicking links, and submitting forms.

  • Fluent API: Dusk offers a fluent and easy-to-understand API for writing tests. The syntax is designed to be human-readable and similar to the actual interactions a user would have with the application.

  • Database Seeding: Dusk can integrate with Laravel's database seeding to set up a consistent testing environment. This allows you to create and populate your database with test data before running your tests.

  • Artisan Commands: Dusk provides a set of Artisan commands that help you manage your tests. You can generate test cases, run tests, and perform other related tasks from the command line.

  • Screenshots and Assertions: Dusk allows you to take screenshots during test execution to visually inspect the state of the application at specific points. It also supports various assertions to validate that the expected behavior of your application is being maintained.

  • Testing Real Scenarios: With Dusk, you can test real-world scenarios, such as user registration, login, form submissions, and other interactive features. This is particularly valuable for detecting bugs and regressions in the frontend of your application.

  • Parallel Testing: Dusk supports parallel test execution, which can significantly speed up the testing process for larger applications.

How It Works?

Laravel Dusk is a browser automation testing framework for Laravel. It's used to test your website, API, and any other application you develop on the web.

Dusk makes it easy to write automated acceptance tests that run against your application's frontend. You can write these tests in pure JavaScript or CoffeeScript using Chai syntax (ex: expect(...).toBeCalledWith()). 

Tests can also be written in PHP if you prefer not having to use Selenium WebDriver or wait for Chrome/Firefox extensions every time you want to run them locally!

Installing & configuring:

  • Install Laravel Dusk

  • Set up Laravel Dusk: If you're a developer, then setting up the testing environment and creating a test database is probably something that you already know how to do. The following instructions will help you get started with Dusk:

  • Make sure that your application has been installed on your local machine. If not, follow the steps here: https://laravel-dusk-testing-framework/.

  • Create an instance of ArtisanTester class in order to run all tests in one go (or use php artisan dusk command): php artisan dusk.

  • To create a new test file: php artisan make:test MyTestName where MyTestName stands for whatever name suits this particular test file best!

Running a test:

  • To run a test with Laravel Dusk, you'll need to create a new test.

  • To do this, open up your terminal and navigate to the directory where you want your new test file stored. Then type "laravel dusk" to generate the file:


$ laravel dusk::generateTestCase ".tests/DuskTestCase.php" --class="DuskTestCase" --methods="*" --exclude="**/*.*" --format=phpunit

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Common Applications

  • Testing your website

  • Testing your API

  • Scraping websites

  • Crawling websites

Benefits of Using Laravel Dusk

Benefits of Using Laravel Dusk.
  • Dusk makes it easy to write tests that interact with your application's user interface. 

  • Dusk browser can take advantage of the automation library to interact with your application like a human would, clicking buttons and entering data into forms.

  • Test your own website by manually performing actions such as clicking buttons and filling in forms on it.

  • Test without actually having access to the real thing. This way you can test even if the project is not yet ready or accessible. 

  • Laravel Dusk is a testing framework for your web applications. It can be used for any web application, including Laravel and non-Laravel projects.

  • Dusk allows you to write automated browser tests against your Laravel application by mocking the external services that it uses (such as HTTP requests).

  • Laravel Dusk can be used to test any type of web application including APIs and websites.

  • It is especially helpful for testing your application's user interface because it uses JavaScript to simulate user interactions such as clicking buttons or filling out forms.

  • It lets you write tests in either PHP or JavaScript!

There are many benefits of using Laravel Dusk. We offer a wide range of Laravel services at Acquaint Softtech. Our developers take advantage of the many features that Laravel has to offer to deliver top-notch solutions. 


Laravel Dusk is particularly useful for developers who want to ensure that their web application's frontend functionalities work as expected. It's important to note that while Dusk provides a powerful way to test frontend interactions, it doesn't replace other forms of testing like unit tests or integration tests. Rather, it complements those testing strategies by focusing on end-to-end user interactions. 

It simplifies the process of writing and running end-to-end tests for Laravel applications, enhancing the testing workflow and helping developers catch and address issues before they reach production. It is a great tool for testing your web applications. It's easy to set up, and it has some powerful features that make testing easier than ever before. The best part is that you can use it with any type of application!

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