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What is Laravel Envoyer?


What is Laravel Envoyer.

Laravel Envoyer is a fantastic tool that helps developers with easy app deployment built with Laravel. What makes it different from other Laravel app deployment tools as it simplifies the deployment process with its zero-downtime deployment feature. It also has key features like Cron Job Monitoring and Application Health Checks. These features streamline the deployment workflow and ensure smooth and reliable releases of Laravel applications. 

Small history on Laravel Envoyer

history of Laravel Envoyer.

Before Laravel was introduced, Laravel development companies used to configure the manual deployment of the Laravel applications. Although experts tend to work efficiently without any deployment tool, it leads to many errors and is time-consuming. Later, Taylor Otwell identified the problem and developed a defined solution with an Easy deployment tool called Laravel Envoyer. 

Laravel Envoyer targeted to make app development easy for Laravel-built applications. The main highlight of using Envoyer is a zero-downtime deployment feature. With zero downtime deployment, developers can ensure continuous availability and access to an application during the deployment process without impacting the system's functionality.  

Later after its release, it gained significant popularity and attention, resulting in more demand. And soon, Envoyer becomes a go-to choice for deployment tasks for Laravel-built applications. 

Talking about the present, Envoyer actively provides fresh updates, resulting in more loaded features compared to the first release. It positioned it as a reliable and valuable tool for Laravel developers. 

Top features of Laravel Envoyer 

The main highlight of the Laravel Envoyer is how it streamlines the deployment process for Laravel-built applications with zero downtime features. The other features are also crucial to know as it makes life easier for Laravel developers to take a faster approach to providing Laravel development services

Laravel Envoyer Feature list.

Feature list of Laravel Envoyer 

  • The simplified deployment process for Laravel and PHP applications.  

  • Zero-downtime deployments for uninterrupted user experience.  

  • Automated rollbacks to previous working versions.  

  • Seamless integration with Git for easy code deployment.  

  • Customizable deployment hooks for executing pre and post-deployment tasks. 

  • Notifications and Slack integration to stay informed about deployment status.  

  • Environment management for different deployment targets (e.g., staging, production).  

  • Team collaboration with controlled access to the deployment process.  

  • Version control integration for fetching and deploying specific code versions.  

  • SSH key management for secure server access.  

  • Deployment health checks to ensure the application is running correctly.  

  • Task scheduling to automate recurring deployment tasks.  

  • Built-in deployment logs for tracking deployment history and troubleshooting.  

  • Scalability to handle deployments for projects of any size.  

  • Detailed deployment statistics and metrics.  

  • Seamless integration with Laravel Forge for a comprehensive deployment solution.  

  • Continuous deployment option for automatically triggering deployments on code changes.  

  • Extensive documentation and support resources for easy onboarding and troubleshooting.  

  • Great pricing with features make it a go-to choice for any remote developer  

  • Cron jobs to check on scheduled tasks  

  • Deployment on multiple servers 

Laravel Envoyer vs Laravel Forge what is the difference? 

Meanwhile, Envoyer and Forge are reliable tools built to streamline the Laravel application deployment process, but it has some different features that make different. 

Laravel Envoyer: 

  • Focuses on the deployment of Laravel applications. 

  • Streamlines the deployment process with features like zero-downtime deployments and rollbacks. 

  • Offers integration with version control systems for code deployment. 

  • Provides deployment-specific features such as deployment hooks and notifications. 

  • Facilitates team collaboration during the deployment process. 

Laravel Forge: 

  • Primarily designed for server management and provisioning. 

  • Simplifies server setup and configuration for Laravel applications. 

  • Automates deployment, SSL certificate management, and database setup. 

  • Offers server monitoring and scaling capabilities. 

  • Provides a comprehensive set of tools for managing cloud servers hosting Laravel applications. 

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How to deploy Laravel projects using Laravel Envoyer 

How to deploy project in Laravel Envoyer.
  • Firstly, you need an Envoyer account to begin with, so register and start the further process. 

  • Now start and new project and Connect your Laravel project repository to Envoyer using Git integration. 

  • Configure your deployment settings and then add your server 

  • Set up server SSH access by adding your server details and SSH keys to Envoyer. 

  • Trigger a deployment manually or set up automatic deployments based on your preference 

  • Monitor the deployment progress and view deployment logs to ensure successful execution. 

  • Set up notifications for deployment status updates through email or integrations like Slack. 

  • Using deployment hooks, perform necessary post-deployment tasks, such as running migrations or clearing caches. 

  • Continuously monitor and manage your deployments using Envoyer's interface. 


Envoyer is one of the most used deployment tools for Laravel applications. Not only it has some great features like zero downtime deployment but monitors the health check of your deployed application. The purpose of this blog is to educate and provide you with crucial detail about Laravel Envoyer. 

I hope you learned something from the blog and will contribute to your future Laravel app deployment. If you want to know more about Laravel, check out our long list of Q&As, related to Laravel. And if you are looking for top-end Laravel development solutions, get in touch with us and Hire Laravel developer to get started with your project.