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What is Laravel Forge?


What is Laravel Forge?.

Laravel is a well known and popular PHP coding framework. In perfect harmony with Laravel, Laravel Forge is a well-known server management system that assists in deploying Laravel applications effortlessly. Thanks to its long list of features, it offers excellent functionality and convenience to the users.

Just upload your Laravel project to Forge, and it configures your application by installing all dependencies and configuring servers. You can use one of the leading hosting providers to choose from, like DigitalOcean, Linode, and AWS, and it will easily handle the deployment process. With Forge, Laravel developers can easily manage the deployment process.

Feature List

Laravel Forge Feature List.

Thanks to a rich list of features, Laravel Forge is convenient to use and makes life easier for the developers. Here is the list of features:

  • Server provisioning and configuration

  • Automated deployment process for Laravel applications

  • Git repository integration for seamless code deployment

  • SSL certificate management for secure connections

  • Server monitoring to track performance metrics

  • Database management for effortless configuration

  • User-friendly interface for easy server management

  • Scheduled jobs for automated tasks

  • Collaborative access control for team collaboration

  • Quick and easy scaling options for handling traffic spikes

  • One-click server and application management

  • SSH key management for secure server access

  • Continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) support

  • Automated backups and snapshot management

  • Multi-server management from a centralized dashboard

  • Real-time logs and notifications for troubleshooting

  • Environment variable management for application configuration

This list of features makes Laravel Forge an ideal choice for deploying a Laravel-built application. It is an excellent tool for developers, gives an edge for deploying Laravel apps, and offers better Laravel development services. Now, let us understand how you can utilize these features with an easy guide on deploying a Laravel app using Laravel Forge.

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How to deploy Laravel app using Laravel forge

The deployment process is easy. You must go through these easy steps to make it work effectively.

Step 1: Create your Laravel Forge account and link it to your preferred hosting provider. For example, in this guide, we'll use DigitalOcean. Connect your hosting account by setting up the API Key for your chosen server.

Step 2: Now, let's create a server. After linking the hosting provider and Laravel Forge, the platform handles the rest for you. Specify the server's name, size, region, SSH key, and other necessary details. Click 'Create Server' and watch as Forge automatically configures and installs all the required settings.

Step 3: Once the server is created, it's time to add your Laravel project. Link your project's GitHub repository to the server, and with a click on 'Deploy Now,' Forge will take care of installing dependencies, configuring, and setting up the application.

Step 4: After the deployment process is complete, it's essential to configure your domains and enable SSL for secure connections. Laravel Forge provides a user-friendly interface to manage these settings effortlessly. Finally, test the deployed application to ensure everything runs perfectly.

Final words

Laravel Forge is a fantastic tool for deploying Laravel apps, a great thing to use at an affordable price. It helps with easy deployment and provides secure and advanced features that makes life easy for Laravel development companies.

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