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What is Laravel Vapor?


What is Laravel Vapor?.

Laravel Vapor is a serverless deployment solution for Laravel-built applications powered by Lambda AWS. Made by Taylor Otwell, Laravel Vapor is a serverless computer service that helps to manage and scale your server with auto-scaling features. With Laravel Vapor, Laravel developers can easily manage various AWS resources. 

Here we explain what makes Vapor an excellent choice for a Laravel app deployment solution and what features make it so versatile. Before we delve into the main topic, let's grasp the concept of serverless and how it sets itself apart from other systems.

What is Serverless?

What is Serverless?.

To understand serverless computing, let’s first understand a traditional server system. In a conventional server system, when the developer is using and managing a private server, they have to take care of the issues that come by. They are responsible for managing and provisioning servers to host their applications, which involves server setup, maintenance, installing software dependencies, managing storage, monitoring performance, updates, and scaling to handle varying levels of traffic. You see, developers had to handle every major and minor issue with their servers.

If you choose to hire remote developers to manage your servers, the cost will be higher when there are fewer servers to handle.

When you shift to serverless computing, the server management responsibilities from the developer are shifted to the server provider like Laravel Vapor. In contrast, serverless computing shifts the burden of infrastructure management to the cloud provider. Developers only need to focus on writing and deploying code, while the cloud provider dynamically allocates resources based on demand.

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Why Use Laravel Vapor For Laravel App Deployment?

Why Use Laravel Vapor For Laravel App Deployment.

Laravel Vapor is not just a simple serverless platform. Here is the list of features for using Laravel Vapor for Laravel app deployment.

  • Serverless deployment of Laravel App

  • Automatic scaling

  • Zero downtime integration

  • Seamless integration with various AWS services

  • Easy deployment process with a user-friendly interface

  • Environment management for different deployment stages 

  • Zero server management, freeing developers from infrastructure concerns

  • Cost efficiency by only paying for actual resource usage

  • Database scaling and management through AWS RDS

  • Asset compilation and management

  • Queue management with AWS SQS integration

  • Support for scheduled tasks with AWS CloudWatch Events

  • Custom domain and SSL certificate management

  • Built-in support for monitoring and logging with AWS CloudWatch

  • Database snapshots and rollbacks for data safety and recovery

  • Efficient handling of large file uploads with AWS S3 integration

  • Serverless APIs and microservices development using AWS Lambda functions

  • Easy integration with Laravel Forge for centralized server management

  • Multi-region deployment for improved availability and redundancy

  • Redis Cache management, including cluster scaling

The extensive range of features offered by Laravel Vapor is persuasive for its usage and delivers excellent performance. Whether you hire a Laravel developer or opt for Laravel services, you will likely come across Laravel Vapor as the highly recommended deployment solution for Laravel applications.


Laravel Vapor is an excellent tool for serverless Laravel app deployment; it offers many functionalities, and the competitive pricing also makes it a great deal. If you plan to use Vapor, you will not go wrong for any project. 

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