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What is Laravel Telescope?

It is a good practice to test your applications to ensure there are no bugs or errors. Laravel Telescope is one of the best tools when it comes to accomplishing this. It allows you to monitor your application in real time to track and solve the bugs. It is also very useful to debug or gain vital information from your application remotely. This article provides more information on Laravel Telescope.

What is Laravel Telescope?

What is Laravel Telescope?.

Laravel Telescope is a powerful tool for discovering, exploring and debugging your application from anywhere. It's an open-source tool that allows you to inspect your entire application. The best part about using Telescope is its ability to give you access to all of your models, routes and controllers without having to refresh your browser window every time you want something new or different.

It is a developer-focused, elegant debugging and diagnostic assistant tool for Laravel, which is a popular PHP web application framework. It is designed to help developers understand what's happening behind the scenes in their Laravel applications during the development and debugging phases. It provides real-time insights into the requests, exceptions, queries, performance metrics, and other activities happening within the application.

Features of Laravel Telescope

Features of Laravel Telescope.
  • Request and Response Monitoring: Telescope tracks every HTTP request and response, making it easy to see details like request method, URI, status code, and response content. This is incredibly useful for debugging and understanding how requests are processed.

  • Exception Handling: It captures and presents detailed information about exceptions and errors that occur in your application, including stack traces and relevant context, which simplifies debugging.

  • Database Query Monitoring: Telescope logs and displays executed database queries, including their execution time and any bound parameters. This is crucial for identifying and optimizing slow database queries.

  • Real-Time Notifications: Developers can get real-time notifications for various application events, making it easier to spot issues as they occur.

  • Task Scheduling Insights: For Laravel's task scheduling system, Telescope provides insights into scheduled tasks, making it easier to monitor and debug scheduled jobs.

  • Email Insights: It captures and displays emails sent during application execution, allowing you to inspect the content and recipients of sent emails.

  • Custom Metrics: Developers can add custom metrics to Telescope to track specific application events or performance indicators.

  • User Authentication and Authorization Insights: Telescope provides information about authenticated users and their actions, helping you monitor and audit user activities within your application.

  • Tagging and Filtering: You can tag and filter entries in the Telescope dashboard to focus on specific aspects of your application, making it easier to find and analyze relevant information.

  • Clean and User-Friendly Interface: Telescope features an intuitive and visually appealing dashboard that makes it easy to navigate and find the information you need.

How It Works?

Telescope works by injecting a script tag into your pages that contains a proxy connection to Telescope's API server. The proxy API server then uses WebSockets to communicate with clients in real time without reloading the page each time. It allows you to use the same API calls that you're used to when performing these tasks locally, but it does so with one major difference: any changes made through Telescope are instantly reflected in all connected devices (and vice versa).

Common Applications

The best way to track your application's performance is to set up a monitoring tool that will alert you when something goes wrong. Telescope makes it easy to set up these alerts and monitor your apps in real time, so you can quickly identify issues with your code and fix them before they cause any problems.

Common Applications of laravel telescope.

To see the common applications of Telescope and how it can help you in your project, let's take a look at some of the most popular uses:

  • Debugging

  • Testing

  • Performance monitoring

  • Security

  • Developer productivity

Benefits of Using Laravel Telescope

Benefits of Using Laravel Telescope.

Laravel Telescope offers several benefits to developers and teams working with Laravel-based applications. It's a powerful debugging and diagnostic tool that can significantly improve the development, maintenance, and optimization of Laravel applications. Here are some of the key benefits of using Laravel Telescope:

  • Comprehensive Debugging: Telescope provides a centralized platform for debugging your Laravel application. It captures and displays a wide range of information, including requests, responses, exceptions, database queries, and more, making it easier to diagnose issues.

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Telescope offers real-time insights into what's happening within your application. This can be particularly useful for tracking live requests, monitoring exceptions as they occur, and getting immediate feedback during development.

  • Database Query Insights: Developers can analyze executed database queries, including the query itself, execution time, and bound parameters. This feature is essential for identifying and optimizing slow database queries, and improving application performance.

  • Exception Handling: Telescope provides detailed information about exceptions and errors, making it easier to trace the source of issues and understand the context in which they occurred. 

  • Request and Response Information: You can inspect HTTP requests and responses, including request methods, URIs, status codes, and response content. This helps developers understand how requests are processed and troubleshoot issues related to routing and controller logic.

  • Task Scheduling Insights: For applications that use Laravel's task scheduling system, Telescope offers insights into scheduled tasks, allowing developers to monitor and debug scheduled jobs.

  • Email Tracking: It captures sent emails, enabling you to review the content and recipients of emails sent by your application. This is helpful for email-related debugging and testing.

  • User Authentication and Authorization Details: Telescope provides information about authenticated users and their actions within the application, aiding in monitoring and auditing user activities.

  • Custom Metrics: Developers can add custom metrics to Telescope, allowing them to track specific application events or performance indicators that are relevant to their application's business logic.

  • Tagging and Filtering: You can tag and filter entries in the Telescope dashboard, making it easier to focus on specific aspects of your application and find relevant information quickly.

  • User-Friendly Dashboard: Telescope features a clean and user-friendly interface that's easy to navigate. Its visually appealing dashboard makes it accessible and efficient for developers to use.

  • Development Efficiency: By providing comprehensive insights into your Laravel application, Telescope can help developers identify and resolve issues more efficiently during the development and testing phases.

  • Learning and Documentation: Laravel Telescope is well-documented and supported by the Laravel community, which means developers can readily learn how to use it effectively and troubleshoot any issues they encounter.


Laravel Telescope is an excellent tool for improving the development and debugging process in Laravel applications. It helps developers identify and resolve issues more efficiently, optimize performance, and gain a deeper understanding of their application's behavior. While it's invaluable during development and debugging, it's important to note that it's typically not recommended for use in production environments due to potential security and performance concerns.

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