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IT Staff Augmentation: Winning mantra of DoorDash's success

March 26th, 2024
Winning mantra of DoorDash's success.


Do you like Pizza or are you a Thai food lover? 

Let us tell you this. Recently, the food industry which is an essential business sector has experienced a vast shift in its operation dynamics. This dynamic is a result of the digital revolution in the food industry.

In an era that is dominated by rapid technological advancements, the need for an effective software solution has become a necessity. This need is increasing to enhance e-commerce platforms, supply chain management, etc. thus, making the advancement paramount.

This increase in the demand for technology has propelled the industry towards IT Staff augmentation, a WOW approach to acquiring remote developers. 

A few advantages of this concept are it allows access to a wide talent pool and helps in saving costs.

IT Staff augmentation, is a subset of outsourcing, which enables businesses to add skilled tech professionals to their development teams. Companies can easily scale their team up or down based on the project requirements.

These benefits of Staff augmentation are particularly suited for the food industry. Now, you would ask how & why. The food industry is in constant need of e-commerce, data analytics & the implementation of cutting-edge technologies.

To meet these needs of the food industry, a concept like IT Staff augmentation plays a very crucial role. In this blog, we’ll cover how IT staff augmentation has impacted the food industry. 

By actually identifying the skill gaps, and exploring a real-world case study. Moreover, we will also discuss the advantages & drawbacks of his approach. Additionally, we’ll also shed light on future trends & the impact of Staff augmentation on the food industry.

So, are you ready to explore everything circling IT staff augmentation in the food industry? Then, let’s get started.

Now, let’s first begin with the evolving technology needs of the food industry.

Food Industry & It’s evolving needs for technology

Food Industry & It’s evolving needs for technology.

The food industry’s technological landscape is shifting towards a rapid tech transformation. The advancements are a symptom of changing consumer behaviors, regulatory requirements, etc. Moreover, this section of the article will talk about technological advancements that have emerged in the food industry.

Expansion of Online services

The increased number of players in the food delivery app industry has mandated the need for software that can perform complex tasks. The food industry is shifting its focus toward outsourcing software development solutions to build software that can handle:

  • High traffic volumes

  • Ensures secured transactions

  • Provides seamless user experience.

This shift in the food industry was not possible if a pandemic like COVID-19 hadn’t prospered. This digital pivot weighs the need for continuous software development to stay competitive.

Need for Data Analysis

In a mouth-watery industry where understanding consumer preferences & maintaining inventory levels is important. In the industry in which big data analytics has become a cornerstone in such an industry having skilled professionals in your team becomes easier.

The more the capability of analyzing the data, the more helpful it becomes to forecast trends, personalize customer experiences & make informed decisions, product assortment & stock levels are only possible to take with proper technology developments.

To implement these analytics solutions organizations need professionals possessing specialized skills in data science & software development. It is advisable to use IT staff augmentation services to hire these skills.

Implementation of IoT & Blockchain

The IoT & Blockchain are two of the most significant technologies shaping the food industry's growth. IoT is for monitoring the storage conditions & transportation of various kinds of food products. Whereas, blockchain technology creates a product’s journey from farm to table.

This kind of technology requires developers with a niche expertise, hence using IT staff augmentation becomes important.

These outstanding tech-driven evolving needs have made food businesses adopt flexible & efficient approaches to software development. Moreover, IT Staff augmentation has emerged to be one of the key strategies in this context, thus allowing businesses to scale their team.

Now, let's move ahead & quickly understand the advantages & process of IT Staff Augmentation

Advantages & Process of IT Staff Augmentation

Advantages & Process of IT Staff Augmentation.

IT staffing augmentation is a strategic approach that allows businesses to expand their existing workforce. The IT Staff Augmentation model is beneficial for projects that require niche expertise & resources to meet the project deadline.

Now, let's first quickly understand what are the advantages of IT Staff Augmentation

Advantages of IT Staff Augmentation

Flexibility & Scalability

Staff augmentation allows organizations to quickly scale their team up or down based on the project needs. Doing this will enable companies to achieve cost-effective project management by hiring remote developers for the short term.

Access to Global Talent

Staff augmentation enables access to a global talent pool, thus allowing organizations to find the skill sets required for a project.


It offers a cost-effective solution as it minimizes the hiring process. The IT Staff augmentation model helps in reducing overhead office costs & training expenses.


The caliber to rapidly onboard skilled professionals paces up the development cycle, thus allowing organizations to meet project deadlines.

Now, let's quickly understand the process of IT Staff Augmentation

4 Steps of the Staff Augmentation Process

4 Steps of the Staff Augmentation Process.

It is a hiring model, where a company hires an IT staff augmentation company to hire remote developers. Moreover, this model allows companies to hire professionals who possess specialized skills to achieve a successful project deliverable.

Identifying the need for Specialized Skills

The process begins with identifying specific skill gaps in the existing in-house team. This process can range from identifying expertise in new programming languages to experience with cloud infrastructure.

Partnering with IT Staff Augmentation service provider

In the next step, businesses partner with an IT Staff augmentation provider who enables access to a wider talent pool. Another responsibility of these providers is to provide various choices of candidates that fit rightly with the project requirement.

The selection process for Remote Team Members

Following a screening process by including technical interviews & skill assessments to ensure candidates possess the right skills. Further, after hiring remote developers based on the missing skill sets the company should integrate them with the existing team.

Integration of Remote Teams into Existing workflows

After hiring the remote strength, the last step is to integrate the remote team members with the existing team. This step involves a detailed onboarding process implementation.

The organization needs to provide all work-related information for a smoother process. Information like working hours, communication tools to be used, the role of a remote employee, etc. Moreover, they should also mention project management tools to be used during the development process.

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Now, let's understand how DoorDash was able to achieve business excellence by building a Remote Team.

DoorDash: Powering Expansion & Innovation with Remote Teams

DoorDash: Powering Expansion & Innovation with Remote Teams.

In the rapidly growing business landscape of the food delivery service niche, DoorDash has become a distinguished leader. The US-based startup was small in size but had a bigger vision. It wanted to empower local economies by making delivery accessible to all.

Let's see how DoorDash leveraged IT Staff Augmentation to achieve exponential success.

The Early Days and the Drive for Innovation

DoorDash's journey was in a highly competitive market that was full of innovation & scale efficiency. During the beginning stage, the founders of the startup realized the urge to have the right technology at their disposal. Moreover, they also understood that having only operational efficiency won't work in their favor.

The startup was majorly facing two problems:

  • Hurdles in adopting rapid technological evolution

  • Need for Market Expansion

To tackle this challenge DoorDash took an important decision to harness the power of remote software development teams.

This move was taken to tap into global talent, accelerate product development, etc.

Assembling a Global Team of Innovators

Recruitment Strategy and Team Building

DoorDash started its food marathon to attract highly skilled ideal candidates who meet their software project requirements.

The company made all the right efforts to build a recruitment strategy. This strategy was built keeping two points in mind:

  • They focused on skills

  • They screened the candidates based on cultural fit

New developers were onboarded with care by the organization. Moreover, DoorDash also made sure that the remote team is fully integrated into DoorDash's culture & operational ethos, despite the geographical distances.

Tools and Practices for Remote Collaboration

To narrow the gap between its tech talents, DoorDash used lots of digital collaboration tools. The tools like Slack, Zoom & Asana became lifelines for project management & communication during the development process.

Moreover, it also established best practices for remote work. Some of them are

  • Regular check-ins

  • Encouraging flexible working hours to accommodate different time zones.

  • Transparent Communication

Now, let's understand the impact of IT Staff Augmentation on DoorDash's business activities

How Staff Augmentation Impacted DoorDash's Business?

The impact of hiring outsourced development teams is seen to have had a positive impact on DoorDash's success. The growth metrics, customer satisfaction & an increased market share is the sign that Staff Augmentation has positively impacted DoorDash. 

Moreover, the ability of the organization to innovate & adapt to the market demands has helped it achieve a competitive edge.

Now, let's understand how we at Acquaint Softtech can help you hire remote developers to meet your needs.

What makes Acquaint Softtech the best IT Staff Augmentation Company?

Acquaint Softtech is a Software Development & IT Staff augmentation company based out of India. We specialize in providing IT staffing & software development services. Moreover, we focus on the Laravel framework to build websites & software that meet client requirements.

If you are an organization working remotely & want to hire remote developers then we can help you find the right fit. Moreover, our onboarding process is simple & fast as you can get developers within 48 hours.

Do you know what's more exciting? Our pricing. Yes, we provide remote developers for just $15/hour.

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Wrapping Up!

IT staff augmentation has brought digital transformation. The ability of staff augmentation to offer access to global talent, and flexibility has helped companies immensely. Moreover, organizations are also able to achieve cost reduction as the technique minimizes the lengthy hiring process.

In this blog, we covered how DoorDash achieved business growth by hiring remote developers. Additionally, we also covered a few basics of IT staff Augmentation.


What is IT Staff Augmentation?

Staff Augmentation is a staffing solution used by businesses to add skilled professionals to their teams when the need arises. Moreover, companies can easily scale their team up or down as per their wants & needs. The best part is they do not need to make a permanent hire.

How does IT Staff Augmentation differ from outsourcing?

Despite both staff augmentation & outsourcing involving external resources, there are still differences in both. Staff augmentation is about expanding the existing team with additional skills. Whereas, Outsourcing, on the other hand, involves delegating entire projects or functions to an external organization.

What are the primary benefits of Staff augmentation for U.S. companies?

The primary benefits of staff augmentation for U.S. companies include

  • Flexibility in scaling teams

  • Access to the global talent pool

  • Cost efficiency

Are there any legal considerations for U.S. companies using IT staff augmentation?

Yes, U.S. Companies must comply with labor laws. Moreover, there should be a clear classification of workers, tax implications & data security. It becomes necessary to work with an IT Staff augmentation company that understands the U.S. legal requirements.

How can U.S. companies ensure the success of IT staff augmentation?

Success hinges on clear communication, effective integration of augmented staff with internal teams, setting clear expectations and deliverables, and choosing the right staff augmentation partner with expertise in the required technological domains and a proven track record.


Mukesh Ram

Founder and CEO, Acquaint Softtech

I love to make a difference. Thus, I started Acquaint Softtech with the vision of making developers easily accessible and affordable to all. Me and my beloved team have been fulfilling this vision for over 15 years now and will continue to get even bigger and better.

Table of Content
  • Introduction

  • Food Industry & It’s evolving needs for technology

  • Advantages & Process of IT Staff Augmentation

  • DoorDash: Powering Expansion & Innovation with Remote Teams

  • How Staff Augmentation Impacted DoorDash's Business?

  • What makes Acquaint Softtech the best IT Staff Augmentation Company?

  • Wrapping Up!

  • FAQ

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