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8 Key Things to Consider When Building an Exceptional Nonprofit Website

August 9th, 2023
how to build nonprofit website.


Non-profit organizations need an effective website to promote awareness, education and generate donations or grants. Certain considerations need to be made when designing a nonprofit site. Maybe you plan to build a website to help others but don't know where to start. 

In this blog, we will discuss the top 8 factors to consider to ensure the website creates effective brand identity and online presence. It will also explain the benefits to hire remote developer for this purpose. 

What is a Non-profit website?

What is a Non-profit website?.

A non-profit website is a website that is designed and hosted by a foundation that does not make a profit. These websites serve as the nonprofit's digital presence and informational hub, providing details about its mission, programs, events, and initiatives. Nonprofit websites aim to engage visitors, raise awareness about their cause, and encourage support and donations from the public.

How to make a Non-profit website design?

Now that you know the purpose of the website, it’s time to look at some key points that will help you build a website that builds trust. So, let’s cover all points one by one.

1. The purpose of your website

Purpose of your website.

The first step in building your nonprofit website is to think about the main purpose of your site. The second is understanding who you're trying to reach and what content they need.

The first thing to consider when determining the purpose of your nonprofit website is who you want it to serve: potential donors, volunteers or other people interested in helping with projects. The answer will determine how much information should be included on each page and how easy it must be for visitors to find what they're looking for.

For instance, consider your website's target audience. If most visitors are potential donors seeking information on donating money or goods or looking to volunteer, displaying contact information on every page prominently is essential. Ensure they can easily access the necessary details before making any commitments.

On the other hand, if your primary audience consists of individuals interested in becoming volunteers, providing accessible forms for them to make commitments would be beneficial, as these forms might not be readily available elsewhere, whether online or offline.

You will understand what other foundations are doing if you thoroughly research the market. If you have a clear idea of your website's purpose, it can make it easy to suggest your hired developer for what you want in your website. The hired remote developer can make you the website you dreamed of.

Do you know: According to reports, In 2022, the generous contributions of Americans amounted to a staggering $499.33 billion, donated to various charitable causes.

2. Focus on Content and Content Strategy

Focus on Content Strategy.

Content's significance as the ruling factor in web design cannot be overstated. To effectively cater to your audience, your website must revolve around them, offering a seamless user experience.

A key aspect is crafting a well-defined pathway that guides visitors through your website, ensuring they find what they need effortlessly. Utilize a language that resonates with your target audience, fostering better engagement.

Each page must have a distinct purpose, contributing usability and value. By aligning content with user intent, you enhance navigation and provide valuable information, bolstering visitor satisfaction. Ultimately, a user-centric approach in web design guarantees a successful and rewarding online presence.

This article provides a vital insight into the benefits of choosing Laravel as the technology to develop your website: Why Laravel development is the best choice in 2023?

3. SEO Friendly

SEO Friendly website development.

When creating your nonprofit website, it's crucial to consider its visibility to potential visitors. Will people searching for "a nonprofit organization in New York City" be able to find you? If you're just starting, using platforms like WordPress or Tumblr and sharing links on social media can help establish a basic online presence. However, if you have an established brand and want to enhance recognition through channels like email marketing or blog posts, investing in paid advertising might be worth it. Prioritizing visibility ensures your cause reaches the audience it aims to serve.

Build an Impactful Website for Your Foundation

Ready to amplify your foundation's mission? Let our team of skilled professionals bring your vision to life with a tailor-made website. Consult the professionals at Acquaint Softtech who have the expertise to deliver next generation solutions.

4. Create an Appealing Logo

Create an Appealing Logo.

Selecting a memorable domain name holds significant importance. When users encounter your website on search engines or social media, an easily remembered domain name ensures they can effortlessly revisit it later. A well-designed logo serves as the face of the organization, representing its values, mission, and identity. It leaves a lasting impression on visitors and fosters brand recognition, helping to establish trust and credibility.

Moreover, a professional logo design elevates the website's aesthetics, making it visually appealing and compelling, thus increasing the likelihood of attracting more visitors and furthering the non-profit organizations outreach and impact.

5. Use a Domain That is Easy to Remember

Use a Domain That is Easy to Remember.

Choosing an easy-to-remember domain name for a non-profit website cannot be overstated. In a digital landscape with countless websites, a memorable domain name stands out and fosters a strong brand presence. When individuals encounter the website through search engines or social media, a straightforward and catchy domain name ensures they can effortlessly recall it later, facilitating repeated visits and potential engagements. 

A memorable domain also promotes word-of-mouth marketing, as users are more likely to share and recommend a website with a name that sticks in their minds. 

Ultimately, an easily remembered domain name contributes to increased visibility, user retention, and the overall success of the non-profit organization's online presence.

6. Make Sure Your Website is Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly website development.

The first thing to consider when building your nonprofit website design is whether it's mobile-friendly or not. If you can't easily navigate your site on a phone or tablet, you'll lose out on potential donors who may not have time to sit at their desktops all day.

The second thing to think about is how easy it will be for people who don't have much experience with technology or computers in general. Suppose someone has never used the internet and wants information about what your organization does but can't figure out how to use the website because of poor design choices. In that case, they'll likely give up quickly and go elsewhere.

When creating any kind of digital content, make sure there are no glitches while using different devices like laptops/desktops vs tablets vs smartphones because this could lead leads down dead ends where nothing happens after clicking buttons which turns off visitors from coming back again later down the road once they realize that nothing happened after.

7. Create a Call to Action (CTA)

Create a Call to Action.

You can use a CTA to drive conversions. A call to action is a button or link that users can click to take some action, like signing up for your newsletter or making a donation. CTAs are used to drive conversions and should be clear and concise so that visitors know exactly what they're doing when they click on them. You must place your CTAs in a place that is where it is easy to spot. 

By strategically placing compelling CTAs throughout the site, nonprofits can encourage visitors to donate, volunteer, or sign up for newsletters. They guide visitors on their journey, leading them towards meaningful involvement with the organization's cause.

8. Donation Via A Secure Payment Integration

Donation Via A Secure Payment Integration.

The non-profit website needs secure payment integration. It offers secure and seamless donation options, integrating multiple payment gateways to facilitate easy contributions.

Non-profit organizations need a donation system compatible with their donor database and can support multiple types of donations. The system needs to be flexible enough for the organization to add different types of campaigns, campaigns for specific events, or any other type of campaign where the organization wants to encourage contributions from visitors.

Now that you have a clear idea of what goes into designing a purposeful non-profit website, some other factors may surface during the development process. We've included a short case study of a recent client to understand you better. It showcases how we incorporated essential features into their website, providing insights and inspiration for your project. If your budget allows, consider adding these features to enhance your non-profit website further.

Case study for Sacred Heart Foundation

nonprofit website development Case study.

Having the privilege to collaborate with diverse industries enables us to leverage a wide range of technologies. As a reputable website development and Laravel development company and an official Laravel partner, we have extensive experience working with various sectors. Recently, we undertook a meaningful project to create an impactful website for a nonprofit organization dedicated to making a positive difference in the community.

Now the Sacred Heart Foundation is a known foundation that helps children in need. They contribute to child health care to enhance your philanthropic interest. They needed a robust and welcoming website loaded with many useful features to take this noble work online and make it easy for everyone to donate.

Our team did a fantastic job with the design and development work. Later, we also integrated a secure payment gateway


What security measures should a nonprofit website have?

A secure nonprofit website should have SSL encryption, regular backups, strong password policies, and up-to-date software to safeguard user data and protect against cyber threats.

What is a non-profit website?

A nonprofit website is a website that is designed and hosted by an organization that does not make a profit. Nonprofit websites aim to engage visitors, raise awareness about their cause, and encourage support and donations from the public.

How much does it cost to build a nonprofit website?

The average cost of building a nonprofit website can vary widely depending on factors such as complexity, features, design, and the web development agency hired. On average, it can range from $2,000 to $5,000 for a basic website and may go up to $15,000 or more for a more extensive and customized site. However, if you were to send us your requirements, we can provide a detailed quote. 


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