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How much can Laravel development cost?

November 24th, 2022


Laravel is one of the best frameworks on which to develop your website. It helps you complete your project at an affordable cost while maintaining high quality to provide you with speed, scalability, and security.

But the cost of your Laravel project can vary as per various factors. So today I am going to share with you various aspects of Laravel development so you can make the best decision to build a quality yet inexpensive Laravel website.

Why do business owners and developers love Laravel?

Entrepreneurs and developers love Laravel and this is why it now enjoys a huge community of patrons. But why?

Laravel is simple and easy to use. Thus, it naturally attracts developers as they can develop complex projects relatively faster and with lesser effort with Laravel. Business owners also are greatly relieved by the speed of development offered by Laravel. It keeps the cost of website development low and enables them to launch their business quickly.

On top of that, Laravel has laid out pre-written codes to build secure, elegant, fast, and responsive websites. Thus, it is clear why Laravel is so popular among entrepreneurs and developers.

Want to know more about the awesomeness of Laravel? Then read our detailed blog post - Why use Laravel?

Hiring models that influence the cost of Laravel development

You can reduce the cost of developing your website with Laravel by choosing the appropriate hiring model. There are three hiring models that most companies deploy to hire Laravel developers. But each has its own limitations. So let me introduce you to them to make an informed decision.


Recruitment agencies

You can find many recruitment agencies that can provide you with Laravel developers by hiring them on your behalf. But these agencies do charge you a fee or commission for the workforce they bring to you.

Freelancer platforms

You can find many freelance Laravel developers on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, etc. Hiring freelancers come at a lower cost than hiring developers in-house. But the problem with freelancers is their unreliability.

Outstaffing model

Outstaffing refers to hiring remote developers. You can hire Laravel developers from many Laravel development companies like ours. The advantage of going with remote developers is that you can start your project immediately under the supervision of a project manager to get your desired output.

What is the average cost to hire a Laravel developer?


The average cost to hire a remote Laravel developer depends on their experience and the country you hire from. For example - in a country like India you can easily hire someone at a cost as low as $15 an hour. Whereas you have to pay $30-$40/hour for a developer with equal experience if you hire him from the USA or Australia. For better clarity, here is the average cost of a Laravel developer in various regions: -


Developer Rates

North America


South America










Is it better to hire a freelance Laravel developer or a Laravel development agency?

The way you hire a Laravel developer for your project determines its costs, quality, and duration. For many small companies and startups, hiring freelancers or going with an agency is the way usual way to go. Thus it is important to dissect these two to show you their pros and cons so you can pick the one more suited to you.

Freelance developers



Slightly lesser cost than an agency

Limited in scope and experience

Will perform any given task

May not have all relevant software and hardware due to expense

Free to work from any location

Dependability on one person for your whole project.

Web development agency



You can hire a team of developers that offers you a better perspective.

Slightly higher cost of development

Have access to the latest tools and software

Agencies may have other clients as well

Better availability and dependability than freelancers

Trusted Laravel development agency for your project

Acquaint Softtech Private Limited has an experience of 9+ years developing projects varying from small to large scale for clients all over the world.

Estimate Project

So which of the two has an upper hand? My recommendation goes with hiring a web development agency for your Laravel project as it is a more reliable option to provide you with better quality while keeping its cost in check.

Is offshore Laravel web development a good idea?

Hiring remote developers has been turning out to be the first choice among startups and small companies. Why? Because it combines the positives of in-house hiring and freelance platforms. Thus, if you are looking to hire remote developers, here are the best countries to go for: -

  1. India

  2. Philippines

  3. Ukraine

  4. Slovenia

  5. Germany

If you are looking for the reliability of an in-house team of developers at a cost similar to freelancers, hiring offshore Laravel developers is the best option for you. Even though it has some drawbacks, you can significantly reduce them by picking a reliable Laravel development company.

  1. Time difference

  2. Not being able to look at the daily progress

  3. Communication problems

  4. Lack of transparency

Cost dependency on the scope of the project


Apart from the experience of the developers you hire and the country you hire from, another factor that influences the cost of development is the scope of the project. The scope determines the size and complexity of your project. The bigger and more complex your project is the higher it will cost you to develop it.

However, you can reduce your cost of development by opting for free frameworks like Laravel, Django, etc. to build your project. These frameworks have pre-written libraries of codes and you can reuse them without writing from scratch. This saves your time and thus, also your cost.

Cost dependency on the developer’s location

The location of developers also matters a lot when it comes to the cost of your Laravel project. Various economies demand higher pay whereas some countries offer you a more experienced person at a lesser cost than the rest. Have a look at this country-wise pay scale of Laravel developers.

Country-wise pay scale of Laravel Developer

Cost dependency on developer’s skills and experience

It is a given that the higher the experience of a developer, the higher he will charge you per hour. But keep in mind that experienced developers can also lead to better quality and faster completion of the project. Thus, sometimes it is more cost-effective to look for expensive experienced developers rather than their counterparts.


Stop making guesses about the cost of your Laravel project. Contact our experts and share the required details for a precise estimation of your project cost.

Though different companies may have different metrics, the experience of developers is usually classified into three categories - Junior, Middle, and Senior. Here are the variations in prices for each of these categories in various countries.









United States












United Kingdom




How to hire a Laravel developer?

Are you wondering how to hire a Laravel developer? No worries, I have here a step-by-step process that you can follow to hire the best Laravel developers for your project and get the desired results.


1. Assess whether your project needs to be built with Laravel

Laravel is a great framework to build small as well as large websites. But it is better to check whether it is good enough to provide you with your desired results. Thus, to help you with this, you can contact our Laravel experts to discuss your requirements and get a free consultation.

2. Build a plan for your website

Once you are confirmed that Laravel is the right way to go, you need to build a plan for your project. Determine what are the exact requirements for your project, its deadlines, and other expectations from your Laravel development team. This will give you clarity and make it easier to communicate.

3. Decide on your budget

With a limited budget, you cannot go for an in-house team. Thus, you are better off with freelancers or a Laravel development company. However, I recommend hiring remote developers from an agency over freelancers if you want to get reliable results. This way, you can get better output for a lower price.

4. Investigate potential Laravel agencies

Assuming that you are going for remote Laravel developers, the next task is to find Laravel development agencies with a great track record. I suggest that the agency should have at least 5 years of experience in the industry. Check out their portfolio to understand them better.

5. Interview developers

Once you have found a trustable Laravel development company, you need to filter out Laravel developers that have the caliber to deliver results in time. For this, you can conduct an interview with them and provide them with a test task. This will help you pick the best possible team of remote Laravel developers.

6. Set targets for your Laravel team

After you have picked your team for your Laravel project, set milestones for them to reach within the deadline. This means that you need to divide your project into a few subtasks after which you will review and approve the work. The agency you work with will also help you figure this out.

7. Review the performance of your Laravel web developer

Ok so till now you have assigned the task to your team. Now there is only one step left. When your team reached the milestone, conduct a meeting with them to check the progress. See if it is up to the mark and then approve it to go ahead to reach the next milestone.

Laravel project cost with Acquaint Softtech

At Acquaint Softtech Private Limited, we have 9+ years of experience developing projects for our clients from all over the world. Our remote Laravel developers reduce your cost of development by up to 60% while maintaining top-notch quality. The price for our remote Laravel developers starts from $15 an hour. To get a better insight into the amount we save for you, check out our pricing calculator.

We also provide you with developers from many other technologies along with Laravel, click on this link to hire remote developers.


Is Laravel relevant in 2023?

Yes! Laravel is more relevant than ever with its regular updates. It provides you with a complete web development solution to build websites and web applications that meet modern standards.

Should I consider going with out-staffing companies to hire developers?

Good out-staffing companies can provide you with fast access to a huge pool of talent in exchange for a commission. But once you have hired a developer in-house, you need to pay him more than the other options you have - freelancers and remote developers.

What skills do I need to look for in my Laravel developer?

He should be able to create a clean and well-documented code along with the following skills: -

  1. PHP development

  2. Database management

  3. MVC architecture

  4. Good communication

Which is the best country to hire Laravel developers from?

India is the best country if you are looking to pool together the cost-effectiveness and quality of your project. You can hire a remote Laravel developer for as low as $15 an hour.

How much does it cost to hire a Laravel developer?

The cost of a Laravel developer depends on the following factors: -

  1. The country you hire from

  2. His experience

  3. The complexity of your project

If you hire a Laravel developer from India, you can get a junior-level developer for $15 an hour.

What is the process of hiring a remote Laravel developer?
  1. Find a reliable Laravel development company

  2. Give a test task to assess the developers

  3. Pick your team

  4. Set milestones

  5. Start your project


So by now, you would have got a clear idea of how much will it cost you to hire Laravel developers for your project. I suggest you go with remote developers by hiring them with an agency like ours. If you hire Laravel developers from us, you can save up to 60% of your development cost while maintaining high precision of quality. So contact us now to discuss your project with our experts.


Mukesh Ram

Founder and CEO, Acquaint Softtech

I love to make a difference. Thus, I started Acquaint Softtech with the vision of making developers easily accessible and affordable to all. Me and my beloved team have been fulfilling this vision for over 15 years now and will continue to get even bigger and better.

Table of Content
  • Introduction

  • Why do business owners and developers love Laravel?

  • Hiring models that influence the cost of Laravel development

  • Average cost to hire a Laravel developer?

  • freelance or a Laravel development agency?

  • Is offshore Laravel web development a good idea?

  • Cost dependency on the scope of the project

  • Cost dependency on the developer’s location

  • Cost dependency on developer’s skills and experience

  • How to hire a Laravel developer?

  • Laravel project cost with Acquaint Softtech

  • FAQs

  • Conclusion

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