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Cost Savings: How Acquaint Softtech Aces the Market

July 2nd, 2024
Cost Savings: How Acquaint Softtech Aces the Market.


Acquaint Softtech excels in IT staff augmentation, helping businesses in various industries like real estate, education, finance, e-commerce, and on-demand services optimize their operations.

By providing skilled MEAN and MERN stack developers at cost-effective rates, Acquaint enables these businesses to innovate and scale efficiently. This introduction underscores how Acquaint's tailored IT solutions drive significant cost savings and enhance operational capabilities across diverse sectors.

In 11+ years of the business journey we’ve been successful in helping a large number of clients from various industries save millions of their dollars spent behind developing software for meeting their needs.

In this article, we'll talk about the advantages of IT staff augmentation, why cost saving is necessary in business and we’ll also talk about a few of the industries we’ve worked with. Moreover, we’ll also cover the future insights and trends to follow in IT staff augmentation.

So, let us begin!

What is IT staff Augmentation and its benefits to businesses?

What is IT staff Augmentation and its benefits to businesses?.

IT staff augmentation is a flexible outsourcing strategy that allows companies to hire remote developers globally and manage augmented teams directly. This model allows businesses to add skilled technical resources to their existing teams based on the additional skills required to support their initiatives. 

The benefits of IT staff augmentation include:

  1. Access to Global Talent: Companies can access a wider pool of expertise without geographical constraints.

  2. Cost Efficiency: It reduces hiring and training costs compared to permanent employment.

  3. Flexibility: Businesses can scale their workforce up or down quickly based on project needs.

  4. Focused Expertise: Augmented team bring specialized skills that might not be present internally.

  5. Control: Unlike project outsourcing, staff augmentation gives companies complete control over team management and the work process.

But, can organizations use outsourcing strategies for every task? Is it advisable to use an outsourcing strategy for all activities?

The answer is a yes and a no, as it can differ from organizations to organizations. If any company is larger in size they might not outsource the core tasks, but if the organization is smaller in size then they might outsource few of the tasks that need them to incorporate specialized tasks.

Let us see what are some of the tasks SMEs and Startups or any other business industry can outsource to save cost and time.

Here we’ll learn about a few IT tasks which every startup or SMEs should look forward to outsource.

Let’s get into the details quickly.

Startups & SMEs: 6 Major Tasks to Outsource

Startups & SMEs: 6 Major Tasks to Outsource.
  1. Software Development: Outsourcing software development projects, including mobile app and web development.

  2. Cybersecurity Services: Managing security operations, penetration testing, and compliance assessments.

  3. Cloud Management: Handling cloud infrastructure setup, maintenance, and optimization.

  4. Database Management: Managing database administration, performance tuning, and migration.

  5. Network Management: Overseeing network architecture, performance monitoring, and troubleshooting.

  6. Technical Support: Providing end-user tech support and IT help desk services.

These IT-specific outsourcing options allow businesses to access high-level expertise and technology without the need for significant internal investment.

Now, moving further let’s discuss everything you need to know about Cost Savings from IT perspective.

Software development outsourcing can help save costs, if the right partner is chosen.

The team of Acquaint Softtech hold 11+ years of expertise in software development and can help you build software which meets your business needs.

Cost Savings in IT Services: How and Why

Cost Savings in IT Services: How and Why.

Cost-saving is important for SMEs and startups due to their limited financial resources and the need to establish a foothold in competitive markets. Effective cost management can extend the financial runway, allowing these businesses more time to innovate, iterate on products, and scale operations. 

Reducing expenses can also enhance profitability and financial stability, which is vital for attracting investors and securing loans. 

By prioritizing cost-efficiency, small businesses can allocate more resources towards growth initiatives like market expansion, product development, and talent acquisition, ultimately driving long-term success.

But what can you do to achieve cost savings in Software development,  let us understand this in detail in the below section:

How to achieve Cost Savings in Software Development?

How to achieve Cost Savings in Software Development?.

To achieve cost savings in software development, consider implementing the following strategies:

  1. Use Agile Methodology: Agile methods can increase efficiency by focusing on the delivery of high-priority features first, reducing time to market and minimizing waste.

  2. Outsource Non-Core Activities: Outsourcing tasks such as testing, maintenance, or development to regions with lower labor costs can significantly reduce expenses.

  3. Adopt Open Source Technologies: Utilizing open-source platforms and tools can cut costs on software licenses and proprietary solutions.

  4. Prioritize Efficient Project Management: Effective management can prevent project overruns, reducing costly delays and maximizing resource utilization.

  5. Implement Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD): These practices can help detect issues early, reduce bugs, and decrease the amount of costly downtime or rollbacks needed.

  6. Cloud Computing: Leveraging cloud services can reduce costs associated with hardware acquisition, maintenance, and scaling.

By applying these strategies, SMEs and startups can optimize their development process, stretching their budgets further while still achieving their software development goals.

If you are facing Budget Overruns and want a detailed prevention guide then reading the full guide on Budget Overruns in Software Development can help you.

Now, further let us discuss some successful case studies of clients who have benefited by using our software development outsourcing services pr say IT Staff Augmentation services.

Cost Savings: 5 Impactful Case Studies that makes Acquaint Efficient

5 Impactful Case Studies that makes Acquaint Efficient.

Case Study #1: Great Colorado Homes

About the Project

For Great Colorado Homes, we created a unique real estate website complete with bells and whistles. It had an enticing UI and was customized to fulfill their needs. It provided consumers with a wealth of materials in addition to streamlining the home buying and selling process.

What were the challenges

  • Integration of real time listing was one of the biggest challenges

  • Integration of social media account registration was successfully implemented despite initial challenges.

  • The scheduling feature for property viewings encountered persistent issues but was ultimately resolved, enhancing the website's functionality.

What solutions were used?

  • Developed a real estate platform catering to both buyers and sellers.

  • Utilized skilled Laravel developers for the project.

  • Created a feature-rich website.

  • Focused on delivering an aesthetically pleasing user experience.

What was the project outcome?

  • The Great Colorado Homes website exceeded client expectations, showcasing the success of the project.

  • All client feature requests were fulfilled at launch.

  • Received positive reviews from both buyers and sellers.

  • Users praised the website for its extensive features and efficient property search process.

Case Study #2: RealSchool

About the Project

Enhancing your abilities can help advance your job. Taking an online course is the ideal approach to study in this digital age. In fact, "Real School" is all about that. We created a platform for online learning where instructors and students can interact. They are able to register on the platforms and utilize cutting-edge tools and capabilities.

What were the challenges

  • Redesigned the website for enhanced scalability and improved UI/UX after extensive ideation on color schemes and design elements.

  • Successfully implemented Zoom integration accessible only to registered users after overcoming initial challenges.

  • Achieved integration of customizable Zoom session recordings on the website despite initial difficulties.

What solutions were used?

  • Developed a feature-rich solution tailored to make a strong impression.

  • Integrated additional functionalities such as Zoom and a payment gateway.

  • Successfully combined all necessary features to enhance the user interface.

What was the project outcome?

  • IT professionals rapidly developed a superior website.

  • Adhered to strict coding guidelines throughout development.

  • Assisted the customer in securing the necessary funding approval.

Are you owning an edtech idea and want to have a custom software built but want to use Laravel?

We at Acquaint Softtech can help you get your idea turned into a solution, use our IT Staff Augmentation method to get Laravel Developers

Case Study #3: SuperFi

About the Project

Wouldn't it be preferable if we had a supporter who could help us pay off our debt more quickly? Nick heard you, which is how SuperFi came to be. SuperFi is a smartphone software that handles your credit cards, gives you money-saving advice, and assists you in paying off debt. It's similar to having your own personal finance manager.

What were the challenges

  • Completed the unique SuperFi FinTech mobile app ahead of schedule thanks to our reliable development team.

  • Achieved cost-effective FinTech app development for Nick without compromising quality.

  • Successfully collaborated with Nick's remote team across vast distances and time zones, ensuring smooth project progression.

  • Enhanced Nick's original design for his website and mobile app by integrating expert developer insights with his vision.

What solutions were used?

  • Renowned for our diligence and quality in FinTech App Development services.

  • Focus on delivering successful outcomes as the ultimate measure of our service.

  • Committed to providing top-notch FinTech App Development solutions.

  • Ensure solutions are effective regardless of the level of customization required.

What was the project outcome?

  • Renowned for our diligence and quality in FinTech App Development services.

  • Emphasize that the final outcome is the most critical aspect of our services.

  • Committed to delivering the best results by providing tailored FinTech App Development solutions.

  • Ensure solutions meet client needs, regardless of customization complexity.

Case Study #4: PinPoint (The Elite Alliance)

About the Project

It makes complete sense to build an eCommerce marketplace given the exponential surge in online spending. We created a unique marketplace that is a lot like Amazon so that various sellers may open stores and use the platform for both B2B and B2C sales. With an API being used to supply the data, it was a reliable solution. A feature-rich dashboard is available to the administrator for managing the products, users, and individual stores.

After logging in, the administrator can manage users, products, custom themes, and other things via a dashboard.

Customers can purchase the goods of their choice from a very attractive storefront.

The testimonials, privacy policy, contact, about us, and other page details can all be customized by the administrator.

What were the challenges

  • Integrated Google Shopping for enhanced product visibility.

  • Developed a sitemap to optimize the website for SEO.

  • Managed the renewal of SSL certificates for website security.

  • Successfully implemented API-driven supplier data import.

  • Cloned the website to meet specific operational requirements.

  • Integrated forms for improved user interaction and data collection.

  • Custom-built a theme tailored to specific requirements.

What solutions were used?

  • Selected optimal technologies for the project, including Laravel, React JS, and Tailwind CSS.

  • Focused on creating a secure solution for the eCommerce platform.

  • Integrated several third-party software tools to enhance functionality.

  • Developed a highly customized dashboard for administrators to manage the eCommerce marketplace.

What was the project outcome?

  • The client was satisfied with the project outcome.

  • They were highly pleased with the positive response from customers and vendors.

Case Study #5: TryKo

Tryko is a remarkable smartphone app that instantly connects passengers with professional, licensed drivers. Explore Tryko's standout features below:

  • Accessible Car Services On-Demand or Scheduled: Secure a ride instantly or schedule one in advance with just a tap.

  • Licensed and Professional: All vehicles are commercially licensed, ensuring a professional and safe driving experience.

What were the challenges

  • Making a proper user friendly UI and UX was a difficult task to pull off for their previous vendor

  • The cost of integrating features was 300 times higher than its actual market value.

What solutions were used?

  • Implemented a user-centric design process to enhance UI/UX, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and reduced support requests.

  • Conducted an audit and renegotiated supplier terms to significantly reduce feature integration costs, aligning expenses with market standards and improving budget allocation.

What was the project outcome?

  • Achieved a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface that improved customer engagement and decreased user support requests.

  • Successfully reduced the integration costs to industry standards, optimizing the budget and enhancing resource allocation for broader project development.

The cost savings done by all the five organizations are mentioned in the below chart that shows the amount of downgrades in costs achieved by our clients and how Acquaint Softtech has helped the client achieve 200% ARR in all.

Insert the image here

Now, further let us understand what is there in store in the future trend of IT Staff Augmentation?

Future Trends of IT Staff Augmentation.

The amount of benefits the companies get by implementing IT staff augmentation are terrific, and thus there is no second thought in saying the future of IT Staff Augmentation has a lot to offer based on the future trends in IT Staff Augmentation

So, if you are a business that feels skill scarcity is a pressing issue, then using IT Staff Augmentation can help you rescue yourselves from the skill drought.

Now, let us understand How Acquaint Softtech can help?

Want to get software developed but falling short of skilled developers?

We at Acquaint Softtech can help you hire efficient developers to help you minimize the skill gaps.

How can Acquaint Softtech help?

How can Acquaint Softtech help?.

Software development and IT staff augmentation services are offered by Acquaint Softtech, an IT outsourcing business. Being an official Laravel partner, we take great pride in using the Laravel framework to create one-of-a-kind applications.

If your firm needs to hire remote developers, the best choice is Acquaint Softtech. Our fast onboarding process allows developers to join your current team in 48 hours.

In addition, our $15 hourly rate makes us the best choice for any outsourced software development project. We can assist you in hiring MEAN and MERN professionals, as well as remote developers and outsourced services, to meet your needs for custom development.

What other industries do we work with?

There are a number of industries we work with, which are as follows:

  1. Ecommerce

  2. Real Estate

  3. EdTech

  4. Food delivery Apps

  5. Financial Services

Wrapping Up!

Acquaint Softtech stands as a beacon in the IT staff augmentation landscape, offering robust solutions that blend innovation with cost-efficiency. With a proven track record in diverse sectors like real estate, education, and e-commerce, Acquaint empowers businesses to scale and succeed in competitive markets. As the future of IT staff augmentation evolves, Acquaint remains committed to delivering excellence and driving growth for its clients. Whether you're looking to streamline operations, reduce costs, or access global talent, Acquaint Softtech is your trusted partner, ready to transform challenges into opportunities with its bespoke software development and staffing solutions.

Are you tired of the skill scarcity gaps present in your development team? Is it letting your progress down?

Then let Acquaint Softtech be your solution. Use our IT Staff Augmentation strategy to hire remote developers in less than 48 hours.


How does IT staff augmentation help businesses save costs?

IT staff augmentation reduces the need for full-time employees, cutting down on salaries, benefits, and training expenses. Companies only pay for the resources they need, when they need them.

What are the cost benefits of outsourcing software development to Acquaint Softtech?

Outsourcing to Acquaint Softtech provides access to skilled developers at competitive rates, reducing infrastructure and operational costs. Efficient development processes minimize the need for costly revisions.

How does Acquaint Softtech ensure cost efficiency in IT projects for startups and SMEs?

We use Agile methodologies, open-source technologies, and effective project management to enhance efficiency. Our fast onboarding process helps integrate skilled developers quickly, avoiding high hiring costs.

Can outsourcing IT tasks to Acquaint Softtech help in reducing long-term operational costs?

Yes, by handling non-core activities, we enable businesses to focus on core competencies, reducing long-term operational expenses. This strategic outsourcing enhances efficiency and lowers overall costs.

How does Acquaint Softtech’s expertise contribute to cost savings in software development projects?

Our expertise ensures efficient resource allocation and prevents costly errors and delays. We use the latest techniques for security and performance optimization, keeping projects on time and within budget.


Mukesh Ram

Founder and CEO, Acquaint Softtech

I love to make a difference. Thus, I started Acquaint Softtech with the vision of making developers easily accessible and affordable to all. Me and my beloved team have been fulfilling this vision for over 15 years now and will continue to get even bigger and better.

Table of Content
  • Introduction

  • What is IT staff Augmentation and its benefits to businesses?

  • Startups & SMEs: 6 Major Tasks to Outsource

  • Cost Savings in IT Services: How and Why

  • How to achieve Cost Savings in Software Development?

  • Cost Savings: 5 Impactful Case Studies that makes Acquaint Efficient

  • Future Trends of IT Staff Augmentation

  • How can Acquaint Softtech help?

  • What other industries do we work with?

  • Wrapping Up!

  • FAQ

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