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The Best Flutter App Development Company For Your Dream Project

July 5th, 2019

Flutter app development company is something different from just a mobile app development company. They need to inject diverse processes and vision into their project management. When we say a diverse process, that simply means Flutter app development claims for the best cross-platform app development, so it tends to work the same. In this particular article, we are addressing how to choose the best Flutter app development company for your dream project.

Most of the time, app owners want to cut the development cost & time, so they choose Flutter development over Native app development. The biggest mistake from the app owners' side is that they did not research well. They just jot down Google top result and drop inquiry. The simple math says the best flutter app development company can be a good mobile app development company. But the best mobile app development company never fits in the shoes of a good Flutter app development company.

Choosing the right app development partner is the most important and tedious task because it can save a lot of your time and money. Mobile app development with Flutter is a great deal, but it has to be well executed. To dive into the technicalities, we have to discuss the basics first.


What Is Flutter App Development

Flutter is a kind of open-source framework for mobile application development. Flutter was created by Google to make things easy for the Google Fuchsia project. But lately, they made it open source. It is used to create natively compiled mobile app for iOS and Android platforms. In search of the best cross-platform app development, Flutter always ranks at the top of the list. Flutter is a UI toolkit for tailoring an attractive application for mobile, web, and desktop from the same code.

Actually, Flutter is a complete SDK, or we can say, a specialized User Interface kit for crafting cross-platform development with the same code. It offers APIs, readymade widgets, and a command-line tool. But since 6-May-2019, the definition of Flutter was totally changed. It was used for creating app UI and cross-platform app development for Android and iOS.

In the Google I/O 2019, The most surprising highlight for Flutter app developers is the explanation of the Flutter. After hitting a home run in every corner for the cross-platform mobile app development, the technology was ready to go beyond its own limits. Google added wings to the Flutter by making it compatible with a mobile app, web, desktop, and embedded devices.

Benefits of Mobile App Development With Flutter

Flutter is used for cross-platform app development, so the benefits of cross-platform are clearly reflected for the advantage of using Flutter. The main advantage of using Flutter over Native app development is the development cost and time. Flutter cuts the development cost and time because it follows the “code once and use everywhere” method.

Flutter offers APIs, pre-install widgets, and command-line tools that make it the best UI tool kit for mobile applications. There are two types of widgets in Flutter - Stateless and Stateful. Both are similar to React class component and Functional component. The other benefit of using Flutter app development is listed below.

  • Flutter is an open-source platform. It is free and relies on Reactive Programming.

  • It is based on Dart, object-oriented programming with easy coding.

  • Flutter offers APIs, readymade widgets, command-line tools.

  • Flutter is grown up and compatible with web, desktop, and embedded devices.

  • Flutter supports faster code implementation with fast bug fixing.


The Real Comparison Between Flutter v/s Native App Development

Before choosing the right Flutter app development company, we have to know the reasons to choose Flutter. The Native app development is somewhat a curse on the soul of app development. Every mobile app made with the Native app development simply means it is based on a single platform. There are some key differences between Flutter v/s Native app Development that are listed below.

Development Time:

We all know that Flutter is based on cross-platform app development. Thus, the development time is reduced. As mentioned above, Flutter relies on “code once and use everywhere.” This means the code can be reused to develop the same application on a different platform. The “Hot Reload” feature like React Native in Flutter allows developers to test every change in real-time. So developers don’t need to write code every time and check it at output whilst working on Android or iOS.

On the contrary, Native app development always demands fresh and clean code. If a developer wants to create the same application on another platform, he must rewrite all codes for a new application. Therefore, Flutter app development cut the development time.

Development Cost:

Development cost is always a concern for app owners. The cross-platform or Flutter allows developers to code once and use it on different platforms. So it reduces the development time as well as development cost. If 80% of the code can be reused, then development cost is also reduced. That’s the reason behind the popularity of Flutter. It reduces development time and cost that Native does not offer.

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Ease Of Development:

Native app development indeed offers a neat appearance and smooth UI to any application. The Native app development also offers ease of development on the developer’s side. The possibility of having errors is also less. On the other hand, Flutter is perfect for brand identity design. A business app design should be the same on each platform that Flutter provides without any extra effort. So it is all up to you, either choose Flutter or keep your ball on the Native app development.

Flutter App Development Cost Estimate

There is no specific method or trick that claims to give you the exact cost of any type of app development. It is irrelevant to estimate the cost of Flutter app development because several factors affect app development cost. The main factors are types of mobile apps (E-commerce, Social Media, or any other), Development platform (iOS, Android, cross-platform), number of features, and many others.

Instead of depending on an app development cost calculator, you have to discuss your app requirement with the Flutter app development company. The exact estimate of the Flutter app development cost depends on your business needs and the company you choose to hire.

How To Choose Right Flutter App Development Company

The easiest way to find out the best option for the right Flutter app development company is to Google it. The organic search result of Google means the most relevant answer for your query, so it is good to start your research with Google. But the most expensive mistake from anyone is the dependency on the first result. Most of the time, people do not check the other results. They are just stuck on the first one.

We are not questioning the credibility of the Google ranking or the first result. But at least you have to compare the top 10 results of Google organic search. By comparing several companies, you can make a decision on which one is the best for your dream app. So the first step is to research well on Google and inquire about several companies.

After making a list of companies, the second step should be comparing all options based on their portfolio, feedback of their clients, and reviews on trusted websites. By examining the portfolio, you can easily figure out whether a company will fulfill your app requirement or not. You must check reviews and feedback to identify the client-side approach of the relevant company.

By following the above tips, you are almost done with your research on the right Flutter app development company, but the story does not end yet. Put your priority on the table and discuss with the appropriate company. Make sure to finalize the app development cost and output of the app. Prototyping is the best way to finalize the output. A good app development company always includes the clients in the development process to go beyond their expectations.

Choose Acquaint Softtech For Flutter App Development

If you are confused, or you find the whole process mundane, then we have a solution. Acquaint Softtech is a leading Flutter app development company, and our development team has proved it every time. Trust and authority by our clients always make a reason for our blushes. We sustain our position on Google organic search results on almost all Flutter search terms. That means we are the most relevant Flutter app development services provider.

. .

If you are confused, or you find the whole process mundane, then we have a solution. Acquaint Softtech is a leading Flutter app development company, and our development team has proved it every time. Trust and authority by our clients always make a reason for our blushes. We sustain our position on Google organic search results on almost all Flutter search terms. That means we are the most relevant Flutter app development services provider.

The best part of having an app development partner such as Acquaint Softtech is the client-first approach. Our team always cherish the idea of our clients and welcomes their suggestions throughout the development. We work on the “two to tango” methodology. It allows us to include our clients in development for developing a solution that is beyond the expectations.

Why Our Flutter App Development Services Are Unique

After Google I/O 2019, the capability of Flutter has changed a lot. Google allows developers to use Flutter for mobile apps, desktop, web, and embedded devices. Gone are the days when Flutter was only used for a mobile app UI tool kit. Now it is grown up and stepped beyond its own limits.

At Acquaint Softtech, we are always curious about the latest technology. Thus, our team adopts Flutter's all the new capabilities. Our Flutter app development services are just redesigned according to its latest update. We strongly believe that Flutter is the future of mobile app development. So we ensure transparency on each stage by serving the futuristic app development.

In A Nutshell

As we all know, Flutter is very young in the cross-platform family. Thus, many features are not adaptive or not developed perfectly, like the uncertainty of apt architectures, adaptive widgets, and many more. The framework is in its initial state, so we will witness many changes in the future. Still, mobile app development with Flutter is the best option for everyone because it cut the development cost and reduces development time.

If you are looking for the best Flutter app development company for your dream project, then we are the one for you. Acquaint Softtech is a leading Flutter app development company. And our vast portfolio affirms our excellence in mobile app development. Feel free to discuss your dream idea with your experts. Contact us at or give us a call at +1 773 377 6499. If you found something amusing in this post, then keep SHARING this piece of content with your colleagues


Mukesh Ram

Founder and CEO, Acquaint Softtech

I love to make a difference. Thus, I started Acquaint Softtech with the vision of making developers easily accessible and affordable to all. Me and my beloved team have been fulfilling this vision for over 15 years now and will continue to get even bigger and better.

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