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Top 10 Best Business Website Designs Examples

June 11th, 2019

The best business website designs do not only mean an alluring website. It also means a website with a responsive design and an easy user interface. We all agree that creating a web design is a cakewalk, but capturing the whole idea on the canvas is a hassle. To dive into the depths of the best business website design, we have to deal with its importance and uses. Being the best website design company, we are very much acquainted with the latest web design tools. In this post, we will show you the top 10 best business website designs examples.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like, Design is how it works.”

– Steve Jobs

Must Features In The Best Business Website Designs


The first impression of any website is its header, so it must be designed well. Almost every web owner designs the header in their own style, but sometimes they forget about the business category. The biggest mistake in designing is the overwritten business category. If a header does not match the category, it could be useless no matter how attractive it is. So keep in mind your business category and make a solid header.


Footer is the most underrated design weapon in website development. You can see a black-colored footer on almost every website. The reason behind less experiment in a footer is its usage. Footer is assumed as just another link-placing space. If you closely notice the best business website designs, you would be shocked to see how popular websites are using Footer as their marketing strategy.


Maybe you are thinking that a slider is not a necessary feature in any business website. But it can increase the time a user stays on your website. Users will stay at your website till the Slider ends. Let assume if you open a website that doesn’t match your query. But if it has an appealing Slider at Home Banner, you will stay to see all the slides. With a slider, you can organize your website space economically as it offers to put several images in the same area.

Most Important Pages For The Best Business Website Designs

Landing Page:

Most website owners mistake the Landing pages. It is a contradiction that a landing page is useful only for marketing purposes and lead-capturing. According to user behavior, most landing pages are perfect for elevating the user interface and user experience. An ideal landing page can elevate any brand image and reduce the bounce rate. The best way to appeal to and engage more visitors on your website is the Landing page. So keep in mind that you have to design an appealing landing page instead of a static Home Page.

About Us

About Us pages are considered showcasing pages that do not give any ROI. But that is not true. The About Us page never ever relies only on the information about a business or company. It can be used to showcase the personality of your brand. Design a focused About Us page that can recite why users choose your services, indicates your aim, vision, and why you are different from competitors. You can create the About US page as a discussion between your business and users.

Contact Us

How can a business forget to create a Contact Us page on the business website? Remember that if you do not have any team that can handle customers, never place a public phone number on the Contact Us page. The best way to stop spam and reduce the workload is by email. Offer a company email, so whenever you are free to give answers to inquiries, you can do it.


Most website owners do not take the lead from content marketing. Even if someone creates a separate page for their blog, they commit the most common design mistakes. We are not saying that a blog needs a separate theme that is different from your website. At least, you should design your blog according to the reader’s perspective. Font style and font size should be readable. Otherwise, it will affect your SEO and Readability score.

Top 10 Best Business Website Designs Examples:

At Acquaint Softtech, our designers have crafted many attractive designs. That’s why our portfolio is filled with the joy and successive stories of our clients. Our beloved clients vouch for our work and appreciate us for the next-gen web designs. Here are some glimpses of the best business website designs examples for the website design templates.

1. The Banyan & Finch – Design in Content Marketing Category

Content marketing is a new strategy in digital media. It can build the brand image and elevate the website authority. Content marketing is a new term in marketing, and it requires an immense understanding of writing. Thus the web design should be creative and descriptive. Acquaint Softtech designed an alluring and attractive web appearance for the Banyan & Finch. A new platform always demands an elegant appearance. Thus the website design looks very promising. Website home page, font style, whitespaces, and header - everything is designed as discussed.

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2. Scout – For Shopping & Lifestyle Category

A lifestyle category business should take care of the design of its website. A lifestyle-based shopping website must look attractive. Thus Scout handed over their web appearance to us. As you can see, our web designers have done outstanding work for Scout. The menu bar, social media icon, and the glued header - everything fits in perfectly. Fashion-based web design requires showcasing images. Thus we highlighted this feature in a different style.

3. ShesTough – For Fitness, Motivation, & Video Content

We are very proud to see the output of ShesTough. The client required a separate window for the video content. Thus our web designer made it happen easily. As it is a company with face value, we craft a design that recites the success story of LaToya Forever. Also, the web design appeals the women by its color and font style. The clients wanted to capture an image that motivates others to stay fit. Thus, we created a landing page that is appealing and attractive.


4. Boost Division – For Automobile Business

An automobile-based web design has to look energetic. That is why our creative web designers designed this with a futuristic approach. We captured the best design on the canvas for the Boost Division with dark pink and black colors. It is an automobile-based business, and the client wants a futuristic design that appeals to the users. As it looks very promising and engaging, the client was happy with the outcome of this design. It is one of the best business website designs with some unique features.

5. Moza & Company – For the Textile Business

What a user-friendly web design for a textile-based business! It has all - elegance, appeal, and attractiveness. Our portfolio is covered with beautiful designs projects for the interior, but Moza is something totally different. Our web designer created magic with this web design. Web design looks elegant and organized, and yet it is simple. We went the extra mile by adopting the vision of Moza & Company and painting it beyond its expectations. The textile-based website design templates should be well organized. So we created separate categories and user aims. Our talented web designers used white spaces and a showcasing banner to make it more alluring in design.

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6. Time Clock Wizard – Enterprise Software

As the name implies, the Time Clock Wizard is the enterprise software that organizes time and schedules the employee. The clients wanted a design for the landing page. Thus our creative designers made an astounding web appearance. The landing page cum home page design appealed to the users and engaged them with ample options on the menu bar. The header design contains a lot of content, and the challenge was to make it elegant with that. The header design describes the aim, the product, and the availability of the apps, what else a business web design templates need.

7. The Mercantile Hotel – Hotel and Restaurant category

At Acquaint Softtech, our web designers are well experienced in web designs for hospitality-related businesses. We have a long list of happy clients in our portfolio - Cum Laude for dining, George for Bistro and Bar, and so on. Above everything else, the web appearance of The Mercantile Hotel is something that inspires us every time. We added an instant booking feature at the header that brings appreciation for our works. The menu style, venue, and ease of booking make this web design more alluring.

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8. MPM – Example for Brand Marketing Business

“An image speaks louder than words” this phrase perfectly suits the Marsh Pro Marketing web design. It is a brand marketing company that organizes shows, creative content, model casting, and many other creative marketing strategies. As MPM recited the detail and visions of web design templates, our output was beyond the expectation. We used an appealing web design that described the actual motto of the company. Our creative web designers are our most prized asset, and they proved it in this project. They added full-width images in the design and picked the apt font for the category.

9. ElevateHP – Motivational and Community

It is a perfect example of a motivational program category web design. ElevateHP is working to enrich employee health and elevate the work culture. If a company claims for life-enhancing programs, then its website design templates should be encouraging to users. So our dedicated web designers made an appealing web design that has sufficient features to inspire users. We added a storytelling video in the header that recites the company goal and how they help others.


10. Snap Soccer – Sports Business

Snap Soccer is an event organizer related to soccer and a news curator for the sports. As a sports-related website, it has to be loaded with athletic and energetic web design templates. The clients handed over the web appearance to Acquaint Softtech. And we crafted every single feature according to the client’s expectations. From header to blog for the news section, all the designs just fit the requirement.

Benefits of Better Website Designs:

We are acquainted with the best business website designs and website design templates. But why is it important to craft a beautiful web design for any business? The reason behind most website design companies suggesting a responsive and futuristic design is brand authority. Perfect web design can elevate the brand authority and the trust factor among the users. As we all know, design is the first impression for any web appearance. So it should be well designed, or else all the marketing strategies are worthless.

  • Better web design can elevate the brand image of any business

  • An appealing web design template can improve user engagement

  • Attractive web design helps you out in minimizing website bounce rates

  • Alluring web design can be a game-changer for any company or business

  • Web design is used to address the business category in the best way

  • Engaging & appealing web design can accelerate website traffic and improve ROI

  • Good web design is the only way to be unique in this cut-throat competition

  • Elegant web design can increase trust and authority in the user’s mind

In A Nutshell

We discussed the best web design examples and business website designs that addressed the secrets of popular websites templates. If you want to take your business website to a new height, Acquaint Softtech is the best company to take you there. We are recognized as a Top Website Design Company on DesignRush. We are one of the best designers for business and enterprise organizations. Being the best website design company, our design team has ample knowledge of designing profitable and alluring websites. So what are you waiting for? Feel free to discuss your dream idea with our design experts, drop a mail at or give us a call at +1 773 377 6499. If you found something amusing in the post, then keep SHARING this piece of content with your colleagues.


Mukesh Ram

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I love to make a difference. Thus, I started Acquaint Softtech with the vision of making developers easily accessible and affordable to all. Me and my beloved team have been fulfilling this vision for over 15 years now and will continue to get even bigger and better.

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