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Website Traffic Hacks! 10 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

April 12th, 2018

The success of any site depends on the amount of traffic it receives. What good is an online business if enough people are not visiting your site? Hence, the frequent query among website owners is, “How to increase traffic to my website?”

You may already know multiple ways that will enhance your website traffic. But, do you know, the trick lies in implementing the solutions correctly? This is why in this article, we will highlight the few important ones that will help you get a good amount of traffic to your site by correctly implementing them.

Before we begin, it’s crucial to understand why you need website traffic? Website traffic is both an important indicator and a driver of business growth. It can help you to:

  • See your marketing’s work in progress

  • Gather insight into your audience to make decisions

  • Improve your SEO and search engine credibility

  • Generate more leads, increase conversions, and get more customers

How To Get More Website Visitors

With cut-throat competition in the online world, your goal must be to get more of your target audience to visit your site. Below are some simple ways to increase the amount of traffic to your website: -


1. On-Page SEO Is The Key

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a game-changer. Almost all website owners are now concentrating on SEO ranking. There are many SEO tactics you can perform on your website pages to increase their rank in result pages and attract more visitors. This includes producing high-quality SEO-oriented content with appropriate keywords that your audience is searching for and writing concise meta descriptions for your pages. The meta description appears below your URL in search results. Knowing what a page is about and what to expect makes users much more likely to click.

2. Get Listed

Let others know your presence. Get your website listed in online directories and review sites. This practice will definitely affect your website traffic. For most of these sites, your profile will have a link to your website. So by actively updating these listings and getting positive reviews, your site is likely to get more website traffic.


3. Post With Hashtags

Promote everything on social media using hashtags. This plays a crucial role in getting social media followers to your site and spreading your word.

Hence, no matter whatever you post, be it a blog or a content or a status, use trending and popular hashtags. By adding hashtags to posts, you can extend your reach beyond your network and get discovered by people searching for your products and services like yours.

4. Use Landing Pages

Create landing pages specific to your offers, such as redeeming discount codes, downloading a free guide, or starting a free trial. Landing pages are another source of the traffic to your website. Plus, they contain the content and offers users need to move forward and buy.

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5. Target Long-Tail Keywords

If your aim is to get a high rank, long-tail keywords must be your target. Short-tail keywords are often searched more frequently. Hence it becomes hard to rank for them on search engines. Targeting long-tail keywords give you a better chance of ranking higher (even on the first page) for queries specific to your products and service. A higher ranking means more traffic. Plus, as search engines and voice-to-text capabilities are getting advanced, people use more specific phrases to search online.

6. Start Email Marketing Now

Email marketing can do wonders. It allows you to constantly stay in touch with your clients and customers. By sending out regular newsletters and promoting offers via email, you build trust among your customers and clients. This will help you to get more traffic to your website. Don’t forget to provide useful information and links to pages on your website where they can learn more, such as blog posts and landing pages.

Please note that too much of anything can hurt you. So, just make sure that you don’t continually bombard your readers with emails, or your customers will unsubscribe from your emails. Also, put careful thought into your email subject lines. These heavily influence whether or not a user opens your email. If your emails never get opened, they can’t supply traffic to your site!


7. Advertise Online

Online advertising is perhaps the most basic way to get more people to visit your site. Social media paid search, display advertising are all excellent channels to boost website traffic.

8. Guest Blog

Invite a guest to write blogs or publish a blog written by a micro-influencer on your site, as it can help increase your web traffic. How? Such writers are more likely to share the post with their large audience. It can also help add more variety to your content and show your visitors that you are active in your field. Alternatively, you can also ask the influencer to mention your business in their own review or round-up post. Or you could turn an interview with the influencer into a blog post that is likely to get traffic.

You can post as a guest blogger. Try to identify complementary businesses in your area whose audience is relevant to your business. See if you can contribute a post to their blog with a link back to your website. Make sure your content is relevant and useful to their audience so that it’s more of an equal exchange.


9. Engage Online

Try to stay active in online groups and on websites that are relevant to your business and community. Increase your engagement with others by commenting on blogs and social media posts, answering questions people ask, and participating in conversations about your industry.

The more you engage with your community, the more exposure and profile visits you get. If your social media profiles contain a link to your website, then you’ve turned your engagement into another channel for website traffic. Just be sure to engage moderately and in a sincere way, and avoid including links to your website in every single comment. Increased traffic should not be the goal of your engagement but rather a secondary result.

10. Learn From Your Analytics

Use tracked links for your marketing campaigns and regularly check website analytics. This will enable you to identify which strategies and types of content work, which ones need improvement, and which ones you should not waste your time on.


These are only some of the many strategies you can use to drive traffic to your website. Getting more website visitors does not happen overnight. It takes hard work and dedication, but we’ve eliminated the hard part for you: knowing what to do in the first place. Implement a mix of these strategies, and you’ll start seeing improvements in your website traffic. Or else, you can always consult experts like us to create such SEO-friendly websites. Consult for free to know what can be done to get more traffic by contacting us at or +1 773 377 6499.

If you feel we missed any important point, share it on our FacebookTwitter, or Linkedin pages.


Mukesh Ram

Founder and CEO, Acquaint Softtech

I love to make a difference. Thus, I started Acquaint Softtech with the vision of making developers easily accessible and affordable to all. Me and my beloved team have been fulfilling this vision for over 15 years now and will continue to get even bigger and better.


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