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Develop your real estate website. Here is why and how

April 20th, 2022

If your real estate business is available only through a brick-and-mortar office, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Today, when your target customers want to buy a property, the first place they look at is the Web.

Are you there to help them find their dream property? No? Then you are potentially letting a crapload of business pass by without people even knowing that you exist!

But relax. The solution to this is very easy and you are at the right place to find it! Start with having a high-quality real estate website. This is for sure the best investment you can make for your business.

People want to have a glance at properties from their comfort zone and a great real estate website is the best way to help them do that. It is like having a real estate agent which brings leads 24*7!

Today, we will show you every nitty-gritty of real estate website development and how you can create one quickly. But first, let’s see the types of real estate websites.

Types of real estate websites

Real estate websites are generally classified into two types: -

1. Real estate listing websites

It is exactly what the name suggests - a listing website where any real estate company or agent can post a listing of properties for prospects to see and buy website. You can earn either by charging them for placing ads or by asking for a percentage of commission on any transaction made.

2. Brand-specific real estate websites

Many real estate agencies or agents have their own websites to showcase their listings. While the first type often has more people visiting the website, brand-specific websites help them stand apart and market themselves to the prospects by serving them better over there. They can be further be separated into: -

  • Single-agent website

  • Company website

  • Specific niche website (Like only for buying a home)

How can Acquaint Softtech help you with Real estate web development?

We can help you with everything you need to develop your website up and running.

1. Real estate API development and integration

An API helps you to extract data produced by one application and send it to another application. It acts as an intermediary. For example - You can get data from MLS listings and show it on your website using a Real estate API.

2. IDX and MLS listing integration

If you have a real estate website, then it must be integrated with IDX and MLS listings. Each region in the United States has its own MLS listings and consists of data regarding properties on sale in the region.

3. Website SEO and digital marketing

SEO and digital marketing are super important. Why? Because even if you have a website, it doesn’t mean that people will automatically find it on search engines. You have to make your website stand out from others so Google rewards you with a higher rank. And the higher your website is on Google, the more people will find you.

Additional features you need for your real estate website

To give the best user experience to your visitors, you need the following things on your website. Fortunately, we are here to help you with all these and more.

1. Responsive web design

Does your website fit perfectly in every screen size? That’s responsiveness. There are many types of devices out there to access the web with different screen sizes. And if your website doesn’t adjust itself with the screen size of the visitor’s device, then they will abandon your website, never to come back no matter how good everything else is.

2. Multi-lingual

Probably, people with various native languages will come to your website and you should be ready to serve them. How? By giving them the option to experience your website in their language.

3. Website maintenance

A website, web app and mobile app isn’t like getting developed once and for all. They need to be maintained regularly to make them better. That is why you often see an update of the apps you have installed.

4. Branding

A perfect website for your business imparts what your business stands for and aligns with your values. This increases the trust among your target audience in you and your company.

5. Real estate CMS

A CMS helps you to interact with your website with coding! So even if you haven’t ever written a single piece of code, you can make changes in your website design, and upload content to it with the help of a CMS.

Why integrating with IDX is important?

Remember MLS, the data of all the properties on sale in your region? Well, it is no walk in a park to gain access to that data. IDX is the technology through which you can gain access to MLS listings.

Suppose someone comes to your website to find a property and could find one that matches his requirements. Then he can provide you with his requirements and email so that you can contact him whenever such a property comes for sale.

And all this can be done if your website is integrated with MLS via IDX.

Developing a B2B real estate website

You may ask but what if I don’t want to develop a brand-specific real estate website. We get it. Developing a real estate listing website is also a very good option to choose.

Think about it. Your website just acts as an aggregator where buyers and sellers come to find properties. And you may get a commission whenever a sale happens from your website. Or you can even charge realtors for placing a listing. Such websites include Zillow, Trulia, etc.

How Laravel can help you with your website?

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks out there and is trusted by millions of developers to build a website. The flexibility you get with Laravel is amazing. You can build a website just like you have always dreamed of.

It offers you all the website features you will ever need for developing a high-class real estate website. And not just that! Laravel is really stable and offers security features to make your website strong enough to stand against the ever-growing cyber attacks.

Being a Laravel development company, we have already done plenty of Laravel projects to help you with your website.


1. What is MLS in real estate?

An MLS stands for multiple listings service. It is a database that consists of data about properties on sale in a given region. This helps both real estate agents and buyers as they are more likely to find the perfect home they are searching for and thus, agents get more opportunities to earn a commission.

2. What is the benefit of a real estate website?

There are plenty of benefits to having a real estate website. In fact, the return you get by having a high-quality website is multiple folds to the investment you make for developing it.

  • Expand your reach because the internet is almost everywhere.

  • Stand out from your competitors.

  • Brand your business.

  • Show properties to your prospects in a better way.

  • Make them come to you instead of the opposite.

  • Target your audience more precisely to increase the chances of making a sale.

3. How can I attract more real estate buyers?

Having a website is the best way to get more buyers coming to you. But you can also try using various social media platforms and attract eyeballs by posting quality content. But ideally, both of these should go hand-in-hand to enjoy the best result.

4. Why choose Acquaint Softtech?

The truth be told, having a website isn’t enough. It is just the beginning. The web is filled with websites. Most of them are of poor quality or average at best. But you need a website that rises above the average and takes you amongst the few stand-out ones.

But quality demands a higher cost and here is where we can help you. Instead of taking the costly approach of hiring a team of developers, we help you by providing you with quality remote developers that do the job for you at up to 60% lesser than the usual cost.

We will develop for you a website that is not only elegant and fast but also powerful to stand tall against hackers. We will also help you with branding, SEO, and digital marketing

Project models we offer

With us, you can choose to work the way you like. Here are the project models we offer.

1. Dedicated team

A dedicated team is your team away from you and working dedicatedly for you full-time (eight hours a day). You can start with as minimum as even 1 developer for your project and expand and shrink as per your convenience.

2. Hourly-based

This is similar to a dedicated team but the difference is that you are charged for the hours you have assigned for your project. Let’s say you want your team to work 4 hours a day on your project. That’s fine! You will be charged such.

3. Fixed-price

Want just a single price to get your whole project done regardless of hours worked? That’s the Fixed Price model for you. You tell us your requirements and we will come up with a quotation for that whole project.


Having a website for your real estate business is the need of the hour and you are missing out on solving your clients’ problems if you don’t have one. A website is the best investment you can make now, for it has plenty of benefits and no downside. So what are you waiting for?


Mukesh Ram

Founder and CEO, Acquaint Softtech

I love to make a difference. Thus, I started Acquaint Softtech with the vision of making developers easily accessible and affordable to all. Me and my beloved team have been fulfilling this vision for over 15 years now and will continue to get even bigger and better.

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