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Top 7 things to consider to build a health and fitness website

June 20th, 2023
health and fitness website development.


It’s 2023, and the fitness industry is booming, resulting in a spike in demand for Health and fitness website development. After the pandemic, people are now more aware of their Health and fitness. With the increase in the popularity of fitness, new influencers are coming to the marketplace. To outshine the competition and expand your reach, establishing a strong online presence through a website is the ultimate game-changer. 

So, in this blog, we will discuss Top 7 things to build a robust and purposeful health and fitness website that helps you to get better results than your competition. We will discuss all the important questions that come to mind when you are building your website. 

Why your Fitness business needs Health and fitness website

No doubt the health and fitness business is in more demand compared to past times. That also translates to more influencers coming to the marketplace, making it a high-competition business that results in stagnant growth in the long run. 

The best solution to outgrow the competition is to get as much reach as possible. The most common thing any influencer would try is Instagram for maximum influence. But at some point, if you want to grow it like a big business, you have to try different ways, like YouTube, and Facebook. 

Furthermore, as your influence grows and you aim to expand your business, it's essential to establish your website. 

The strategic move allows you to connect with clients from anywhere, providing a distinct advantage. Take inspiration from renowned influencers like Jeff Nippard. He successfully ventured into selling his own Nutrition and fitness programs. By incorporating a website into your online presence, you position yourself for tremendous growth and a stronger market presence. 

Benefits of having a Health and fitness website 

benefits of Health and fitness website.
  • Reach a wider audience and expand your online presence. 

  • Establish credibility and professionalism in the health and fitness industry. 

  • Provide valuable resources and information to your target audience. 

  • Increase client engagement and interaction through blog posts, forums, and comment sections. 

  • Offer online services and products, such as nutrition programs or workout plans. 

  • Connect with potential long-distance clients and expand your customer base. 

  • Enhance brand visibility and recognition. 

Do You Know: According to research, in 2022, the Gym, Health & Fitness Clubs industry generated total revenue of $30.6 billion, indicating its market size. 

Top 7 Things to Consider for building health and fitness website

Like a well-crafted marketing campaign requires a strategic plan, a purposeful website demands careful consideration. Let's look at each topic, Top 7 considerations to build Health and fitness website. 

Either you Hire remote developer or make a website in your way. Every given topic will provide you with something important. 

1. Domain name selection 

domain name selection.

Choosing the domain name is the easiest and toughest step to work with. Think of it like it's your identity in the online world. Choosing the right domain name is crucial. The best option is to pick the name or word you are known for in an influential market. 

Let’s take the same example of Jeff Nippard. He started his journey with his name and made a brand of his name. Similarly, he did his website, and his website is known with its name Jeff Nippard Fitness

Another example is our previous client, Lea Copper. She is a mother of two and started her journey as an influencer when she became a mother for the first time. Now, her website is known as “Diary of a Fit Mom.” 

Remember, a well-chosen domain name can create a strong first impression, enhance brand recognition, and contribute to the overall success of your website. 

2. Theme selection 

Theme selection.

After selecting a domain, you have to choose the theme of your choice, and there are two ways you can do it. Either you choose the paid template, commonly used by many other website owners, or you can make your own website by hiring a remote developer to develop your custom-made website. 

Remember that you choose when you search templates for your fitness website. Your website's theme captures your brand's essence and engages your audience.   

Consider the customization options, such as color schemes and layout flexibility, to personalize your website. Evaluate the theme's loading speed and SEO compatibility for better visibility. And it's 2023, so having a responsive and user-friendly website that works optimally on every screen is necessary. So, consider this to make a good website for your business. 

3. Adding pages to your website 

Adding pages to your website.

Web pages define you and your website. Think of websites like books and web pages like book pages. You know you are reading a quality book if it has quality information. And just like every chapter of a book has some different knowledge, every web page tells a different story about you and your business. 

So, keep in mind to add pages according to your budget and what you want to showcase to your audience.  

Here is the list of web pages that you can add and incorporate to your website. 

  • Home 

  • About Us 

  • Services 

  • Contact Us 

  • Blog/Articles 

  • Testimonials 

  • FAQ 

  • Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policy 

4. Adding feature list 

Adding feature list.

Usually, most websites have a list of common features essential for any type of website. For example, having a Home, about us, contact us, testimonial or service page is common for any service-based website. 

The feature list is also defined based on the type of service you offer and at what budget you want to build your website. So, it's important to have detailed information on how much you plan to invest in your website development. Now let's look at the list of features you can consider while making your website. 

Feature list 

  • User Registration (Login and signup page) 

  • Fitness Programs 

  • Nutrition Guidance 

  • Blog and Articles section 

  • Exercise Library 

  • Online Coaching or Personal Training 

  • Testimonials and Success Stories 

  • Newsletter and Email Subscriptions 

  • Social media integration and sharing 

  • Secure Payment gateway  

5. Some extra Features 

Making an extra effort always pays off if you want to take your business to the next level. In the feature list, we added all the essential features that were needed. But you can go the extra mile to make your website more engaging and appealing. 

For example, you can add some add-on features that increase the engagement of your website. You can add features like tracking tools, BMI tools, and more. 

Let’s assume you are new in fitness and want to learn more about what other things you can do to get faster and more consistent results. Maybe you want to know more about tracking calories or how much you want to lose weight or gain weight according to your current state. 

Adding this small but essential feature works like the cherry on top. People who follow will trust you more than others, so if you give them all they want in one place, it will be more beneficial to your website. 

6. Content strategy 

Content strategy.

Content is the king is what you have heard a million times, but it is true. Having a proper plan of content planning and strategic adding to your website is also essential. Not only adding attractive copy to your website, but you also have to promote your website to get reach. 

Making SEO-friendly blogs to provide high-value information is a must. It would be best if you planned this stuff to get ahead of the time. So, planning content with its strategy is crucial. 

7. Choosing the right one for your web development solution 

Choosing the right Development partner.

Choosing the right person to make your website is as important as making a website for your business. If you take the readymade template for your website, you will miss out on adding extra customizations and features. You will be limited to what you want on your website. So, it will be crucial that you develop your website by Hiring someone to do it for you. So, hire someone with enough experience in the field. 

If you need clarification about where to Hire remote developers that provide quality at your given budget. Check out our comprehensive list of 23 best websites to hire top remote developers (2023 guide). The guide will help you to choose the right platform to hire quality developers for your defined work. 

Give life to your dream project

Craft your dream Fitness website into reality with our expert solution of development with Laravel. Claim your complimentary 30-minute strategy session now to discover how we can transform your vision into a digital masterpiece. Our team of experts is here to help you to deliver a stunning website for you.

Health and Fitness website development Case Study

Health and Fitness website development.

Understanding any concept gets easy when you get an appropriate example. To better understand developing a Health and fitness website, we take you to our client experience and case study. Recently we worked with a USA client named Lea Copper, an inspiring housewife handling fitness and family like it’s nothing. She inspired her long list of followers, and she wanted to do something for them by helping them get in better shape. 

She wanted a website to help women and people worldwide share her knowledge with everyone to get in better shape and health. 

In a powerful collaboration with Acquaint softtech, Sia Cooper found her digital ally. By joining hands with us, we crafted a platform that expanded her reach and motivated and inspired individuals worldwide. 

Requirements by Diary of a fit mommy 

Requirements by Diary of a fit mommy.
  • Inspired by fitness theme website. 

  • Blog Section for fitness guides and blogs. 

  • Seamless navigation for fitness and nutrition program purchases. 

  • Secure login, signup, and payment gateway. 

  • Testimonials, contact page, and social media integration. 

How Acquaint helped Diary of a fit mommy with advanced solution 

Starting with a fitness-inspired design, our design team utilized Photoshop to craft a website that motivates individuals to embrace fitness. 

With the design approved, we started website development by leveraging JavaScript. It was the ideal choice due to its flexibility and suitability for our client's needs. 

Next, we focused on incorporating essential features, which included a secure login and signup page with a reliable payment gateway. We also ensured the website promoted fitness through an engaging blogs section and nutrition programs. We integrated an online store with various plan choices and a user-friendly cart system to facilitate easy purchase options. 

For efficient content management and user data handling, we employed WordPress as our chosen CMS (Content Management System). Additionally, we incorporated features such as social media integration, a contact page, and testimonials. Each website section was given its dedicated page, resulting in a comprehensive online presence. 

As a leading brand in development world, executing fitness app and website development projects is great learning for our team. By deeply understanding Lea's vision, we developed a tailor-made fitness website for Lea, Diary of a Fit Mommy, inspiring individuals worldwide to prioritize their fitness and well-being. 

Best techs to use for Health and fitness website development

There are tons of coding frameworks and languages which you can utilize to make your robust and secure website. For example, Laravel development is currently the trend, one of the most secure and advanced coding languages. We divided this framework according to the development needs, so it will be easy for you to decide. 

Best Programming languages and Frameworks for Health and fitness web development 

  • Laravel  

  • CodeIgniter 

  • JavaScript 

  • PHP 

  • Python 

Want to know more about Laravel? Check the list of simplified Answer list of Laravel

Front-end Development tech stack list for Health and fitness web-design 

  • HTML5 

  • CSS3 

  • JavaScript and its frameworks like Angular, React, and Vue. 

  • Bootstrap 

Best Database management languages for Health and fitness web development 

  • MySQL 

  • PostgreSQL 

Common services we provide 

For more than 15 years, Acquaint Softtech has been providing advanced web development solutions. And we are the leading Laravel development brand in the market, making us one of the few firms owned the tag of Official Laravel Partners. Our experienced team of web developers delivers innovative solutions tailored to your requirements. We deliver innovative solutions to brands worldwide with a thoughtful approach for the best outcome. 

Common services we provide.

What can we do for you? 

  • Front-end-web development: Custom-built design as per your needs  

  • Back-end-web development: Your website needs back-end support? We are here for you.  

  • Custom-built-web development: A fully custom website from scratch for your unique business  

  • Custom-built-Apps: needed a boost up your business through custom-built applications, we do that by making all platform application 

  • MVP-development: Your first step towards success with custom-built MVP  

  • E-commerce website: A website that is fast and smooth, just like your business sales  

  • CMS-development: A Custom-built CMS that fits your needs to run your business smoothly  

  • Database system: with our assistance, put your data in safer hands with our custom-built Database system 

All this list of features translates to providing the best development service for your business. We are also leading in the market for Laravel development services and MVP development services. As we are the trusted and official partners of Laravel, we will offer you cutting-edge solutions for your website development journey. 


Building a successful health and fitness website requires careful consideration of several key factors. Prioritizing a visually appealing and user-friendly design that motivates visitors to engage and take action. Ensure seamless navigation and mobile responsiveness for optimal By addressing these top considerations. You can create a compelling health and fitness website that inspires and empowers individuals on their wellness journey. 

Also, Checkout How to make a Healthcare Business website

Make a custom-made fitness website

Elevate your Fitness business with a custom-made Fitness themed website. Built with the finest technology in the market. Book a free 30 min call with our experts for easy consultation and estimation. Start your development process today. You are just a click away.


How much does it cost to make a Health and fitness website

The time for creating a website differs from person to person. It is contingent on the needs to be met, however, to give an overall concept: 

  • Health and fitness website with basic Features: $2,000 to $4,000 

  • Healthcare website with intermediate features: $4,000 to $8,000 and goes up to $15,000 

  • Healthcare website for small startups and businesses: $15,000 to over $25,000 

How much time it takes to develop a Health and fitness website?

Health and fitness websites created from scratch take between 1 and 2 months. The time required to create a website depends on several factors. It can take 3-5 months if the project is large and requires more features. 

What are the top features to add in your health and fitness website?
  • User Registration (Login and signup page) 

  • Fitness Programs 

  • Nutrition Guidance 

  • Blog and Articles section 

  • Exercise Library 

  • Online Coaching or Personal Training 

  • Testimonials and Success Stories 

  • Newsletter and Email Subscriptions 

  • Social media integration and sharing 

  • Secure Payment gateway 

  • Tracking tools 

What do you need in a fitness website?

A fitness website needs different web pages to showcase different types of information. Here is the list of web pages you need for a fitness website. 

  • Home 

  • About Us 

  • Services 

  • Contact Us 

  • Blog/Articles 

  • Testimonials 

  • FAQ 

  • Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policy 

Which is better for the Fitness website development Freelancer or a web development agency?

The choice between a freelancer and a web development agency for fitness website development depends on factors like project complexity, budget, timeline, and desired expertise. Freelancers can be cost-effective for simpler projects, while agencies offer comprehensive services, a team of specialists, and scalability for more complex projects.


Mukesh Ram

Founder and CEO, Acquaint Softtech

I love to make a difference. Thus, I started Acquaint Softtech with the vision of making developers easily accessible and affordable to all. Me and my beloved team have been fulfilling this vision for over 15 years now and will continue to get even bigger and better.

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