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5 Biggest Misconceptions About iOS Apps

July 17th, 2021

Just as rumors or some myths follow celebrities, iOS too has certain myths associated with it. For anything famous, people talk and not all the chatter you hear regarding them is true.

Due to the popularity and outstanding performance of iOS, envious remarks are bound to arise. And so, plenty of incorrect assumptions based on wrong information or interpretation were passed on about iOS. Today we will clear them all out. Following are the 5 biggest misconceptions about iOS we heard so far.

1. Everything related to iOS is expensive

The most common myth related to iOS is that it will empty your bank accounts. Well, there are two ways to proceed when it comes to developing iOS apps. One, keep the sets of required APIs ready, perfectly- documented, by the in-house app development team and then pass it on iPhone app developer. And second, pay a little more. The Apple store monitors the quality of apps intended to be hosted, and guess what? Apps in iOS generate more revenue than Android. Hence, even though you invest more, double are you going to get.

2. The future of iOS apps is dark

iOS comes with innovative and latest technologies every now and then, so there is no future for iOS apps. Yes, technology is changing but considering change as the only protocol to gauge the obsoleteness of the iOS app is wrong. Mobile applications are going to stay for long as everything has become mobile-centric now. And so, iOS apps are not going to fade away any time soon.

3. iOS is immune to malware

Yes, iOS is a bit special and has an entirely different closed ecosystem, over which Apple has extensive control, but it doesn’t mean it is immune to any kinds of threats. Every system is bound to get attacked and iOS is no different. Even though all its apps are placed on the Apple store after proper security checks, it’s still possible for apps to get infected, or compromise your phone’s security.

If you give your iOS app access to open WiFi networks in coffee shops, airports, and other places where you might not be as careful as you should be, malware or a hacker can easily creep into your device and access your communications, your passwords, and other personal information. So, you must also play your part to keep your device safe.

4. Apple invented apps, so all the goods apps go to iOS first

First of all, Apple invented app is itself a misconception. When the first iPhone launched in 2007, it was basically an iPod Touch with calling functionality added — no 3G connectivity and no App Store at launch. While Apple could be credited with popularizing the idea of mobile apps when it did introduce the App Store, it really didn’t invent apps. Things like calendar apps, ringtone editors, and basic mobile games were around long before Apple built its first phone.

Now since the first myth is cleared, let us make it clear that there is nothing like good apps going to iOS first. It’s because of its popularity and performance platform that many of the developers prefer iOS first to release their new apps. Also, the iOS App Store is a better place than the Google Play Store for paid apps or apps with in-app purchases.

The Android and iOS app stores have a roughly equivalent number of apps. If you’re an Android user who’s gotten the impression that all the apps that you’d want to use go to iOS first, it’s likely because many startups in the United States are run by iOS users, particularly in Silicon Valley, where the iPhone dominates. But you can find great apps for both mobile operating systems, and when choosing between iOS and Android, you should research which platform will enable you to use your favorite apps.

5. iOS app experience is nothing but a downsized software experience.

If you believe in this misconception, then you really don’t know much about iOS. iOS apps are fundamentally way too different from the rest of the iOS software which is used in Macs. Be it their size, functionality, or scope, everything differs. One of the most significant differences is that if Apple disapproves iOS app design then they can just reject it; without any justifiable non-hosting reasoning. Therefore, any ios app development company must stay competitive so that users can obtain the comforting benefits of mobile app development

Secondly, iOS apps being highly mobile, are far more intuitive in nature due to their mobility than that from their Mac software companions. They can be accessed on the go, their touch interfaces are more intuitive, they can take advantage of access to a hardware device, and they’re infinitely customizable.

The beauty of an iOS app is in not surrendering to the pre-established designs and functionalities countered against in its capability to use the available hardware in creating a new and delightful experience.



Since every success comes with criticism, iOS apps are too criticized for their phenomenal success. Never believe what you hear all of a sudden, not just regarding iOS, the same applies to your life as well.

Got all clear about iOS apps now? Share this post with others and drop your thoughts or any other misconception you heard about iOS apps on our FacebookTwitter, or Linkedin pages. And if you want to get an iOS app developed with no confusion, just drop your requirements at or give us a call at +1 773 377 6499.


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