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Latest version of Laravel?

What is the latest version of Laravel?

latest version of Laravel.

Laravel 10 is the latest version running on the market. Like any other update in a lineage of Laravel, Version 10 is also a game changer for the developers. This new version of Laravel packs new and Robust features with bug fixes and functionality improvements that encourage the Laravel developer to work efficiently. 

Laravel 10 was released on 7th February 2023, and a new improved version of Laravel 9.  

Before Laravel 9, a new version of Laravel was released every six months with significant updates. However, starting from Laravel 9, the decision was made to release updates annually, making it easier to adapt and ensuring higher quality with more robust features. 

Talking about Laravel 10, the new update comes with great quality work, resulting in more stable version than previous version. 

New Feature list In Laravel 10 

Feature list In Laravel 10.

1 PHP 8.2 support 

Despite only being released two months ago, Laravel 10 now supports PHP 8.2. Also, keep in mind that PHP 8.1 is the minimum-required PHP version in Laravel 10. 

2 Updated Laravel Official Packages 

Here is a compilation of the latest official Laravel packages that have been recently updated to ensure compatibility with Laravel 10. 

  • Breeze

  • Valet

  • Installer 

  • Pint 

  • Sail 

  • Cashier Stripe 

  • Horizon

  • Passport 

  • Scout 

  • Dusk  

  • Jetstream

3 Usage of Native types

In previous versions, Laravel utilized DocBlocks in its skeleton code to clarify code functionality and expected parameters or responses. However, with native-type declarations in Laravel 10, this approach will transform. Laravel 10 now uses native types and drops using docblocks. This change will help with the great developer's experience working with Laravel. 

This change is fully compatible with existing applications, ensuring seamless integration. Therefore, there is no need to worry about any disruptions in the functionality of existing applications that do not include these type-hints. They will continue to operate smoothly without any issues. 

4 Laravel Pannet 

An easy way to manage your application's feature flags, Laravel Pennant will make it easy for developers. Pannet comes with in-memory array driver and a database driver, makes it easy for developers with stable and easy storage handling. 

Defining features is a simple task with the “Feature::define “method 


After defining a feature, it becomes straightforward to determine whether the current user has the necessary access to that feature


Laravel Pannet also provides lots of other features too, click here to know more about Laravel Pannet. 

5 Process abstraction layer 

Process abstraction layer is the new feature allow user for starting and interacting with external processes with a new “Process” façade:


Process abstraction layer also comes with lots of other features: click here to know more 

6 Test profiling 

A new command that easily identifies the slow running test in your application. You can call this new command with Artisan “test” command   with “--profile "option


7 Pest scaffolding 

By default, when creating new Laravel projects, Pest test scaffolding can now be included. To enable this feature, provide the “--pest” flag when creating a new application via the Laravel installer. 


8 Improved Artisan Command 

Artisian command is a blessing for all types of Laravel developers, is now more stable and improved, making it more interactive and easier to use. 

Laravel 10 represents a significant leap in advancement, stability, and overall improvement compared to its previous versions. As a result, an increasing number of remote developers are gravitating towards Laravel, showcasing its growing popularity and promising future. With its enhanced features and reliability, Laravel continues to establish itself as a top choice among Developer seeking a powerful and forward-looking framework. 

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