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What is Laravel 9?

What is Laravel 9?

Laravel is a fast-growing PHP framework loved all over the world to build websites and web apps. And thus, the Laravel community brings out its updates regularly to make it even better. Laravel 9 is the latest version of Laravel which was launched on 8th February 2022.

Usually, Laravel’s updates come every 6 months. But it took 1.5 years for this update to arrive as Laravel 8 was launched on Sept 2020. This shows the amount and magnitude of changes that were made in its latest update.


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What’s new in Laravel 9?

1. Brand new home page design - With the launch of the latest Laravel version, its website also has got a new and better look.

2. New PHP requirement - Laravel 9 asks for PHP 8 as a bare minimum requirement because it requires Symphony 6.0 which in turn demands PHP 8.

3. New query builder interface - The interface of the query builder has just got even better. FYI, a query builder provides a drag-and-drop graphical user interface (GUI) for creating SQL queries.

4. New design for routes:list - One of the issues with the earlier versions of Laravel was the complexity of huge routes when tried viewing on the console. But it has got better this time.