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Who created Laravel?


Laravel is the popular Open-source PHP framework used for server-side coding and several other development purposes. We all know the basics of it and saw the increase in popularity with Laravel development services. But what was the factual objective of developing another PHP framework? With numerous existing PHP frameworks in existence, what sparked the creation of yet another framework in the PHP landscape? 

Why Laravel was created: Purpose where it all begins.

Why Laravel was created.

Things started when Taylor Otwell, the mastermind behind Laravel, found Shortcoming working with several PHP frameworks. Taylor Otwell was always a visionary software developer, born in 1986 in Arkansas, United States, and started taking an interest in Coding and programming.  

Later in his life, when he started working with several coding languages, He saw several shortcomings. All these shortcomings sparked the light in Otwell mind to create a new framework that’s easy to adapt, made with simplicity, elegance, and maintainability. 

Purpose of Making Laravel? 

  • The purpose of creating Laravel is to make advancements in existing PHP frameworks by making it better than providing a better development experience. 

  • To make a modern development language that provides modern and clean syntax which looks neat. 

  • A coding language that streamlines the development process by enhancing developers' productivity by automating common tasks. 

  • A modern common language that offers frequent updates, allowing developers to work with advanced and up-to-date technology. 

  • Laravel's aims to provide a robust and scalable coding language that helps build a wide range of web applications, and Laravel   

  • The Ultimate purpose of Creating Laravel is to empower developers to build exceptional web applications effortlessly. 

Thanks to Taylor Otwell, the mastermind for making Laravel robust and efficient. All this translated to the best PHP framework that the Laravel development company can utilize its full power of it.  

If you also want to use the full potential of Laravel, consider to hire Laravel developer to build your future web applications. Not only it provides a robust and secure environment for your web application, but it also makes it future-proof.

Some Distinctive Features of Laravel 

Features of Laravel.

1 Elegant Syntax 

Laravel is known for its clean and expressive syntax, making code more readable and developer-friendly, allowing for efficient web application development and maintenance without compromising scalability. 

2 Blade Templating Engine 

Blade templating engine simplifies the creation of dynamic views and layouts, offering features like template inheritance and easy PHP code integration resulting in systematic and reusable code. 

3 Laravel Eloquent ORM 

Laravel's Eloquent ORM provides a seamless database integration experience. Resulting in making a simple and intuitive syntax for interacting with databases and Performing database operations without writing complex SQL queries. 

4 Artisan CLI 

Nobody likes to write repetitive and similar codes. Laravel's Artisan CLI automates repetitive tasks like generating code, running migrations, and managing database schema. It saves developers time and effort, freeing them to focus on critical aspects of web application development. 

5 Robust Routing System 

Laravel's routing system allows developers to define clean and SEO-friendly URLs, handle various HTTP methods, and implement middleware, enabling efficient routing and handling of incoming requests while maintaining code clarity and organization. 

6 Middleware 

Laravel's middleware feature provides a convenient way to filter HTTP requests and add additional layers of functionality to the application, such as authentication and request validation. 

7 Integrated Testing Support 

Laravel includes built-in testing capabilities, making it easy to write unit tests and perform functional testing to ensure code reliability and maintainability. 

8 Laravel Mix 

Laravel Mix simplifies asset management by providing a fluent API for defining Webpack build steps, making it effortless to compile and optimize assets like CSS and JavaScript. 

9 Robust Security 

Laravel incorporates numerous security features, including protection against cross-site scripting (XSS), cross-site request forgery (CSRF), and SQL injection attacks, keeping applications secure by default. 

10 Extensive Ecosystem 

Laravel boasts a vast ecosystem with a rich collection of packages and libraries contributed by the Laravel community, offering ready-to-use solutions for various functionalities. 


Alternatives of the Laravel 

Laravel Alternatives.
  1. CodeIgniter 

  2. Angular 

  3. Symphony 

  4. CakePHP 

  5. Phalcon 

  6. Yii 

List of some reputed sites built using Laravel 

  1. 9GAG 

  2. Pfizer 

  3. BBC 

  4. Alison 

  5. Invoice Ninja 

  6. Alpha coders 

  7. Bagisto 

  8. Warner Bros 

  9. WWE 

  10. Disney 

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